Amazing Lettering & Calligraphy Collection

Lettering And Calligraphy 2
This lettering and calligraphy collection by designer Ricardo Gonzalez, features some of his best work from the year 2014. Gonzalez is currently based in Brooklyn, NY specialising in lettering and typography projects seen in his vast portfolio. During the summer he attended Type@Cooper, where he earned a typeface design diploma from Cooper Union.

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Jaapokki Free Font

In this post, we have selected free typefaces which can be seamlessly integrated into any design. And today’s free font is Jaapokki. Jaapokki is free font with 2 alternatives and large set of glyphs. With clean lines, two alternatives and large set of glyphs, Jaapokki is great for headlines, posters, logos and more. It is free goodies for designer and totally free to use in both personal and commercial projects.

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Typography Inspiration #11

Typography is a great subject in design. It more than just words thrown in with graphic elements. Here, we roundup 7 typography design inspiration part 11 are compiled to give inspiration to you and other designers out there. These typography design have both an awesome graphical from type videos to images. Users can submit their typography designs.

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De La Fuente : free sans serif font

“De la fuente” is a brand new sans-serif font actually with a serif in the lower case, a modern headline purpose font. It containing upper and lower cases which also includes a full set of accents, punctuation marks, alternates and symbol glyphs. Inspired by the geometry of the Futura and fonts like Trebuchet, Helvetica, Univers, Gotham or Avantgarde.

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Font Sunday – Aaram, Axis & Magna

Font Sunday is part of our special font collection posts added every Sunday. Hopefully these posts will help to improve your typography work, and inspire you to create something new and exciting. Notify Trouge of your font creations on Twitter with #trougefontsundays.

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Typography by Pawel Nolbert


Pawel Nolbert is a designer from Warsaw, Poland. During the past decade, he gained experience creating visual work for brands like Google, Verizon, Polaroid, Grammy’s, Mercedes-Benz, Dodge, Red Bull, etc.

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Liquido : free font with Liquid Style

Liquido is a free font that come with with liquid style design. Ready to use for your next typography project and available in two font version (regular and liquid).

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Oduda Free Rounded Typeface

In today freebie, we bring together Oduda, free rounded typeface that designed by Thom Niessink, Graphic Designer from Amsterdam, Netherland. This bold version of Oduda. Free use for personal and commercial projects. Perfect and ready for any typeface design project.

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The Handcrafted Sans Serif Font Bundle! 15 Fonts for $30!

I have just launched the
Sans Serif Font bundle that includes 15 of my best selling and favorite handcrafted sans serif fonts for only $30! The following font families are what you will getting for your purchase.

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Christmas Time : Free Vector Font for Christmas Design

Christmas vector font for your christmas design. Provided as vector eps file format. Perfect for poster or greetings card.

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Kel Free Sans Serif Font

Kel is Free Sans Serif Font by Keine Martins. He is Creative Designer from Porto Alegre, Brazil. Free for download and perfect for any typeface design project.

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Kino 40 : Free Vintage Style Font

Kino 40 is a free vintage style font that inspired in the old cinema handwrite style. This Typeface is free for personal use and commercial use.

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25 Christmas Typography Design for Inspiration

Typography is the art and techniques of arranging type, type design, and modifying type glyphs. It is a great subject in design. It more than just words thrown in with graphic elements. In this post, we have selected 25 Christmas Typography Design for Inspiration. Please feel free to suggest your favourite ones as well.

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2015 Typographic Wall Calendar

2015 Typographic Wall Calendar

The Typographic Wall Calendar is a project I am working on since 2009. Every year the calendar is made of exactly the number of used keyboard keys (2000 and 15) that represent the year. This is the 6th edition of the calendar.

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Pribambas – Free Groovy Font

Pribambas is free groovy font that ready for your next design project. Present in cyrillic and Latin alphabet, basic special characters. Uppercase letters. 97 symbols.

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