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As with our usual goatcards, these are aimed at making people happy. We want to bring a smile to people’s faces and add a little something special to an ordinary day. We also want to encourage interaction between different people by simply allowing them to hand over a nice message to someone else on the street, in the park, at university, a shop or a party.

So we designed 50 different versions and started handing them out.

Share your experience of where you received the card by tweeting it with #goatcards.

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This is Professional design portfilio for Hugo Ceneviva.
He is have amazing lighting and shadows techniques and photo-manipulations design.
A few months ago he is published the portfolio of Hugo Ceneviva. Today I have a selection with new works by Hugo.
We give him and give you chance to share your work with the world.


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Do you know DANBO!?

Untitled 1 DANBO!

The name Danbo is a pun on the Japanese word for corrugated cardboard “danboru” (ダンボー). There’s also a company in Japan which makes cardboard boxes which has Danbooru in its name.

There have been a few variations on this name in the west, based on different translations from the original manga. Danbo was the original name used in the Yotsuba&! manga, and has also been used in the most recent translated versions for western markets.

The original western translations used the name Cardbo instead, as a literal play on words of the western word “cardboard”, but the “correct” name in the eyes of purists is Danbo, keeping the original Japanese pun intact.


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Stay who you are

tumblr m3ufvx5Dph1qbbx6jo1 r1 500 Stay who you aretumblr m3ufnvP30u1qbqxup Stay who you are
For more info, visit koning.com.br

Orange In Web Design:36 Inspiring Examples

11.orange color websites Orange In Web Design:36 Inspiring Examples
24.orange color websites Orange In Web Design:36 Inspiring Examples
We continue to showcase the specific colored websites and today’s collection is orange colored websites.Orange is interpreted differently in cultures but it is typically another warm color like red and yellow.It is considered as energetic,liveliness,motivating and of course inspiring.

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creative facebook timeline cover photos 19 28 CREATIVE FACEBOOK TIMELINE COVER PHOTOS

With the onset of Facebook’s Timeline, many users have come up with some pretty creative timeline cover photos. Have a look at the 27 funniest and most creative ones we could find.

creative facebook timeline cover photos 7 28 CREATIVE FACEBOOK TIMELINE COVER PHOTOS

creative facebook timeline cover photos 1 28 CREATIVE FACEBOOK TIMELINE COVER PHOTOS


Daily Inspirations no. 421

Today you may look forward another packed set of quality daily design inspirations. I am gonna prove that right away with several hot photos such as the Green Lantern by Roland Shainidze, Slowly Uncovered by Glyn Davies and Petra. Did you like that? Let’s move on. From today’s illustrations my pick is called Fa Mulan by Sakimichan … beautiful. In the art / digital art section there are several cool pieces such as the watercolor painting named Chlorophyll by Olga Noes or Breathe by Norman Duenas. Fans of architecture and wood will appreciate the Bal House by Terry & Terry Architecture few sections below. At the very end, we got a nice freebie for anyone in need of a cool dance flyer. Enjoy!

i1a62 Daily Inspirations no. 421

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Face. — Worx

Images We Love — MindSpárkle Magazine

Get inspired by our new project “Images We Love”!

website psd wide Images We Love — MindSpárkle Magazine

Images We Love

Daily Inspirations no. 420

Another day, another set of exceptional daily design inspirations. Let’s take a look together what kind of artworks did my colleagues prepare for us today. I would suggest to check Mesa Arch by Bill Church, Sunrise by Ryan Edy and the Red Smoke photography. Who would thought rough nature could be that beautiful in case of the last photo. In the illustrations section, there are plenty of amazing fantasy artworks …. gonna mention at least one of them – Death Knight by Slide. Few sections below, there is the art / digital art section which I never miss as there is always something to look at. This time, my favorites are the Lion #2 by Jenny Liz Rome and Johnny Depp by Clarae. We’ll stop in the ad section as well. There is an amazing artwork called Livrarias Curitiba: Apocalypse by Livrarias Curitiba. Better check that one out. If you’re looking for a nice futuristic / techno font, you’ll find a download link to Xero’s Theorem Regular at the bottom. Enjoy!

i1a54 Daily Inspirations no. 420

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Best Books On Web Design

Some of these books are paperback, hardcover and others are eBooks (free ones!). One thing they all have in common, is that they are epic, and they are all awesome – highly recommend them. Today we are showcasing books on User Experience, Web Design, Web Development (HTML5 & CSS3), Responsive Web Design, and even some books that will get your mind prepared for greatness (entrepreneurial books & design theory, fundamentals, etc.). I hope you enjoy todays post – and I hope these resources really help you out



best responsive web design book 750x345 Best Books On Web Design

How To Be a Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul

By Adrian Shaughnessy

how to be a graphic designer book Best Books On Web Design

The Book of Css3: A Developer’s Guide to the Future of Web Design

By Peter Gasston

the book of css3 Best Books On Web Design

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4Burners – “The Avengers” Inspired Mural in NYC

7006907058 6126901ae8 o 750x364 4Burners   The Avengers Inspired Mural in NYC
High Res Image Available Here »

The NYC art collective 4Burners, that features MTV’s own Gusto as well as: Sen2, Deem, Logek, Owns, Dasic and Rubin took their mutual love of comics and their enthusiasm for the Avengers movie to a South Bronx wall with their latest graffiti mural.

Read more about it on MTV’s Geek Blog and MTV’s Clutch Blog

See more Images of the process of painting “The Avengers” mural and more on the 4Burners Facebook Page »
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APCD – Portuguese Association for Missing Children

TV spot by Leo Burnett Lisboa and Albiñana Films for APCD

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