Typography artworks

Multiple digital fonts spiced up with unique visual effects and interesting conceptual ideas have received a wide use in advertising industry, logo and banner design, website design and graphic art in general. Playing with fancy letter lines and forms, bright backgrounds and pointed words – graphic designers and advertising experts are capable of creating real masterpieces. What is interesting to note is that every such graphic project has its own specific and unrepeated character or temper. Actually, one of the motive forces for creating multiple fonts in typography is the need of adding specific emotional coloring to the text. Viewing the examples of modern typography ideas, selected in this Cruzine showcase, you can see the graphics, reflecting multiple emotions – from pretty aggressive and scary to enigmatic and to really hot, funny and pompous ones.

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Free Wallpaper

Pictures zimka snow
But, despite this, it is still winter charming – whether a quiet little frosty weather, when the sun shines, whether it be a blizzard outside, when you sit by the fireplace, sipping hot chocolate or a nice light snowfall, when the snowflakes flakes slowly fall to the ground
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Cool Typography Artworks

Very often designers face a truly challenging assignment – to instill their graphics with the true and vivid emotions, closely related to the concept or the key idea of the particular designing project, whether it is a website, logo design, or some fancy advertising or promotional poster. And designers use all the arsenal of techniques, visual effects and image manipulations to fulfill that assignment. Have a look at the selection of such designing works, featuring text as the core of the project. These are the best illustrations of virtually unlimited opportunities in graphical design. However, at least two core constituents are necessary for creating such real graphically-decorated text masterpieces. First is the unique idea and second is the exceptional graphic designing expertise.

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Personal project about Buenos Aires, made during my stay at the city.

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13 Free Css Editors Online

Below there are a text editor that is used by programmers and web designers. The main difference between this editor – it’s a good functionality and user-friendly interface. Notepad + + is able to open multiple documents simultaneously, highlight the huge number
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Floating Calligraphy by Eric Waetzig

Calligraphy painting on glass by Los Angeles, USA based artist and designer Eric Waetzig.

More calligraphy here

Typogami by calango

Typogami is an animated typeface inspired by origami and kirigami, Japanese artforms of folding paper.

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Slanted Magazine #18 – Signage / Orientation

Gate 18. Upstairs. 164 pages. Turn left. 24×32. Departure.

Slanted #18 – Signage / Orientation focuses on the ups and downs, the lefts and rights, the stops and go’s, the Kiss+Ride and many more. Featured are many extraordinary wayfinding and orientation systems with different levels of complexity and relevant Typefaces.

We are pleased to present a number of readable essays and reports: The NYCTA and Unimark International (Paul Shaw, New York City, US), Typografie & Architektur (Tim Loffing, Dortmund), U8 (Anton Koovit, Berlin), Einer für alle, alle für einen – Orientierung & Identität am neuen Campus der Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (Erwin K. Bauer, Vienna, AT), iMapping – Visual Orientation in Personal Knowledge Space (Heiko Haller, Karlsruhe), Leserlichkeit von Schrift im öffentlichen Raum – eine Untersuchung (Florian Adler and Sven Neumann, Berlin), Letter and symbol misrecognition in highly legible typefaces for general, children, dyslexic, visually impaired and ageing readers (Thomas Bohm, Leicester, UK), Wo bin ich? – Über Schrift und öffentliche Verkehrssysteme (Indra Kupferschmid, Bonn, Saarbrücken), Die Kunst der Desorientierung (Maurice van Brast, Weimar), Das Leid (Frank Wiedemann, Berlin) sowie Faith / Void Split (Ian Lynam, Tokyo, JP).

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illustrations used in Web Design

Illustrations in Web Design
If you carefully examine any collection of modern samples of web design, you will be a clear trend – an illustration of fashion. They were so widespread that we just have to talk about this phenomenon in detail! For writing to be the inspiration gathered from notes The use of illustration in web design I hope you will be interested in reading.
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25 awesome quotes!

Helvetica my Hero Typography by René Mambembe

“Helvetica is My Hero” impressive typography by France based graphic student and illustrator Rene Mambembe.

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4d Type

Few stuff from Barcelona, the studio LoSiento…
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Anthony Burrill’s World

Anthony Burrill’s persuasive, up-beat illustration and design has been commissioned by cultural, social and commercial clients around the world from New York, to London to Tokyo. He has also gained a following in the design world for his innovative collaborations with friends and fellow artists, designers, print-makers and film-makers. Burrill works across a range of media, including posters, moving image and three-dimensional work. He combines an instinctive handling of colour and composition with a witty approach to words.

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Best of the week 45

We introduce our “top four”, which contains the best four articles of the week: Sabine Ducasse spring/summer 2012, Illustrations by Andrea Gonzalez, 90 degrees typography book and Fluo derby shoes.

MORE INFO & IMAGES > Best of the week 45
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