Asgalt Free Font

Asgalt is new free font that inspired by si-fi, created with geometric. Perfect for your next artwork. It have more than 100 caps.You can use it for personnal and commercial works.

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20+ Beautiful Detailed Hand Lettering Work by Tobias Saul

Beautiful-Detailed-Hand-Lettering-Work (23)

Today I am unfolding before you 20+ beautiful detailed hand lettering work by Tobias Saul. His art of lettering truly inspired me and I was so motivated to bring it into your notice that look at the talent and aptitude Tobias possesses. He belongs to Germany, the way he adds up to the detailing of the hand lettering is commendable.

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Hilarious Letterpress Prints


A couple of months ago Lisa Krowinski teamed up with Jared Wunsch to make his site available in stationery form.

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Seemingly Offensive Fold-Out Greeting Cards


Getting nice greeting cards from your loved ones makes every holiday or celebration even more special. But how would you react if instead of saying “Happy Birthday!” your card would read “You’re Old”? Etsy shop FINCHandHARE specializes in creating funny greeting cards that look somewhat insulting at first glance, but cheerfully say the opposite when folded out. “I imagine the cards in this shop bringing a little excitement to mailboxes all over the world,” says Heather Abbot, a witty owner and designer of FINCHandHARE.

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Skyline Free font

Skyline is a free geometric sans-serif font. This typeface based on upper case letters, but available with lower case letters, numbers and glyphs.

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Axis Free Typeface

Axis is a free sans-serif font inspired by the geometry of urban environment. It perfect for your design project.

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The Latest Fonts from Inspiration Hut’s Marketplace – Meet Ronald and Ralph


Introducing our quirky twins; Ronald and Ralph Sans. Ralph’s approachable appearance makes him perfect for a wide variety of creative projects. And Ronalds extreme quirkiness makes him just as fantastic. When blended together, Ronald and Ralph work beautifully. You can buy these fonts individually or as a pair. We wouldn’t want to split them up would we?

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Anders Free Modern Geometric Font

Anders is a free modern geometric font that created by Tom Anders Watkins. Come with minimal and a little unique, it influences from modern font design. Feel free to use it commercially or personally

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Candy Typography Designs for Inspiration


As always we are looking for amazing to amaze you with the new, the typography designs are good idea to use in your design works. It’s make a creative touch and impressive look, we found candy typography designs for inspiration, and we hope you like this collection as we did.

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“Better with Flowers” – Offensive Words In A Typeface Made Of Beautiful Flowers


Brazilian illustrator and designer Antonio Rodrigues Jr has spelled out several offensive words with a custom typeface made of artificial flowers for his project titled “Better With Flowers”. He has created greeting cards with these beautifully arranged flower-made words, including “Sucker”, “Bitch”, and “Prick”. Meant as jokes rather than as tools for insult, Antonio hopes that no one will ever receive these cards designed by him.

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The Amazing Type Fight is On! Which Letter Do you like Best?


If a marathon is not held how the athletes would know who runs faster? So the competence is unveiled when you put it in a challenging statuesque. Today I am unfolding before you the amazing ‘Type Fight is on!’ which letter do you like the best? The concept here is to design any of your favorite initial, lucky number, alphabet or digit in your own style (in which you excel) whichever way you like it to be and then it is put into fight

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Clasica likes to put things in perspective, being an incredibly sensible font with a distinctive lean to its letters. Ideal for print based formats, text, headlines and titles, Clasica’s thinline strokes and sturdy slabs make it legible and elegant all at once.

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Simple Stamp Free Font

Simple Stamp is a great hand-drawn font. It contains uppercase, lowercase, numerals, punctuation, special characters, currency symbols and 5 regular ligatures.

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20 Free High Quality Font for June 2014

Font is very important component in web design and graphic design. If you are looking free font for your next design project, here is a collection of 20 free high quality fonts for June 2014. This list perfect choice of fresh and freely available fonts in the internet for your next work of typography be it either for digital, web or print.

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Rodina Free Font

This beautiful round type font comes with lots of characters. Rodina font is designed with several styles, each with 169 glyphs. The font has been created exclusively for their own use.

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