Adobe Mosaic Collection (A small selection of vector protraits, inspired by Adobe logos.)

45 Amazing Typography Examples

Daily Inspirations no. 435

Yesterday, we were starting with something for the dog lovers … today, it’s gonna be the cat lovers happy with our selection. There are actually two cat photos featured today, but I’ll pick just one of them I like better. It’s the Black Cat by Ben Heine … happy with my selection? :) If you like photo realistic illustrations make sure not to miss Olivia by Cgaddict. Nice amber eyes btw. If you’re more into cartoon type illustrations, Sailing at midnight by Sabrane is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s beautiful. From art / digital art section I like Nenufar Girl by Ariana Perez and the artwork by Javier Perez the most. If you can’t find a perfect free user interface, check today’s freebie … a nice Black UI Kit by Designkindle. Enjoy the whole collection!

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Logos / Covers by Luis Miguel Torres

Creative graphic design artworks by Luis Miguel Torres from Monterrey, Mexico. Enjoy this typography and logo design showcase :)

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La Vittoria

Like monday, it’s a superb Canadian branding. Designed by…
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25 Awesome and Creative Typography Graphic Designs for your inspiration

Typography is very important for graphic design, you can see creative typography design in Advertisements, logo designs, Print designs, package designs and web designs. Here we have added 25 beautiful examples of creative typography designs for your inspiration.

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Resources for Designers

Check what’s new out there, what’s hot and what you may get for free or for few bucks you surely won’t miss.

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Adidas varsity jacket

A gament who comes from the past to establish itself among the trends of this season is the “varsity jacket”, the classic college jacket by Adidas.

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Daily Inspirations no. 434

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Those of you loving pets and dogs especially shouldn’t miss the photography called Sweet by Wordup. Again those sad eyes :). Another photo I like is the one fall style photo right below called I Got Lost In The Yellow II by LinaDomina. The illustrations section is full of fantasy illustrations today. It’s not my cup of coffee, but let’s hightlight at least one of these. Anger by Velinov is a real masterpeace, I have to admit that. Make sure not to miss the artwork by Melissa Hartley listed in the art / digital art section. Nice one. Fans of architecture will find an extraordinary steep slope home by Alvaro Leite Siza in the architecture/ design section. At the very end let me bring up a nice freebie we got available for download today. It’s a nice blog template by Moon Themes. Worth downloading! Enjoy the rest!

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Nike Basketball by Vasava

Several designs for Nike Basketball 2010-2011 by Vasava from Barcelona, Spain. Enjoy :)

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Book Covers by Jason Booher in THISISPAPER MAGAZINE

Book Covers by Jason Booher in

Book Covers, Jason Booher, graphic design, thisispaper, magazine
Book Covers, Jason Booher, graphic design, thisispaper, magazine
Book Covers, Jason Booher, graphic design, thisispaper, magazine

Formal innovation, not clever concept, generally makes a great book cover great. That’s not to say one stands without the other. But a great concept with a merely decent or expected execution, results in something that feels like everything else…

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IDEAS#39 – Logos

Resources for Smart Designers

It doesn’t matter though as you may get inspired at least or simply buy the stuff, as it’s seriously cheap (around 5 bucks per piece). Anyway, the last section is for the ones loving free downloads .). Ready, steady, go! Enjoy!

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The Arrogant Butcher

An identity and all the design & ad work for a new restaurant in downtown Phoenix, The Arrogant Butcher. Along with the logo, menus, uniforms & collateral TunnelBravo was given the chance to design the signage. The mural is one of the main features of the restaurant and has a prime location right next to the entrance.

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Daily Inspirations no. 433

There are couple of addictive photos in today’s photography section. At least for me … when I see the featured beaches I just want to be there right now. Seems I have a severe sea air deficit :). Gotta wait few weeks though. Anyway, when speaking about beach photos, let’s be concrete. Check the Begin where I end by Oer-Wout and Under heaven’s skies by Prperold. Right below these two, there is a beautiful flower photo called The happy days by Healzo. Love the colors. The illustrations section is quite strong today as well … my picks are the Rouge by Escume and Molt by the same author. For the fans on interior design, there is warm interior featured called Loft Restoration, Florence, 2008. Not sure if I would pick the white fabric sofa …. but I have to admit, it does look perfect with this color combination. I can’t leave you guys without a freebie, right?! If you need a cool menu for your website, make sure to check today’s Light and Dark Psd Web Menu by Pixeden. Get inspired!

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