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Daily Inspirations no. 404

Today as every single day, we’re bringing you a mixture of various quality artworks for you to get inspired. I am sure you’re already curious what did out team put together. So, let’s take a closer look. My personal picks from the photography section are the very first two photos. I’m speaking about the baseball player and the calm full moon photo by Nicolai Perjesi. The section right below dedicated to illustrations brought us several cool artworks. The first one that deserves your attention is called Repressed by Jennifer Healy. I kind of like the Mermaid Pin-Up by Roberto Pena as well. The ones into traditional art such as paintings, should take a closer look at Stardust* by J. Luna. Web designers and programmers may look forward a nice jQuery banner / ad rotator by Coding Jack. Enjoy!

c1a20 Daily Inspirations no. 404

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Eco-Friendly, Type-Based “Designer” Tote Bags To Help Celebrate Earth Day

design slogan Eco Friendly, Type Based Designer Tote Bags To Help Celebrate Earth Daydesign for money Eco Friendly, Type Based Designer Tote Bags To Help Celebrate Earth Dayinteresting internet Eco Friendly, Type Based Designer Tote Bags To Help Celebrate Earth Dayemotional baggage Eco Friendly, Type Based Designer Tote Bags To Help Celebrate Earth Day

The new line of type-based “designer” tote bags from WORDS BRAND™. To help celebrate Earth Day, save 15% now through April 24th on our large, eco-friendly tote bags. Enter code: ORGANIC2012 at checkout. More colors available, see the full line here.

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Best (so far) CSS3 Tutorials, Inspirations & Resources of 2012

CSS is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation semantics (the look and formatting) of a document written in a markup language. Its most common application is to style web pages written in HTML and XHTML, but the language can also be applied to any kind of XML document, including plain XML, SVG and XUL.

In comes CSS3 – Like A Sir. With its fancy looks, animations and effects.

I hope that these resources help you on your journey of mastering CSS – If you don’t love CSS, you probably will after this, and if you do love CSS – then this will just make you happy in the pants area, like it does to me.

Stitched Speech Bubbles Blog Image Best (so far) CSS3 Tutorials, Inspirations & Resources of 2012

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Bold and Justified:The Huge World of Typography [Infographic]

Bold & Justified: Typography infographic was researched and designed by the talented Meghan Robichaud and published in COLOURLovers website.Meghan is graphic designer and illustrator from [Hampton] New Brunswick, Canada.
BoldJustifiedATypographicInfographic 4f3d7f2f3c19e Bold and Justified:The Huge World of Typography [Infographic]

See The Complete Typography Infographic

IDEAS#33 – Logos

Open Field iPad magazine for Care

openfield Open Field iPad magazine for Care

Open Field is an annual iPad magazine. Twenty-eight remarkable women share personal stories – some written, some visual – about transforming moments. From meeting nuns in Israel to creating Afghan Idol, from a summer without speech to a life without cigarettes, these stories are witty, wise and fearless.

All proceeds go to assisting women in developing countries through the charity CARE. Issue One is created around the theme of Change.

Everyone involved in making Open Field gave their time and talent for free. We are humbled that authors, artists, musicians and business owners of such calibre were willing to be involved with us: for the most part we were strangers to them.

Daily Inspirations no. 403

There are exactly three photos I am gonna highlight today. We’ll have one beauty, one animal and one sport representative. Now buckle up and enjoy the ride! The same as yesterday we’re presenting an amazing horse photo by Andrey Vasilyev. The second featured photo is by Carsten Witte. If you remember we did an interview with this talented photographer few years back. Anyway, check his More Beauty photo … it’s totally worth it. And the sport representative mentioned is by Justin Bettman called Fall 2011. That’s something for all the skateboarders out there. Now let’s move one section down. My favorite from today’s illustrations is without a doubt Eternal Love by Dzeri29. If you were scrolling through our yesterday’s set, you noticed we featured Raphael Vicenzi. Let’s repeat that today .. make sure to check his 2012. You’ll find it in the art / digital art section at the very bottom. There are some nice ads available today as well. When I have to make my choice between the three featured, it would be the UniverCell: Messi by JWT, Bangalore, India. Love the soccer idea. If you’re waiting for today’s freebie only … there is a nice detailed 3d splash at the bottom. Enjoy!

c1a18 Daily Inspirations no. 403

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Colourful Candy Numbers by Massimo Gammacurta

In this amazing series for Wired Magazine, photographer Massimo Gammacurta molded coloured candy into the shapes of numbers for the magazine’s gift guide section.

a00 type Colourful Candy Numbers by Massimo Gammacurta

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a01 type Colourful Candy Numbers by Massimo Gammacurta

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Bossa Nova Display Type

tumblr m2kp423VP11qbbx6jo1 500 Bossa Nova Display Type

tumblr m2koskM3IJ1qbqxup Bossa Nova Display Type

For more, visit

Hot Tutorials – Adobe Illustrator

If I’m not mistaken it’s the first time we’ll be presenting collection of various cool tutorials. I remember we featured single tutorials, but this time we thought aggregating the best tutorials out there into one collection would be more useful for you guys. Ok, you already know it will be about tutorials today … what you do not know, in case you skipped the title :) is that it’s gonna be about tutorials for Adobe Illustrator only. So everyone into Adobe Illustrator … now focus as there surely are some new tricks you still do not master. And everyone from us should be willing to improve, right?! Guys, if you think this collection is missing some cool tricks, feel free to post the link(s) into the comments section. Enjoy!

c1a17 Hot Tutorials – Adobe Illustrator

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Limited Edition Charity Posters

JAMmockup Limited Edition Charity Posters
SMITHSmockup Limited Edition Charity Posters
TOOTSmockup Limited Edition Charity Posters
WELLERmockup Limited Edition Charity Posters

Limited Edition Charity poster

Blanch free font

blanch 01 Blanch free fontblanch 02 Blanch free font

I’m not a big fan of free font, they’re frequently of poor quality, but with the…
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Typography as pattern design in platemats

2812f23f69572f93162c08f3ff60ff89 Typography as pattern design in platemats

ee745eda0cb256df1415976d6e5f33a8 Typography as pattern design in platemats

 Typography as pattern design in platemats

Pattern designs applied in placemats for BZP Bazar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

More pictures and Information at

24 amazing quotes!

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