45 Crazy Typography Posters & Illustrations by Ian Jepson

Crazy-Typography-Design-Posters-Illustrations-Ian-Jepson (1)

Today I am bringing before you 45 crazy typography posters & Illustrations by Ian Jepson. He is our artist of the Year 2014.Look through his thought provoking and mind boggling illustrations that would conquer the hearts of millions.

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Norse : Free Nordic Style Typeface

Norse is a typeface designed mostly for the fun, inspired by nordic epigraphy. The fonts even include an complete runic alphabet with unicode support, which is highly useless but totally badass. It is perfectly suited for pagan magazines, drakkar tv commercials or Valhalla invitation cards. Norse is free for personnal and commercial use.

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Propaganda Free Font

This modular font giving it a strong visual impact and adding some extra elements but keeping it the most simple possible trying to create the ambient of soviet times. This font ready to use and perfect for your next design project like poster, t-shirt and others.

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Aroly Free Polygon Typeface

Aroly is is a free polygonal heading font. Perfect for any design project. Free for personal and commercial use.

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50 Examples of Candy Typography Design Inspiration

Typography is a great subject in design. It more than just words thrown in with graphic elements. In this post, We have scoured the web for some amazing works of candy typography design project, and we’ve compiled fifty typography designs for you to enjoy. We hope these inspire you to think outside the box and come up with your own typographic designs.

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27 Free Fresh Font for Designer, November 2014

Font is very important component in web design and graphic design. If you are looking free font for your next design project, here is a collection of 27 free high quality fonts for November 2014. This list perfect choice of fresh and freely available fonts in the internet for your next work of typography be it either for digital, web or print.

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Black Friday Offer – Spend $20 & Get 50% Off On All Fonts and Textures Until Sunday!

Black Friday is upon us and your email inbox and facebook news feed is flooding with deals. You’re either out there soaking up all the bargains or you’re like me, stingy as hell and waiting for that one deal that I might spend my money on.

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Chelsea Free Sans-serif Font

Chelsea is a free sans-serif version of London Font. The basic structure remains unaltered. Some minor adjustments were only needed in order to preserve the legibility, such as narrower gaps and small caps as lower case. It features four styles, three of them can be overlayed and the fourth has some subtle curves in the corners.

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Win The Little Black Font Book Volume 2 from HypeForType

Win the little black font book v2

The first volume of The Little Black Font Book was released by HypeForType in 2012 and stormed to the top of the Amazon design & typography best seller lists, sticking in at #1 for 5 weeks.

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Typographic Font Book


Every day designer Hannes von Döhren managed to draw at least one letter, his daily work soon turned into a neat and interesting book for designers to preview the fonts on print. The HVD Fonts Type Book features all the HVD type faces released from 2008-2014, so be sure to get yourself a copy.

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Beautiful Watercolor Quotes by June Digan


June Digan is a Manila-based graphic designer and artist. She has a very cool and fun pastime. She picked up the creative activity of watercolor painting as a form of “daily therapeutic activity after work”. Check out the cool watercolour quotes below, they are sure to inspire you!

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Mega Bundle: 29 Best Custom Fonts

Highest quality & top sellers custom font families in one mega bundle! If you are looking to beef up your custom font library, this Dealjumbo deal is just for you! With almost 93% off and available for limited time only, you’ll need to grab this new 5in1 mega bundle while you can.

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Introducing our New and Improved Brixton ‪Font‬ Family! (20% Discount Code for Design you Trust)


We have just gave our Brixton font – one of our bestsellers – a complete overhaul by adding 5 additional fonts to make this into a family of 6 fonts for a fantastic price of $15. Within this package we have Brixton, Brixton Light, Brixton Sans, Brixton Sans Light, Brixton Outline and Brixton Sans Outline. All perfectly complement one another and can be used in combination with many of our hand drawn fonts for a multitude of awesome outcomes.

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Camo Android Phone Watch


As technology evolves with the speed of light, we shouldn’t be surprised of the changes even the simplest things we use undertake. Wrist watches, for instance, have been transformed into über-cool gadgets. The Camo Android Phone Watch is a clear example of what I’m saying. Even its name gives us a clue that it does more than regular watches which in the last years have become more a fashion-statement than a useful instrument.

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Skinny Bastard Free Font

Here is a super nice and skinny new hand write font by Marcelo Reis Melo. Ready for use and perfect for headlines, full of personality, and a lot of energy. Come with two formats: TTF & OT.

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