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Daily Inspirations no. 401

Seems today’s photography section is presenting human, well let’s be specific, female beauty only. There are some hot artworks such as the Color of Beats by Chinese Yanzhou Bao, Destiny by David Terrazas or Marianna by Joanna Kustra. Of course there are several more, not less creative than the ones presented above. From today’s illustrations I like the retro Volkswagen illustration / poster by Marcelo Schultz called Volkswagen “Bubble”. The ones into traditional art, make sure to check the brilliant sketches by Tomasz Usyk. So far my overall favorite today! Hmm, just found another hot piece in the typography section by Marcelo Schultz called Nike – Just Do It! That’s called creativity. And now something for all the web site developers. This one is a must … the quality is there, plus it’s free! Get the Premium Web Sliders by Agneva from our freebie section. Make sure to scroll the inspirations from the very top to the bottom … it’s utterly worth it! Enjoy!

c1a14 Daily Inspirations no. 401

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Changing Lines – Type II

changing lines type II 3 Changing Lines   Type II
type II gif Changing Lines   Type II
Changing Lines Type II is a geometric and attractive typeface, combining irreverence and timelessness. Make your layouts look amazing using this typeface in titles and highlights.

A-Z and numbers / TTF File (keyable)

Personal use: 10$
Commercial use: 15$

Buy it here.

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Typography by Athur Sinai

Athur Sinai 1 Typography by Athur Sinai

Typography by Indonesia based artist Athur Sinai. Athur was born in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia and he’s passionate about graphic design and visual communication. Currently he’s working on personal projects (Pattern & Ornament Design)

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POWER 2012 by Samuel Carter Mensah

Artwork I did recently. I’ve wanted to do this piece for a long time, pretty much ever since i heard the song which i consider is probably Kanye’s best purely because of it stands for. I tried to incorporate everything power stood for including the handmade font to symbolize old withered gold, and added some visuals from the video etc. and some ancient civilizations influence. “I’ve seen people use power abuse power misuse and then lose power”. the reason why all civilizations eventually collapse, POWER.

i1a1 POWER 2012 by Samuel Carter Mensah

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Handmade Typographic Poster Workshop at Looking

ucla ex type poster 04.28 29.12 750x964 Handmade Typographic Poster Workshop at Looking
A typographic promotional poster for the UCLA Extension Workshop at Looking, April 28–29th.

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IMG 9622 low 1 905 DJYQ IDENTITY KIT

DJYQ is new comer DJ base in East London. Naming / Branding his new look identity kit. (business card / CD sleeve) Design & Art direction by Ethan is Sweet

Daily Inspirations no. 400

Getting warmer around here … that’s what we like. Each season has something to offer, but to speak for myself I like the spring the most. Why? Simply because we can feel everything waking up. It’s about the colors and scents too. While speaking about it .. had to open my window to get some fresh air in. Love hearing the birds singing. Ok, let’s calm down and get back to our daily set of creative inspirations. There are some cool pieces I would like to highlight today. From the very first section my pick is the Lighthouse by Spencer Brown and probably the playing cats photo. That one is pretty funny actually. From today’s illustrations my favorite one is the last called Mr. Spray goes empty by Yvo Hählen. For all the guys our there, well at least the 96%, there are two hot artworks available in the art / digital art section. Make sure to check the In a car artwork by Matariil and Rabeta of the day by LAMBUJA! How hot is that?! If you guys like typography make sure not to miss the SALVAJEANIMAL HEADLESS III by SALVAJEANIMAL and Popular Mechanics 110th Edition by Jordan Metcalf. There is a nice corporate portfolio web site template at the bottom in the freebie section. Make sure to download it right away, as it’s free this month only! Keep coming back .) Enjoy!

c1a12 Daily Inspirations no. 400

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The Art of Typography

A picture says more than a thousand words!…But what if those words make a picture? Every friday we deliver you new fresh typography inspired pictures.

i1c65 The Art of Typography

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Daily Inspirations no. 399

Hi guys … hopefully you had a wonderful Easter holiday! When speaking for myself, after four days off I do have problems switching back to work mode. Not sure if it’s the lazyness or spring fever :). Anyway, got to beat that as there are many people out there dependant on our daily inspirations .). So let’s take a look what’s new out there. From today’s photography do not miss the Sacred Eve / Part 2 as well as the black tribal woman few spots below. There are actually several of them, so I am speaking of the first one. Again you may expect a strong illustration section with several hot artworks such as the illustrations by Dave E. Phillips and Roberto Pena or the Girl portrait by crowgod. If you like spooky artworks, make sure to check the Skull by Ali GULEC. You’ll find that one in our Art / Digital Art section. If you like blink – blink and watches especially, check the 5 mil watch by Hublot. Wondering what rapper is wearing those already. If you like user interfaces, there is a nice one at the bottom in the freebie section. Go get it! Enjoy!

c1a10 Daily Inspirations no. 399

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Abraham Lincoln – Download Free Font

feeldesain ABE01 Abraham Lincoln – Download Free Font

feeldesain ABE03 open Abraham Lincoln – Download Free Font

feeldesain three Abraham Lincoln – Download Free Font

Inspired by the proportions of the 16th President of the USA, and advertisements/playbills of the 1800s, Abraham Lincoln is a humanistic display face with noderate contrast and sturdy serifs…..


Tom Waits Quote

tomquote Tom Waits Quote

Original work by Mason Lange

Way of The David by Like Minded Studio

Creative typography artworks by Like Minded Studio from Sydney, Australia. Enjoy :)

i1a57 Way of The David by Like Minded Studio

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35 Inspiring Quotes in Typography Artwork

In this post, we will show you some 35 Inspiring Quotes conveyed with typography artworks. I ask you to not only admire the typography itself, but also read the quotes too, as they indeed, hold great importance in what they try to convey.

inspiring quotes typography 1 35 Inspiring Quotes in Typography Artwork

View All Inspiring Quotes or

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Amazing high resolution wallpapers

I always try to find the best inspirations to share with you. This is a great collection of Amazing high resolution wallpapers, improve your creativity, and prettify your screen

bat jump Amazing high resolution wallpapers

Outcast Horizon Amazing high resolution wallpapers

The Parrot by termapix Amazing high resolution wallpapers

and more

Chinese 24 terms by More tong

This is a project design for a life style web-magazine Voicer. We are try to use typo design to explain the traditional culture which tell us about weather change and what would happened during the change.

i1a54 Chinese 24 terms by More tong

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