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Awesome Creative Typography

Another amazing set my colleagues prepared for the end of the week. As the title already says, we’ll be presenting a collection of amazing creative typographic artworks. There is something for everyone … from classic 2d to plastic artworks. Today I won’t pick a favorite … wouldn’t be fair, as most of the creations is exceptional. “Get inspired” seems to be quite appropriate here … as there is plenty to get inspired from! :) Enjoy!

i1a125 Awesome Creative Typography

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In Praise of Vintage Typefaces: 15 You Have Never Seen

vintage2 In Praise of Vintage Typefaces: 15 You Have Never Seen

Type is a tool of communication and an art of commerce. The fact that it is at once functionally enduring and aesthetically sublime is what has made type such a popular object of connoisseurship among those both in and out of the graphic design fields. Originally, letterforms were created to spread the Word, but ultimately, they were designed and redesigned to convey more quotidian ideas, many of which are sales pitches. The diversely styled alphabets presented in foundry-specimen books dating back to the turn of the century had one purpose: Attract the eye. This does not mean that the respective designers did not view themselves as artisans of the highest magnitude. It simply meant that type, while still the means of spreading the Word; was also a device for establishing mood, aura, and style. In literature and official documents, it is enough that a typeface is readable. In advertising, however, which is the main market for typefaces produced by the major foundries, a face must also have a distinct personality that demands attention.

The alphabets and specimens displayed here are not the classic typefaces that have endured centuries of stylistic and technological change. Rather, they are the graphic arts equivalent of the Victorian bonnet, flapper’s frock, and dandy’s spats; the bastardizations, transfigurations, and novelizations of letters into objects of desire. Some are absurdly delightful; others are delightfully grotesque. All contain the proper number of characters and are completely functional.

vintage3 In Praise of Vintage Typefaces: 15 You Have Never Seen

vintage5 In Praise of Vintage Typefaces: 15 You Have Never Seen

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Logo Inspirations

for everyone

208101797fc5b472e13924baaeaa819a1 for everyone

Moonrise Kingdom Print by @needledesign

MOONRISE KINGDOM 1 Moonrise Kingdom Print by @needledesign


A Print Inspired By Wes Anderson’s Newest Film Moonrise Kingdom
Size: 420mm x 297mm
Hi-Gloss 250gsm print.
Dispatched ASAP.
worldwide Postage and packaging included in price
(this is unofficial fan artwork)


Daily Inspirations no. 406

I feel like starting with illustrations today instead of photos. How do you guys like the artwork by Jennifer Healy called Daydream? I personally love it! It’s not the only artwork I love though. Just few spots lower down in the art digital art section there is a nice illustration by Alexandra Bezrukova. I’m a huge fan of fonts, so no wonder I’m always eager to check the typography section. From today’s typographic artworks I picked one piece that is a mixture of various typographic styles. Check it out … it’s called Advertising Design: 7-Eleven & Tullamore Dew. Make sure to check today’s ads as well … it’s definitelly worth it. Enjoy!

i1a118 Daily Inspirations no. 406

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Moustype by Patrick Seymour

Patrick Seymour created this Moustage font in honor of his father who always wore his mustache so well.

moustype 1 Moustype by Patrick Seymour

moustype preview Moustype by Patrick Seymour


ALUMIA Typeface – $10

Bison Ravi

bison ravi 01 Bison Ravibison ravi 02 Bison Ravi

Bison Ravi (Delighted Bison) is a anagram for the french writer Boris Vian, but it’s also…
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File Extension Necklaces by Afloat

A file extension necklaces for a graphic design geek, created by Afloat Studios.
1o30 File Extension Necklaces by Afloat
MORE INFO & IMAGES > File Extension Necklaces by Afloat
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Just My Type – #typography

branding + typography created with 6,950+ wine corks @lokalmiami @camilorojas

9bc1a45aa943ad0d1e740b417268127d branding + typography created with 6,950+ wine corks @lokalmiami @camilorojas

They say the first bite is taken with the eye. If so, i want to invite you to savoury the next bite. Take a look at the identity, branding and art created for loKal, neighborhood burger and beer joint located in bohemian Coconut Grove, Florida – United States

f05d9ec0137ccf27b163ead0c984c648 branding + typography created with 6,950+ wine corks @lokalmiami @camilorojas

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Hand Lettered Chalk Typography By Dana Tanamachi

Dana Tanamachi is a graphic designer and custom chalk letterer living in Brooklyn, New York. After graduating in 2007 with a BFA in Communication Design from The University of North Texas, Dana moved to New York City to design Broadway show posters at Spotco—a leader in arts and live entertainment branding.

In early 2010, she took a job working under Louise Fili at Louise Fili Ltd, specializing in the design of restaurants and food packaging. Currently, Dana works full time as a custom chalk letterer and has been commissioned by clients such as West Elm, Rugby Ralph Lauren, Google, The Ace Hotel, Adidas, EveryDay with Rachael Ray, Lululemon Athletica, and Garden & Gun Magazine.

a merry christmas1 Hand Lettered Chalk Typography By Dana Tanamachi

typography dana tanamachi1 Hand Lettered Chalk Typography By Dana Tanamachi

specials1 Hand Lettered Chalk Typography By Dana Tanamachi

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Playing with Spikes

87753f5855030411c4eb1fd5646cf90c Playing with Spikes
89cdf7ed12a898ccb644a61b2817ad7a Playing with Spikes
b7a63d08bd73b8df351ad96c53ab1343 Playing with Spikes

New series o experiences of the designer Álvaro de Almeida, untitled ‘Playing with Spikes’, where he uses Redoute’s roses as base.
Find the rest of the series in his Behance website.

Fresh Resources for Creative Designers #10

Today we’ll be celebrating a small jubilee with already the 10th edition of our fresh creative resources series. You may expect the crème de la crème of graphic design … but you’re already used to that if you’re not the first time scrolling through our posts. Most of the items in the latest collection are not free, but I would say almost free, as they’re just few bucks. If you’re not into buying something, get inspired. Of course at the very bottom, there is a free section with nice items you may use for personal as well as commercial purposes. Enjoy!

i1a108 Fresh Resources for Creative Designers #10

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