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hft000 mortadella.pr1 copy Mortadella
Professional, simple and legible, Mortadella is a hand drawn font that captures all the essence of traditional font design as well as all the creativity of hand crafted individuality. Thick and bold, Mortadella has slightly rough edges that bely its nature as being inked by hand, but only slightly rough. On a smaller scale, Mortadella is perfect for bold, readable type, with larger headline sizes showing off its original qualities. Perfect for a newspaper or traditional print style, this font also comes with stylistic alternates that are great for design work.

Mortadella is available from HypeForType for just £13, all stylistics and glyphs included.

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Sinffonia is a font created in the Roman style, with much added elegance. The thin weight, ligatures and ornamental characters make it a font perfect for decorative flourish, and the 5 weights allow you to choose just the right amount of swash for your message. The basic weight allows you to create readable, professional looking text, while the titling and extra swash fonts are great for an incredibly fancy air.

Buy Sinffonia now from HypeForType, all 5 fonts are only £40, going from £12 individually.

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populaire1 copy Populaire
Populaire is a handcrafted font designed to look like what you’re typing is handwritten. Open Type features enable 4 glyphs for every character, cycling through them so that what you type becomes naturally free-flowing without any of the effort of having to design it all yourself. Even when you’re not using the Open Type features, you can switch between styles with upper and lower case alternates, for incredible ease of use.

The font itself is easy to read, using smooth, soft lines and no unnecessary extras. Populaire is available from HypeForType for only £19, and also comes with a range of fun to use ornaments and graphics.

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hft149 letterpress pr1 LETTERPRESS
Letterpress is energetic, spirited and comes in 4 weights, each offering their own unique take on the same style of font. Each weight’s individual designs are spectacular in themselves, from Headline’s compressed strictness to Phosphor’s casual, old-fashioned and worn out look. Where Letterpress truly astounds, however, is in the mixing of weights to create a dynamic and lively look for any sort of design work. Sputtering or bursting across the page, Letterpress is sure to get your message across loud and clear.

Each weight is available at HypeForType for only £8, or you can purchase all 4 weights and a set of symbols for £34. Let your creativity shine with Letterpress.

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Typography Inspiration #8

yes no 03 Typography Inspiration #8
Typography is a great subject in design. It more than just words thrown in with graphic elements. Here, we roundup 7 typography design inspiration part 8 are compiled to give inspiration to you and other designers out there. These typography design have both an awesome graphical from type videos to images. Users can submit their typography designs.

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Equal Free Geometric Font

1 Equal Free Geometric Font
Equal is a free font that inspired to Bebas Neue and Futura. It in Adobe Illustrator then imported each letter, number, and symbol into Glyphs which is a font designing software.Only three geometric shapes were used to contract this font. A circle, a d a diagonal line. Which allows a a fluidity through out each letter.

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Free Font Of The Day : Reckoner

1.Free Font Of The Day Reckoner Free Font Of The Day : Reckoner
Although we bring together free font collections time to time we decided to share a free font everyday and today’s free font Reckoner comes from Alex Dale.

Reckoner is a free for commercial/personal use typeface that features a secondary set of characters in the lowercase setting that can be placed in your designs to add a unique touch to certain words.

Reckoner is currently available in 2 weights (for now). This typeface is ideal for logotypes & headings, and is available for you to download right now.

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Astonishing Hand Lettering by Sean McCabe

Sean McCabe is a hand lettering artist and type designer currently living in San Antonio, Texas. His passion for hand lettering and typography has recently turned into a successful business. In March 2014 Sean launched Learn Lettering, an online video course that educates people about the ins and outs of hand lettering. In addition to teaching, he also produces a twice-a-week podcast discussing design, creativity, and business.

Below you will find forty-five creative examples of his stunning work. Enjoy!

Eventually all the pieces fall into place

111 650x487 Astonishing Hand Lettering by Sean McCabe

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sheldonposter01 Sheldon
Sheldon carries a deliberate sense of unevenness in the way that it tumbles across the page, with upper and lower case alternates allowing ease of combination. The handcrafted look is wonderful for creating an innocent, artistically childlike style which nonetheless carries a lot of weight. The font itself comes in three weights, ‘Fly’, ‘Feather’ and Regular, each of which is available from Hype For Type for £15. A 4th style, containing just graphics, can be purchased for £7.50 to add some extra character to your design work.

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hft370 stefania pr1 STEFANIA
Stefania is a refined and elegant calligraphic script originally created with wedding invitations in mind. The smooth and sophisticated boldness help it to remain legible and attractive at smaller sizes, and plenty of swashes, flourishes and character alternates mean that you can make this font truly yours, however you choose to use it.

Stefania is available in two weights, regular and bold, from HypeForType for £14 each, or £21 for the pair.

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monstroposter1 copy Monstro
Monstro is a playful font full of a love for life, and it wants to be your friend. Carefully hand crafted, this font has the appearance of being fully uppercase, but lowercase alternates give two options for every letter. Make your text unpredictable and spontaneous by mixing up the characters you use and keeping the text fresh. For added amusement, throw in some of the special monstrinho glyphs and let imagination run wild.

Monstro is great for grabbing attention in a friendly, unobtrusive way. Carry a message without forcing it on people thanks to the bold, sans-serif style. Monstro is available in either sketchy or solid styles, with Monstrinhos as a third option, each style available at HypeForType for only £15. What are you waiting for? Start making friends!

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Handwritten Inspirational Quotes by Joao Neves

Inspiring Handwritten Typography Quotes 5 Handwritten Inspirational Quotes by Joao Neves

Inspirational Quotes can always give you a boost when you’re feeling low. These beautifully typeset inspirational quotes are the works of Joao Neves. He’s a calligrapher from Lisbon, Portugal and his work is absolutely stunning. These images are perfect to share with your friends on your social media networks for those that need a lift in spirits. Have a look at the detail and thought that Neves put into each of his handwritten typography quotes.

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hft000 steintype.pr01 Steintype
Steintype rocks! Ok, that’s out of the way. Steintype is a creative collection of cobbled together characters, inspired by rocks. Carefully chiseled with a rough but readable outline, this font really comes to life when you begin to alter the individual pieces it’s made from. Experiment with colours and textures to create bold words that stand out from the page, with 3D looks and vivid character designs. Steintype can be used to blend with the background, so that words appear from out of it, or to clash completely for an unmissable attention grabber. The greatest part of this font are the limitless possibilities for playing around with design.

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hft sheepman 001 Sheepman
A distinctly turn-of-the-century font, Sheepman is a friendly, softened serif font, carrying reminders of an older time. Solid and straight-lined without ever being sharp, Sheepman is legible and professional while maintaining an approachability that makes it perfect for distinguished social events or nostalgic and historic work.

Sheepman comes in three weights, each with a slanted option, so your message can carry just the impact you need, whether it’s light and light-hearted or bold and imposing. All 6 fonts are available from HypeForType for £58, or for £13 each.

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Serial Cut Ola Hoop

serialcut 01 Serial Cut  Ola Hoop
Ola Hoop is two fonts in one, which mix together to create a great distortion and emphasis effect. One set of characters is distorted and wavy, creating a unique, through-the-water look, and the other is a more serious and straight line version, creating its own ephemeral effect by a distinct lack of cross-lines. Combining the two together creates the effect of riding through waves or watching a mirage, at one moment clear and the next unreal, allowing you to draw the eyes to focus where you need them, with more solidity in more important places.

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