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Daily Inspirations no. 403

There are exactly three photos I am gonna highlight today. We’ll have one beauty, one animal and one sport representative. Now buckle up and enjoy the ride! The same as yesterday we’re presenting an amazing horse photo by Andrey Vasilyev. The second featured photo is by Carsten Witte. If you remember we did an interview with this talented photographer few years back. Anyway, check his More Beauty photo … it’s totally worth it. And the sport representative mentioned is by Justin Bettman called Fall 2011. That’s something for all the skateboarders out there. Now let’s move one section down. My favorite from today’s illustrations is without a doubt Eternal Love by Dzeri29. If you were scrolling through our yesterday’s set, you noticed we featured Raphael Vicenzi. Let’s repeat that today .. make sure to check his 2012. You’ll find it in the art / digital art section at the very bottom. There are some nice ads available today as well. When I have to make my choice between the three featured, it would be the UniverCell: Messi by JWT, Bangalore, India. Love the soccer idea. If you’re waiting for today’s freebie only … there is a nice detailed 3d splash at the bottom. Enjoy!

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Colourful Candy Numbers by Massimo Gammacurta

In this amazing series for Wired Magazine, photographer Massimo Gammacurta molded coloured candy into the shapes of numbers for the magazine’s gift guide section.

Colourful Candy Numbers by Massimo Gammacurta

More images here

Colourful Candy Numbers by Massimo Gammacurta

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Bossa Nova Display Type

For more, visit

Hot Tutorials – Adobe Illustrator

If I’m not mistaken it’s the first time we’ll be presenting collection of various cool tutorials. I remember we featured single tutorials, but this time we thought aggregating the best tutorials out there into one collection would be more useful for you guys. Ok, you already know it will be about tutorials today … what you do not know, in case you skipped the title :) is that it’s gonna be about tutorials for Adobe Illustrator only. So everyone into Adobe Illustrator … now focus as there surely are some new tricks you still do not master. And everyone from us should be willing to improve, right?! Guys, if you think this collection is missing some cool tricks, feel free to post the link(s) into the comments section. Enjoy!

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Limited Edition Charity Posters

The Jam
Smiths Charity poster
Toots and the Maytals
Paul Weller lyrics poster

Limited Edition Charity poster

Blanch free font

I’m not a big fan of free font, they’re frequently of poor quality, but with the…
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Typography as pattern design in platemats

Pattern designs applied in placemats for BZP Bazar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

More pictures and Information at

24 amazing quotes!

United Adworker

ARCTIC – $10 Font

Daily Inspirations no. 402

Seems we’ll be continuing with female beauty today as well. There are several amazing photos featuring hot women, but we’ll start with something different today if we may. What about beautiful horses? Andrey Vasilyev is quite talented … but you’ll figure that out yourself after checking his Horses photo. Seems more like a photo manipulation to me, but the end result is brilliant, so it doesn’t matter at all. My second pick has something common with beauty, but this photo is more conceptual or fashion related. I am speaking about the Follow the wind by Zlatimir Arakliev. Seems like the girl is representing hunting season with all the feathers and furs :). Anyway, let’s move on. I kind of like unusual style, and that’s exactly what I see in the 3d illustration called General Portfolio by Lee Hasler. I like it a lot. In the art / digital art section there is a nice ink illustration called Portraits in Ink and Tea by Carne Griffiths. I bet the author spent a great deal of time working on it. Can’t help it, but today I have to highlight something from the architecture / design section as well. Fans of interior design gonna agree that the Leafy Faucet by Andrea de Dominicis is worth highlighting. Amazing design. Love the sink too! That’s everything from me guys … now it’s up to you to get your mouse busy. Enjoy!

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Typographic Posters by Áron Jancsó

Impressive typographic posters by Áron Jancsó.

More typographic posters here !

Friday Urban Typography Inspiration – Munich

Urban typography showcase is one of our weekly posts.Every Friday we are featuring inspirational typography examples from a city.If you are a real typography lover , you always notice typography examples like shop signage,road signs etc. in your city and if you want your photo to be published here just send it.This week’s typography showcase comes from Munich.Enjoy!!!

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Fontli – Typography APP

Fontli is a social network for Typography enthusiasts to broadcast their passion through pictures taken from a mobile device….


Cool Retro Posters

There is so much cool stuff out there, and we could literally do ten different collections per day just to cover everything. At this moment one collection per day has to be enough though. Maybe we’ll be adding more collections in the future. Anyway, today we thought it would be a good idea to throw something in the from printed ads. Of course printed ads may sound kind of broad … so let’s narrow it down to retro posters. Sounds fine, right? As you are already used to, you may except just the best what’s currently out there. If you’re eager to get inspired from the most talented authors, move on and scroll through. Enjoy!

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