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New release by Handmade Fonts

Creative font designs. Enjoy this showcase :)

i1a New release by Handmade Fonts

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Daily Inspirations no. 398

It’s Friday again and it seems the time is flying. Anyway, as we all love animals … it would be more than appropriate to start with two cool animal photos. The first one is featuring marching elephants. It’s called Masai Mara and it was shot by Marina Cano. The other one is featuring a nice horse silhouette. Unfortunatelly we do not know the author, nor the artwork name. It’s still nice though … and quite inspiring. It’s going to be pretty hard for me to pick something from today’s illustrations as all of them are amazing. I’ll give it a try. My favorite is Victoria by Jennifer Healy and Penny by Robi Pena. And do not argue with me … I know there are many possible favorites :). In the art / digital art section I am pretty confident though with my pick … it’s the Glasstide by Anne Angelshaug. Love pretty much everything … idea, style as well as the colors. How about a cool ad …? Check the England vs France RATP: Frog by Euro RSCG C&O :). Pretty nice. Enjoy the weekend … and be back on Monday again! :)

c1a8 Daily Inspirations no. 398

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Cool web elements and graphics

Great templates for your design work. Enjoy :)

i1a36 Cool web elements and graphics

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Thesilentroom t-shirt design

Art and fashion t-shirt design by Thesilentroom a collaborative mixed-media based in Bristol UK.
2o5 Thesilentroom t shirt design
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Typography Inspiration n°29 !

typo12 Typography Inspiration n°29 !
typo10 Typography Inspiration n°29 !
Discover the Typography Inspiration n°29 !
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IDEAS#31 – Typography

Daily Inspirations no. 397

To tell the truth I am at least as curious as you are what’s new in today’s set of creative inspirations .). There are two hot photos that caught my attention right away. The first one is called A M A N D A by Carlos Williams, which is a black and white female portait photography. The other one is a sexy Chinese girl (Fan Bing Bing) photography obviously being brave. There are some exceptional illustrations just few spots below. Make sure to check the Angelic Curse by Helen Rusovich, Tattoeums II by Giulio Rossi as well as the Pappy Poopdeck – Popeye’s father, dirty old sailor by LAMBUJA!. My today’s pick from the traditional art section would be the painting called La Mélodie des tuyaux by Benjamin Lacombe. If you guys are in need of a nice graphic user interface, get the one offered in the freebie section today called Moonify UI by Joachim Löfstedt. I promise, the quality won’t disappoint you. Have a day full of inspiration! .)

c1a6 Daily Inspirations no. 397

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Cities & Typography by Gokhun Guneyhan

Bargoens Amsterdam

b6acb62f5ae3dc56f3efe0ced21f321b11 Cities & Typography by Gokhun Guneyhan


19ac1caa4ff91f62b6d730c97a1d664b11 Cities & Typography by Gokhun Guneyhan

La Ville-Lumière

8a9636f79bac34b0b0a68b2c928f8b0a11 Cities & Typography by Gokhun Guneyhan

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