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VTG Risso

risso1 VTG Risso
VTG Risso is an award winning font from designer Eric Fowles. A thinline Romanesque font, the style it captures is distinctly modern day, tall city blocks and commercial rather than classical era empire. This release includes lower case and accented characters for greater usability.

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VTG Watson Steel Pen

watson steel pen1 VTG Watson Steel Pen
VTG Watson Steel Pen: A font lovingly hand drawn with a steel dip pen this font is great for creating a personal, handwritten effect. Looking at the font you can hear the scrawl of the nib across parchment, penning a fiery poem or a declaration on the rights of man. Taking you back to the Romantic era of art and literature, Chris Watson’s Steel Pen design will inspire the passion of your mind.

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wallflowers promo hft 1 Wallflowers
Laura Worthington’s Wallflower patterns are great for borders, headers, backgrounds and icons to really spruce up your page presentation. Each pattern is assigned to a letter, so using the pattern you want is as simple as ABC, or AAA rather. Simply press the same key multiple times (aaa, bbb etc.) and watch your page bloom into brilliant life.

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Typography Design for Your Inspiration

Typography Design for your Inspiration 01 Typography Design for Your Inspiration
Typography is a form of art. It creates eye-catching languages. Through the years, the writing designs and fonts possess transformed but nothing beats this happened in the past. Now typography has digitized. New complete styles and fonts could be made on computers utilizing with a wide variety of software packages. It helps them to analyze stuff more keenly, permit them to focus on tasks in a good way and make their work compatible to the current technological standards.

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Wallflowers 2

wallflowersii promo1 hft copy Wallflowers 2
More Wallflowers from Laura Worthington. Wallflowers 2 keeps the name closely in mind, finding nature based objects and especially plants among its main features. For a seamless background or page border, simply type the same letter in sequence (aaaa, bbbb etc.) and watch the wallflowers come to life. If you want to create some really wacky designs you could even mix and match, but we can’t promise anything about the outcome.

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wallflowersiii promo1 hft WALLFLOWERS 3
Another of Laura Worthington’s fabulous wallpaper designs, Wallflowers 3 is the third in a range of equally fabulous nature-based patterns. Perfect for creating borders and backgrounds, each of the 34 styles is tied to a key: just press the same key in sequence (aaaa, bbbb etc.) to instantly create your pattern. Mix and match for chequered or totally crazy designs.

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hftxxx weingut font pr1 Weingut
Weingut is a flourish font with a flowery finish. Legible in smaller sizes, Weingut really comes into it’s own in a larger display size, as a heading on a wedding invitation, a menu or a book cover. The font is available as a script with or without the flourish, and the flourish can be purchased separately, for variation in the lettering. And some flair and style to a function with elegantly detailed headings and use the extra swashes and ornaments available to spruce up the sides a bit too.

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Quirky and Hand Drawn Font “Allister” and Symbols – 20% Off Coupon

allister 1 Quirky and Hand Drawn Font Allister and Symbols   20% Off Coupon
allister21 650x382 Quirky and Hand Drawn Font Allister and Symbols   20% Off Coupon

Hey everyone, here we have Hut Fonts best selling font family Allister. Recently, Allister has been updated with a complementary symbol font to help boost the creativity of your projects and to save you time. For only $15 you get Allister Light – Regular and Bold plus the Symbol font. In addition to that, use the coupon code designyoutrust for 20% off your orders total price.

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Wide Display

widedisplay806x394 01 Wide Display
Wide Display is a font that knows what it wants to do. With 4 weights and a variety of alternative styles Wide Display is a simple font that was born to be wide. This font really comes into its own when used in a combination of weights to vary style and emphasis across a page without being too over the top. This font has really got people going Wide.

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windlesham a WINDLESHAM
The name and style of Windlesham both speak volumes about a ‘Traditional England’, where sunny afternoons are spent playing cricket and rugby, and relaxing with a pot of tea and some crumpets. Windlesham is an upright, straightforward sans-serif font; clear, easy and professional. Windlesham comes in 11 weights and supports 48 languages.

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Winter Wallflowers

winter wallflowers 1 Winter Wallflowers
It may be coming up to Spring, but Winter Wallflowers might make you wish it were Christmas again. Laura Worthington provides 25 uniquely designed wallpaper characters that merge seamlessly together, as well as 61 accompanying icons. Mix and match for your own wallpaper design, or re-create a page of wallpaper by using the same character over and over (aaaa, bbbb etc.) Start getting ready for next Christmas now.

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Retro/Vintage Graphic Designer Kit v.1

previewdeal 650x432 Retro/Vintage Graphic Designer Kit v.1

Highest quality resources with retro/vintage feel in one mega bundle! Whether you’re just starting your freelance career or looking to beef up your own resources library, this Jumbo Deal is for you! With over 85% off, and available for limited time only, you’ll need to grab the bundle while you can.

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Wood Type Collection 2

letterpress1 Wood Type Collection 2
Wood Type Collection 2 is, as the name implies, the follow up collection to Borutta’s original Wood Type Collection. This fantastic font collection contains 28 new letterpress fonts in a wonderful, woody style, saving you the time of making your own wood press blocks at home. Straight and simple with just the right amount of grain, this second collection is just as wonderful as the first for a range of stylised applications.

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hft371 youngblood pr1 YOUNGBLOOD
Youngblood is a new copperplate inspired script reminiscent of a Romantic era of writing. Full of tall, sweeping ascenders, there are two further styles that can be mixed and matched to create a unique, handwritten style of text. Youngblood sweeps across the page like a Victorian Vampire in style, hypnotising those who look at it before coming back round to finish its prey. This creature of the night will draw you in again and again.

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yumo1 Yumo
Yumo is as solid and sturdy as a brick wall, with a textured finish to match. Yumo is based on the popular 2010 Yume, but the new, rougher font has more attitude and a bigger impact. Rough, tough and ready to rumble, Yumo’s taking no nonsense from anyone.

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