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Buy This Because Of Its Font !

tumblr m4293ir9mX1rse1ipo1 500 Buy This Because Of Its Font !

Fine art print by Duminda Perera. See More At The Khooll

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IDEAS#37 – Typography

More 40 Exceptional Free Fonts

2 font23 More 40 Exceptional Free Fonts
Typography is a vital part of any website design. Despite the fact that fonts are in abundant it`s really difficult to pick up the right one that will perfect fit your project needs. In addition, it is a baffling problem to find a unique font that will attract users’ attention

That is why today I have decided to save your precious time and round up 46 top exceptional free fonts that will make your design definitely stand out.

font More 40 Exceptional Free Fonts

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Typography by Sergey Shapiro

Sergey Shapiro 20 Typography by Sergey Shapiro

Sergey Shapiro is a graphic designer based on Moscow, Russia. Sergey focused upon lettering and calligraphy whilst applying writing skills in a variety of graphic design fields. These include logo design, identity, t-shirt design and many more. He pays lots of attention to freestyle, modern techniques and use a wide range of writing tools with a passion for clean, minimalistic and expressive style.

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Hey Jude – Illustrated lyrics by 719

7194384168 475d7bf85e o Hey Jude   Illustrated lyrics by 719

Illustrated lyrics of the song Hey Jude by The Beatles.
Experimenting with typography and Pantone markers.
Author: 719

7138134029 9e3a1690b4 m Hey Jude   Illustrated lyrics by 719 6994314056 62f29e4046 m Hey Jude   Illustrated lyrics by 719 6997388016 d8961403d2 m Hey Jude   Illustrated lyrics by 719 7003836914 d9ac004774 m Hey Jude   Illustrated lyrics by 719

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Creative Stuff for Designers

Amazing templates for speed up your design work. Download and enjoy :)

3D Wall Photo Mock-Ups 1
mock01b Creative Stuff for Designers

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Pica Magazine – call for entry #4

Pica Magazine is a graphic design publication where every spread is a unique design.

apply now to have your work in it !

Adobe &

579376 382464728456920 158445730858822 71197177 1031059139 n Adobe &

for the new Adobe international campaign “Adobe &”. This campaigh highlights the power of their tools used by their potential clients of different fields, like developers, designers, typographers, film makers and any kind of creative profile.

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Daily Inspirations no. 423

Good morning ladies and genglemen! Let’s start right away with couple of cool photos. There is actually plenty of them. If you love the nature, mountains and let’s say risky behaviour, make sure to check the Geological Photography – Trolltunga by T1ll. I am not so sure I would have the guts doing stuff like the guy is doing on the photo :). Female beauty is celebrated right below in Itsaso by TOMAAS. The two very last photos got to be highlighted as well. You may see our nature’s beauty in Daisies by Mandy Disher and Bamburgh Beach by Best Light Images. Nice start, right?! My picks from today’s illustrations is the Numbers artwork by Eva Galesloot and Dante by Talexi. Was Talexi inspired by the Axe commercial? :) Another artwork, this time traditional one that caught my attention was Priest by Feline Zegers. There are couple of nice pieces in the advertising section as well .. make sure to check the South African Airlines ad :) Click the link to see more of these .. they are simply amazing! For all the freebie lovers out there, there is a nice underground flyer template. Better get it bro .). Enjoy the rest!

i1a79 Daily Inspirations no. 423

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The Cyprus Dossier by Think Work Observe in Thisispaper Magazine

The Cyprus Dossier by Think Work Observe in Thisispaper Magazine

TheCyprusDossier00 B The Cyprus Dossier by Think Work Observe in Thisispaper Magazine
TheCyprusDossier01 D The Cyprus Dossier by Think Work Observe in Thisispaper Magazine
TheCyprusDossier01 F The Cyprus Dossier by Think Work Observe in Thisispaper Magazine

The Cyprus Dossier is a Cyprus–based intellectual journal with one intention, to initiate frequent cross–disciplinary dialogue on political, social and cultural issues faced by the island’s inhabitants, as diversely and impartially as possible…

More here.

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Creative Business Card Designs

If you specialize in corporate identity design I am sure you gonna appreciate today’s collection of amazing and inspiring business card designs. Almost everyone needs a business card and it’s nice to keep up to date with current trends out there. We all need to represent, and usually a business card is one of the first methods how to attract the potential customer. Mainly if we provide designer services a cool and creative business card is a must. Anyway, scroll through our today’s collection … and of course get the most out of it!

i1a74 Creative Business Card Designs

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QUB font

QUB font is a free cubic font by bosnian designer Adi Dizdarevic. In design he prefers harmony through an unconventional approach of mixed media and colorful experimental styles. His inspiration is the beauty of differences in nature, journeys and love.

qub1 QUB font

qub3 QUB font

qub2 QUB font

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Daily Inspirations no. 422

Just insane how the times flies … we got Friday again. I know you all are already looking forward the weekend and you won’t get too busy today … so why not using the time doing something you like while still getting inspired. Let’s check what’s new out there .). I’ll start in the photography section although the photo I am gonna highlight could be in the architecture / design section as well. Anyway, check Jumeirah Abu Dhabi by Victor Romero. You gotta love the smooth curves .. amazing. The ones checking us regularly already know what’s next … right, we’ll check the illustrations. There are several pieces I love. Make sure to check Kinnaree by NeoArtCore and Plester The Elephant by Drew Hill Studio. For all the banana milk lovers, there is a nice ad called Binggrae Banana flavored milk: Farm by Cheil Worldwide in the ad section. Fans of photography and mainly cameras shouldn’t miss the Mammoth fisheye lens from the 1970s by Nikkor. At the very end my friends, there is a nice got-to-have flyer available in the freebie section. Enjoy!

i1a70 Daily Inspirations no. 422

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Graphic Designer Christopher Dippner

Up and Coming Graphic Designer Christopher Dippner

youngnreckless3 Graphic Designer Christopher Dippner
Youngnrecklessrecord Graphic Designer Christopher Dippner
WorkingtotheBoneHIRES2 Graphic Designer Christopher Dippner
hireme4 Graphic Designer Christopher Dippner