Illustrations by Yurex Omazkin

Awesome illustrations by the Mexican artist Yurex Omazkin.

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Best Beer Brewing Company Branding Examples

I have compiled an epic collection of Beer Brewing Company Branding Bottle & Package Designs – So lets sit back, and enjoy the beautiful design that is wrapping our beverages today. Also has other misc poster and print designs – and bottle cap & handle designs! Kick back and have a cold one from your local micro-brewery and come along with us on this journey! I hope this post inspires you on your next project – whether it is a branding, package design, or any type of creative project – to be as creative as you can be! Enjoy!

Grans Family Brewing Co. Packaging

Brewing Company Package Branding

Backcountry Brew Company

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Weekly Web Design Inspiration #73

There is no limit for inspiration and when it comes to webdesign this is much more unlimited. As usual we continue to showcase beautiful and interesting webdesigns that we came across during the week.Hope you like this week’s collection too.

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Amazing Free Fonts

Although we bring one cool free font every single day in our daily design inspirations series, we decided to compile a fresh collection of hot free fonts that you guys may use in your projects. You may use them eather for personal or commercial purposes … just make sure to check the license. All these are a must-have for every designer … it’s a nice mix of various styles … from clean serif / sans serif fonts, through old school / retro fonts all the way to modern / futuristic ones. Ok guys, it’s time to update your font library .. now! .) Enjoy.

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Leopard. Handmade Font.


HandMadeFont is an incredible project that features a vast range of typographic designs. Entire font sets are created using a wide range of mediums and materials, resulting in typefaces and lettering that are totally original.

Lettering is constructed from every material imaginable, from banana skins to meats, to ice. This is one of the most inspiring, original design projects I’ve seen in a while, and every design makes me smile at it’s creativity.

leopard font

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Daily Inspirations no. 417

Friday again … can’t believe the time is flying so fast. At least we may look forward the upcoming weekend .). Today we’ll start with one cute photo … just check how pure squirrel love looks like in the photography titled Pure Love. There are more cool photos though … for example Seagulls II by Friederike Alexander or Land’s End by Mac Oller. That’s what’s called amazing view! From the illustrations section my today’s pick is no doubt the Niro caricature by Paul Hutchinson. Let’s move straight into the typography section now. I like the very first artwork called Beautiful by Wordboner. The ones into product design, and to be specific, furniture shouldn’t miss Soft Comfort by D-vision. How cool is that?! At the very end I thought I’ll throw something free in as well. In this case it’s an amazing business tri-fold brochure by Pixeden. Enjoy!

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A Dangerous Mind

Motion graphic studio Plenty has envisioned a typographic teaser for TV series “Criminal Minds” (AXN). All words written across a blue man’s face were hand painted, and then scanned into a computer to be composed in a 3D rendering program.

Watch video

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new typography 2

You also have a passion for letters and like to experiment with fonts in a creative way? Than take a look at this book for inspirations …

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Friday Urban Typography Inspiration – Boston

Urban typography showcase is one of our weekly posts.Every Friday we are featuring inspirational typography examples from a city.If you are a real typography lover , you always notice typography examples like shop signage,road signs etc. in your city and if you want your photo to be published here just send it.This week’s typography showcase comes from Boston.Enjoy!!!

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Changing Lines “STOP” Project

Last project by Changing Lines folks. A delightful combo of several typefaces with cool sentences. “In my new project I have tried to communicate some ironic and critical messages by combining several cool typefaces. STOP signs were chosen in strategic locations in order to create an immediate relationship between the messages, the locations and the experiences of the moment. They force people to stop and read the messages, causing a reaction that requires them to question their acquired habits and behaviors.”
More pictures here.

It’s all about distance

‘It’s all about distance’ is a new print from Gorilla Grafiks.


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The Snow Man

The Snow Man is a bar on Melbourne with…

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USA National Team uniforms and typeface

USA National Team uniforms and typeface.


Here are just two of the wide variety of Movie/TV and Music inspired pieces of Pop Art/Design from UK based Designer & Illustrator Matt Needle (@needledesign)
These pieces are inspired by 2 of Wes Andersons Films.

The Life Aquatic:
£25(inc free worldwide delivery)

Moonrise Kingdom

Daily Inspirations no. 416

Today we’re featuring a strong photography collection as is seems in our daily inspirations series. There are several photos I love … the first one is the cat artwork called Attenzione. The other one is right below, it’s a beautiful black female model portrait … very artistic. Got to scroll back, as the third one I like is actually the very first one .) it’s Natasha by Sasha Larina. Now I’ll move right into the art / digital art section. Make sure to check the Voodoo Child III by Mantra Ardhana up here. If you like 3d artworks and logo design … do not miss today’s logo design section. At the end, I need to mention we got a nice WP theme at the very bottom … of course free of charge! Enjoy .)

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