rustica hft bw 000 1 650x317 RUSTICK
Rustick takes you to Italy to surround you with the sights, smells and tastes of traditional Italian cooking. Taste the mouth watering pizza sauce spread thin on a crisp, stonebaked pizza crust. Let the smooth, strong flavour of a thick and full espresso settle on your tongue before being followed with a delicious scoop of sweet vanilla ice cream.

Rustick brings all these feelings and flavours to life with its rough, rustic look and traditional, hand drawn feeling, reminiscent of a street side chalkboard menu. Available in 8 fonts from HypeForType, buy any for just £15, or the whole font family for just £99.

As a brand new font, Rustick is on offer at 90% off – that’s £9.90 total – until 4th July.

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Hand Lettering Stippling

big 9a1de01f893e0d2551ecbb7ce4dc963e 650x487 Hand Lettering Stippling
Xavier Casalta is a very talented graphic designer from France, who regards hand lettering as a major passion. Here, he uses an Isograph 0.10mm – experimenting in different styles with a stippling technique.

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hft680 affair pr2 AFFAIR
A beautiful and organically designed script font made for ligatures, Affair is designed to be elegant, fresh and unique in the way it flows across the page. With so many combinations for each individual character and character set, your design will look wonderful and original in every way.

Buy Affair from HypeForType for only £62

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Rise Free Font

rise 01 650x487 Rise Free Font
RISE it’s a free font. Awesome font for any purpose. Feel free to use it for personal and commercial.

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Multicolore : Unique Colored Rounded Free Font

Multicolore 01 Multicolore : Unique Colored Rounded Free Font
Multicolore is a unique colored rounded free font. Inspired from Mohawk Paper logo, you can easily create short texts for headlines, posters or whatever. Or simply stack few characters to create some random art.

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hft166 sudoku pr1 SUDOKU
Try to wrap your head around Sudoku, a twisty, turny font from FontFabric. Its 5 different weights each contain a unique way of showing off the font’s mazelike characters, from the 3-lined approach of the regular weight, to the thick, black solidity of the Black variation, and a number of in between styles that you can use to mix and match on different words in an interesting design style.

Sudoku’s 5 weights can be found on HypeForType for £19 each, or buy the whole family for £95.

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hft574 stud font pr1 STUD
Slow and steady suits Stud just fine. He may take a while to get where he’s going, but really he’s just going along to enjoy the ride. Stud is a friendly font with the attitude of an old cowboy – he’s seen his youth go by and now he’s ready to settle down and tell stories to whoever stays long enough to listen.

Wide lowercase characters and even wider in uppercase, Stud is a calm and slow font that is great to fill space when you only need to share a few words. Try it on posters to keep a message short and simple without making it look like it has nothing to say. Opentype double letter ligatures help to break the monotony of repetition.

Stud is available from HypeForType for just £19.

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Nova Horst

novahorstposter1 copy Nova Horst
A sketchy sort of character, Nova Horst is the font that makes the message real. From the seedy underbelly of text town, Nova Horst knows all the darkest fonts and is experienced in getting people to read what he has to say.

Nova Horst comes with tons of open type features, alternate characters, ligatures and great language support, so it’s individual nature can be adapted into something even more unique to your needs. Buy Nova Horst from HypeForType for just £22, and all the extra stuff comes packed in.

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No Seven

hypefortype seven copy No Seven
No. Seven is a retro, broad brush script font with a soft, summery feel. The number of alternates, swashes and ligatures available to the font makes it great for creating uniquely styled messages, branding, titles and logos. For further mixing and matching the family comes in three weights: regular, bold and black, and you can also purchase small caps and ornaments to complete the design.

Each font is available from HypeForType for £21, or you can get the whole family for just £40! As a Fenotype font, No. Seven is available for 50% off until June 6th 2014

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10 Fresh Free Font for May 2014

berlin 10 Fresh Free Font for May 2014
Font is very important component in web design and graphic design. If you are looking free font for your next design project, here is a collection of 10 fresh free fonts for May 2014. This list perfect choice of fresh and freely available fonts.

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actio806x394 01 1 Actio
Like a mad scientist’s latest design, Actio arrives on the scene, a mix of mechanical and flowing genius. Bolted together from bits and bobs, this typeface shows an amazing capacity to adapt to what is needed, at one moment a flowing, almost script style design, the next a more engineered but still decorative look overcoming it. With plenty of alternates and slight differences in the upper and lower case character sets, Actio is great for design work that likes to mix and match its look.

Actio is available from HypeForType for just £17, or you can purchase it with shadows for £20.

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neusa pr1 copy Neusa
Neusa is a geometrically designed and slightly condensed sans-serif, inspired by the growth of technology, the space age and in particular the 1969 Apollo Landing coverage. Using simple forms in smooth, thick characters, Neusa comes in one of 8 weights, ranging from Light to Black, so you can find a style that’s perfect for your particular headline, subheading or text. Condensed without being squashed, Neusa is extremely legible and pleasant to read.

Buy Neusa in any weight from HypeForType for just £20, or the whole 8-weight font family for £90 total, saving over 50% on each weight. Neusa is also 70% off until May 31st 2014, so you can get the whole package for just £27 as long as you’re quick!

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Some beautiful examples of hand lettered posters with inspiring quotes.

Since creativity is taking a step further towards us, it is our chance to take the second foot forward from our side. Hand lettering is the gen next masterpiece in the field of art, calligraphy and hand lettering is the most preferred artistic designs, which gives an awesome and attractive output to any quote or phrase. Below is the collection of three motivating and inspiring quote posters, all beautifully hand lettered, that has really impressed my thoughts.

It always seems impossible BK w1 650x650 Some beautiful examples of hand lettered posters with inspiring quotes.
“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

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meat1 copy MEAT
MEAT is a script font with design aided by the graffiti artist of the same name. Sketchy and real, MEAT is scrawled in an aggressive manner, great for making bold statements without the need for a bold typeface. The regular style punches above its weight class in making its message heard, though there is a bold weight as well, which ends up softer for a slightly friendlier but similarly strong impact. MEAT is simultaneously charming and abrasive, perfect for taglines and posters.

MEAT is available from HypeForType for just £6 in either weight, or you can get both for the reduced price of £10.

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30 Free Chalk Fonts for Graphic Designers

KGSolid 650x325 30 Free Chalk Fonts for Graphic Designers
Here are the 30 free chalk fonts to improve your design project. These font is a great way to show off your latest designs. With hand-written style, these fonts perfect for back-to-school/educational related designs. This collection features 30 free chalk fonts you can download for free. Check them out below or bookmark this page for your future reference. Enjoy!

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