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Font Sunday

Font Sunday Thumb 650x433 Font Sunday
Sunday free fonts are part of our special font collection posts added every Sunday. Hopefully these posts will help to improve your typography work, and inspire you to create something new and exciting. Notify Trouge of your font creations on Twitter with #trougefontsundays.

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Colorful Typography with Plasticine by Olga Protasova

Colorful Typography with Plasticine 4 Colorful Typography with Plasticine by Olga Protasova

I managed to put together for you is commendable perhaps there is not any appropriate adjective in dictionaries I may use, to describe this artist’s work. In short it is epic, and beyond one’s excellence. You will get bedazzled to find colorful typography with plasticine by Olg Prostasova.

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Retro/Vintage Hand Drawn Fonts

Whether you want to create original print design or just add something new and fresh to your font collection, this bundle from Cruzine Design can adhere to all your needs. With 70% off, and available for limited time only, you’ll need to grab this font bundle while you can ;)
previewdeal 650x432 Retro/Vintage Hand Drawn Fonts

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Alphabet post cards

alphabetcards 1 650x906 Alphabet post cards
Alphabet post cards for an anniversary to »write« wishes on the wall with custom letters. -schoener-

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Dada Studio’s Sharik Sans Typeface (9 weights) – only $24!

sharik7 650x325 Dada Studio’s Sharik Sans Typeface (9 weights) – only $24!

If you’re looking for a solid new font to add to your typeface toolbox, this Mighty Deal from Dada Studio is for you! Say hello to Sharik Sans, a beautiful sans serif font with an elegant touch of calligraphy mixed in. With 9 different weights and 2 unique styles, it’s like getting 18 different typefaces in 1! Available as a desktop font and Web Font, you can even take advantage of the OpenType features. Plus, for a limited time, you can save more than 90% on this beautiful font family!

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Chinese Typography

Chinese Typography 1 650x454 Chinese Typography

Here are a few Chinese typography designs discovered from visual identity and publications by the designer Cai Peng. The subtle difference in type appearances are connected to the western style of regenerating same type, but in different styles.

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Pinups & Typefaces: a love story

pinups 650x401 Pinups & Typefaces: a love story
Although kinda sexist, this Tumblr on pinups & typefaces is quite original: illustrator Simone Massoni presents “a crew of gorgeus pin-up girls who will introduce you to the wonderful world of typography, with a quick guide to the typeface families”. Slightly NSFW.

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The importance of Typography in a website

typography cover 650x374 The importance of Typography in a website
I tend to spend hours on adjusting my own designs, be it for a blog that I manage or a new website that I want to build. I always feel like I need to try every possible combination to see which one felt the most appropriate. Keep in mind, I do love minimalism, and I hate when there are too many things going on at once, at any given page.

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Aventura Free Font

aventura Aventura Free Font
Aventura is a free inspired to nature and camping life. Free font for personal and commercial use, enjoy!

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25 Free Stunning Handwriting Fonts

free handwriting font 01 650x493 25 Free Stunning Handwriting Fonts
Fonts are the most significant thing to consider in design. Handwriting Fonts is one of the main font classifications. If you need a handwriting font for your project, in this post I am excited to share a collection of favorite free handwritten fonts. Download them all for free or bookmark this page for future reference.

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Elegant Lux Mager – free font download

elegant lux freefont 1 650x325 Elegant Lux Mager – free font download

This is our interpretation and sketching of hans möhring’s sketches of »elegant grotesk« (1929). Current state ~600 glyphs, lots of ligatures, alternates & language support. Working on 5 matching weights and a layered display case.

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Servus Slab

hft000 servusslab.pr1  650x317 Servus Slab

Save 90% on Servus Slab fonts at HypeForType. A font with a chiselled appearance and sombre tone, Servus Slab is ideal for serious situations which call for serious fonts. Normally available at £17 per font, you can now buy the entire family for that same price, a massive saving.

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Beautiful Typography Designs

typography inspiration 1 Beautiful Typography Designs
Today we present you the latest findings from the wonderful world of typography design. We hope this collection will serve as a great resource for your typography inspiration. All the following works were hand-picked based on quality, and every image is linked to their original source. We do not take credit for any of there work, however we do take credit for scavenger hunting the Internet!

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Typographic Quotes by Joshua Phillips

why dont you stay shotgun until the day i die600 600 Typographic Quotes by Joshua Phillips

Typographic Quotes by Joshua Phillips. Joshua is an ASU alumni & graphic designer based in Northeast Arkansas. He spends his days creating at Workhorse Creative Productions, LLC. in Jonesboro and spends his nights either hand-lettering or building Lego.

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Stripes Headline

stripes hft 001 650x317 Stripes Headline

Slick and speedy, Stripes Headline is the funky new font from Thinkdust foundry. Part retro 60s look, part optical illusion and part speed lines, Stripes is full of energy and ready to party. As the name suggests, Stripes is a perfect headline font, setting you up for design work that looks mobile and full of life.

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