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Way of The David by Like Minded Studio

Creative typography artworks by Like Minded Studio from Sydney, Australia. Enjoy :)

i1a57 Way of The David by Like Minded Studio

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35 Inspiring Quotes in Typography Artwork

In this post, we will show you some 35 Inspiring Quotes conveyed with typography artworks. I ask you to not only admire the typography itself, but also read the quotes too, as they indeed, hold great importance in what they try to convey.

inspiring quotes typography 1 35 Inspiring Quotes in Typography Artwork

View All Inspiring Quotes or

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Amazing high resolution wallpapers

I always try to find the best inspirations to share with you. This is a great collection of Amazing high resolution wallpapers, improve your creativity, and prettify your screen

bat jump Amazing high resolution wallpapers

Outcast Horizon Amazing high resolution wallpapers

The Parrot by termapix Amazing high resolution wallpapers

and more

Chinese 24 terms by More tong

This is a project design for a life style web-magazine Voicer. We are try to use typo design to explain the traditional culture which tell us about weather change and what would happened during the change.

i1a54 Chinese 24 terms by More tong

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Typography | Inspiring Quotes

inspiring quotes typography 8 Typography | Inspiring Quotes

Immagine 21 Typography | Inspiring Quotes

inspiring quotes typography 4 Typography | Inspiring Quotes

Typography is an art that involves the use of text to either convey a message or say something. However, as easy as it may it sound, doing typography is as difficult as making a portrait – as it involves the designer knowing each and everything about text, and arranging the text in such a way, in such a design that it appeals to the user…..


I Am Him for him and her

Check out the I AM HIM store by Lusky at Zazzle. More to come soon.
HIM AD 750x750 I Am Him for him and her

Typography Design Inspiration #3

Here goes another part of Typography Design Inspiration. In this post we bring you the latest findings from the wonderful world of typography design. We hope this collection will serve as a great source for your typography inspiration.

79th Typography Design Inspiration #3

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Chinese packaging design

I love the simplicity and execution of this Chinese packaging design created for A wisp of Tea, Shantou. The main characteristics of the brown tea packaging are the small burn holes which cover various functions at the same time: they indicate the special process used to dry the tea, enable for ventilation and enhances the brown eco-friendly packaging paper with decorative pictograms. The white packaging design features illustrations that characterize the country and displays the tea ceremony which is held in high regard in China. The spirit of the tea ceremony is venerated as peaceful, pure and gently silent. The long narrow label serves as a closing seal and features the logo and other useful information. Designed by Shaobin Lin who has won a red dot and Pentawards with this packaging design.

i1a53 Chinese packaging design

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30 Cool Wallpapers for Typography Lovers

3.typography wallpapers 30 Cool Wallpapers for Typography Lovers
7.typography wallpapers 30 Cool Wallpapers for Typography Lovers
Desktop computers and laptops are the partners for most of the people and they spend a lot of their time in front of them.When you switch your computer,the first thing you see is your desktop wallpaper.A beautiful wallpaper is a way to express your uniqueness and personalize your computer.So why not change your boring wallpaper?

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Typography by Jonathan Hill

3 Typography by Jonathan Hill

Jonathan Hill is an independent multidisciplinary designer with over 15 years professional experience. Concept driven, Jonathan creates contemporary and modern design ideas that work in a commercial environment. His projects range from music packaging and fashion apparel to typeface design and interiors.

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RATHE – Typeface $10

COVER 1 750x750 RATHE    Typeface $10

example 1 RATHE    Typeface $10

Got bored this afternoon and crafted another font – RATHE

Get it here

Koniak Design for James Blake

more here

JLB ATHLETICS – Interview with (British Record Holder) Montell Douglas

An interview with Montell Douglas
100m British Record Holder
Twitter : @MontyTrackStar

Follow JLB On Twitter: @jeffrey_lb . Also Check Out For All The Latest Updates on Jeffrey Lawal-Balogun Athletics.

Filmed with a Panasonic GH1 / Edited on the 27″ iMac using adobe premiere pro and after effects CS5.5. You can find me on twitter @Phillyatchi & Facebook


Cover CHANGING LINES TYPE II now @ TenDollarFontsA Z CHANGING LINES TYPE II now @ TenDollarFonts


Enjoy this cool #267 Saturday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks.


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