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Drop Cap Letters by Sveta Dorosheva

Drop Cap Letters by Sveta Dorosheva Drop Cap Letters by Sveta Dorosheva
Freelance illustrator Sveta Dorosheva is originally from Ukraine and is currently based in Israel. She works in the areas of narrative illustration and art for books. In this series, Dorosheva has created a fanciful selection of Russian drop cap letters for use in books and magazines.

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Typography by Ben Johnston

Ben Johnston 15600 593 Typography by Ben Johnston

Canadian-born Ben Johnston is a self-taught designer who grew up in Cape Town, South Africa and is currently based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. After a brief stint in industrial design, Ben started focusing on traditional graphic design, with a preference for creating typographic illustrations from scratch. His industrial design experience gives him the ability to break the confines of 2D and 3D, enabling him to bring his designs to life.

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BethSans Free Font

5328c7028bde6c2a281ace99a490e69a BethSans Free Font
BethSans is a free font designed by Karakter Studio. A sans serif typography, slim and modern that has been designed to be used in big font sizes, specially on printed format. The conception process was guided by the aim of developing a simple but beautiful typography that could enshrine the studios’ values: functionality, simplicity and potential. With this typography, we want to be able to develop new typographies by adding new elements to the font.

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Free Fonts Friday #4

new free fonts 58 Free Fonts Friday #4

Here is your list of 15 free fonts delivered fresh to you each Friday. All are free to download and can be used for commercial and personal projects. There are variety of styles available to download so hopefully you find something you like.

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Slanted Magazine #22 – Art Type

09 Slanted Magazine #22 – Art Type
The current issue brings together texts and works from the art world. The magazine presents a large number of works that explore language and typography by internationally renowned artists as well as numerous essays and interviews.

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13 New Free Fonts for your Projects

Mohave Free Typefaces 13 New Free Fonts for your Projects

This time we are presenting for you a collection of new released free fonts of December.

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11 Beautiful Free Fonts for your Designs

march 11 Beautiful Free Fonts for your Designs
Here’s our latest collection featuring some of our favorite free fonts that you could use to enhance your designs.

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15 Free Fonts Friday

new free fonts 11 15 Free Fonts Friday

We have another 15 free fonts for you to download on this first Friday of the month. You can get a new set of stylish typography to download for fee each and every Friday so please help yourself to what you want. They are free for personal and commercial use. Download them all here.


Typostrate the inspiration blog for design and typography

typostrate image 650x455 Typostrate the inspiration blog for design and typography

Typostrate began as a simple gallery image blog for having a creative diary where to put all the inspiratiosn we found online for typography. The name typostrate stands for typography and illustrate. After watching the visitors go up, we had to respond with better collected images. Till the beginning of 2013. That was the point where we turned our quantity of posts into quality and began writing real articles. Now we feature young talents, handmade fonts, caligraphy, books, quotes and many more. Watch out for typostrate and share the love and passion for typography and design.

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22 Stunning Examples of Typography Designs

Here are varying typography designs that can be downloaded and can be used in meaningful ways to achieve the desired results. You can also design your own typography style but good inspiration never goes wasted.

creative typography 6 22 Stunning Examples of Typography Designs

creative typography 20 22 Stunning Examples of Typography Designs

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Daphne Script

DaphneScript 11 Daphne Script

This gentle script by Georg Salden is full of grace and vitality. The richness of ideas appear particularly in the curved capital characters. Lower case letters have curved elements primarily at the ascender and descender parts. Daphne Script contains in addition alternate characters and numerous other OpenType features.

Visit this Microsite to see more of this beautiful typeface.

DaphneScript 32 Daphne ScriptDaphneScript 22 Daphne Script



Alphabet Pattern

984 Design has started a typographic series of patterns and letters. You can recommend what letter they work on next on their Facebook page, or buy prints, shirts, and more at Society6. Could be an interesting series, if they all come out similar to these.

patternG Alphabet Pattern

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Port Typeface 40% OFF

bf2 Port Typeface 40% OFF

You can buy today and just today the popular Port Typeface with a 40% discount for just 72$, you also get the full Bohema Family as a bonus.

You can buy it at Onrepeat Types and enjoy your Black Friday!


15 Free Fonts Friday

new free fonts 55 15 Free Fonts Friday

As it is Friday we have another 15 free fonts for you to download. We have free typography each and every Friday and this list of 15 is quite eclectic so hopefully you find some free font that you find useful. Download them all here.


Christmas cookie font.

Christmas is nothing without a Christmas cookie!
What would be our snowy and Christmas theme fonts without one good-old Christmas cookie font!? It would be nothing! So here, inspired by all old and cheesy Christmas elements, we present you our Christmascookie font, enjoy and celebrate! Christmas cookie font contains of letters, symbols and numbers. Every letter has transparent background and ready for placement in your design.

christmascookie preview Christmas cookie font.

christmascookie poster Christmas cookie font.

HandMadeFont is an incredible project that features a vast range of typographic designs. Entire font sets are created using a wide range of mediums and materials, resulting in typefaces and lettering that are totally original.

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