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John Garry

A chance to create an identity for such an out of the ordinary person as John Garry was a great honour for goat. It became one of the most challenging tasks for us, though increasingly inspiring and exciting.

The image of the man whose irresistibility and elegance, let alone exceptional intelligence, could be easily tainted by an inappropriate identity design.

Being in John Garry’s presence is an experience in itself, each phrase he says deserves a chapter in a book and one should listen to every single word he utters.

But he is merely a man, which limits him to a space and a time. Therefore, sharing his philosophy with a wider audience was the backbone of this project. It was vital to communicate John Garry in his entirety without unnecessary elements that will distract from the true message.

John Garry’s website

PDF presentation

johnGarry logo1 John Garry

johnGarry businessCards 750x562 John Garry

johnGarry magazine11 750x562 John Garry

johnGarry magazine21 750x562 John Garry

johnGarry billboard11 750x562 John Garry

johnGarry website1 750x562 John Garry

johnGarry facebook1 750x562 John Garry

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Art Work by Alexey KaranaK

He is name Alexei (aka Karanak), and he is one of concept artists working on Star Conflict’s design.
Today we’re starting a “making of” series with this post about one of the largest ships in the game. he’ll guide you through the work process.
maelstrom by karanak d4t0rdy Art Work by  Alexey KaranaK
scout buggy by karanak d4bh7tz Art Work by  Alexey KaranaK

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Daily Inspirations no. 427

It’s not only you who is currious what has been prepared for today by my colleagues in another set of creative daily inspirations. Let’s take a look. There are two amazing wild nature photos which deserve your attention. The first one is a beautiful white horse photo titled Wild at heart by IrenaS. The other one is the lion couple obviously arguing in the artwork called Lava i piatti. From the illustrations section my pick is probably the longest artwork we had here on Cruzine called Squid by Konrad Kirpluk. We got more though … In the art / digital art section do no miss Self by Emma Über and kind of a creepy artwork called Baba’s Knight by Feline Zegers. If you think in Ukraine you won’t find amazing artchitecture … think again after checking S-house, Ukraine by KO+KO Architects. Do not forget to check today’s freebie section as well … there is a nice web theme available by Moon Themes called Cobera Simple. Enjoy!

i1a120 Daily Inspirations no. 427

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Type design for New York Magazine by Triborodesign

tumblr m443q6dwSG1rse1ipo2 500 Type design for New York Magazine by Triborodesigntumblr m443q6dwSG1rse1ipo1 500 Type design for New York Magazine by Triborodesign

Triboro is the husband and wife team of David Heasty and Stefanie Weigler, creates design solutions for clients in publishing, art, fashion, music, lifestyle, and for cultural institutions.

See More At The Khooll

Typography Jokes by Gary Nicholson

“Personal Project to design a series of posters with typographically focused puns to lift the spirits of fellow designers.”
 Typography Jokes by Gary Nicholson
 Typography Jokes by Gary Nicholson
 Typography Jokes by Gary Nicholson
More @ The Coolsumist

Daily Inspirations no. 426

Bunch of fresh hot inspirations available in today’s collection … that’s nothing you didn’t expect though. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new out there. In the photography section, there are two photos I like the most. Make sure to check the Sudan photo as well as the one called Asia. From the illustrations, my overall winner is the Yolinda by Papaninja. Awesome! In the 3d section, there is one hillarious artwork you shouldn’t miss – WWF Bluefin Tuna – Panda by Thomas Mangold. You already know what’s next .. right, it’s the art / digital art section. My pick is the Dream Big by Dan Elijah G. Fajardo. Make sure to check the freebie section as well. Enjoy!

i1a111 Daily Inspirations no. 426

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Student Graphic Design Work

Some recent design work from behance student profile


Beautiful Logo Design Collection

If you are a logo designer or simply love corporate identity make sure to check today’s collection of amazing logo designs. You’ll be able to see several styles – from simple / clean logos all the way to complex ones. I am sure there is something for everyone. My favorite ones are: Heavenly pie by Oliver Akos, Rockslide by Malicho and Neanet by Contactme. Enjoy!

i1a3 Beautiful Logo Design Collection

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HandMadeFont is an incredible project that features a vast range of typographic designs. Entire font sets are created using a wide range of mediums and materials, resulting in typefaces and lettering that are totally original.

vitraz poster1 HandMadeFont

vitraz poster2 HandMadeFont

vitraz preview HandMadeFont

Lettering is constructed from every material imaginable, from banana skins to meats, to ice. This is one of the most inspiring, original design projects I’ve seen in a while, and every design makes me smile at it’s creativity.

See Full Collection >>>>

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100 Stunning Photoshop Text Effects & Styles

text effects 100 Stunning Photoshop Text Effects & Styles
Get incredible & amazing text effects with these ready-made premium high-quality Photoshop styles and text effects. Stunning fire text effects, retro text, grunge text, vintage text, 3D text, metal text effects, chocolate text, valentine’s text, elegant gold & silver text, glass text, glowing text, wood text effects, candy text, embossed text and more! Use these awesome text styles in a brochure, flyer, poster or other graphic design or website design.
Take a look at these awesome Photoshop Text Effects!

Daily Inspirations no. 425

You may look forward another cool set full of creative inspirations. Let’s start right away … we do not want to loose our precious time, right?! If you’re currious what’s hot in the photography section my answer is … make sure to check the very first and the very last photo. To be concrete I am speaking about the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park photography and Blue stones by Guido Montanes. In the illustraitons section my top choice is no doubt the Androgyny / SQUINT by Lesja Chernish. I am really into this style. Now, let’s get back to more traditional art forms … do not miss the October painting by Emma Über. Love the mixture of colors … refreshing. There are some amazing typography artworks available today which got to have your attention. Get inspired by He Saw It, He Loved It, He Ate It. by Chris Piascik and 3d typographic artwork called Welcome to Transylvania by Jackson Alves. Of course there is a nice freebie available at the bottom .. as well as a nice retro / techno font. Enjoy!

i1a103 Daily Inspirations no. 425

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Ilya Ratman — photography

V.U.C.A. magazine in Thisispaper Magazine

V.U.C.A. magazine in Thisispaper Magazine

hugohoppmann vucamag 1 V.U.C.A. magazine in Thisispaper Magazine
hugohoppmann vucamag 16 V.U.C.A. magazine in Thisispaper Magazine
hugohoppmann vucamag 36 V.U.C.A. magazine in Thisispaper Magazine

The V.U.C.A. magazine (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) is a self-made magazine on architecture, design and interior with the theme Ethno vs. Modern. It is a collaboration between photographer Namsa Leuba and graphic designer Hugo Hoppmann and was created in the summer semester 2010 at ECAL in Lausanne/Switzerland…

More here.

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