hft669 vanilla pr1 VANILLA
Vanilla is a smooth font that seems to be constantly melting away, with solid, geometric designs that half fade as you read. The overall effect is one that sweeps across the page, initially catching the eye and then leading it quickly across the text, great for scanning. With a font like vanilla you can grab someone’s attention without being intrusive, plant ideas and then let them fade to the back of the mind, to be recalled later and not dwelt on.

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Talking Trees

hft000 talkingtrees.pr1 .jpg Talking Trees
Talking Trees is a great font that manages to find a unique way of being outdoorsy and rustic without being too over the top in its creativity. By itself the design is legible and easy to follow, and the particular style also makes it stand out even against complicated backgrounds. Looking closer reveals an imaginatively designed, slightly humorous font that brings to mind camp bonfires and whittling.

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selaive 3 Selaive
Selaive is an elegant font with a pencil-thin figure and lines that seem to go on forever. Flourishes give it a fine figure, when you’re looking for some extra flair, but the font works very well without them as well, giving off a simple but sharp message. Play with mixing the thin and thick variations to lead people on through your sentence and keep interest going.

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Calligraphy for Maidan

maidan Calligraphy for Maidan

Group of calligraphers created posters about Maidan and Ukraine revolution. They wrote different quotations from bible, Ukrainian poems and songs. Nowadays exhibition takes place at Maidan.

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hft368 sommet slab pr1 SOMMET SLAB
Sommet Slab is another serious and down to earth font in the Sommet family, with serifs and alternates that give it a little extra flair. Sommet Slab’s tall x height and compact nature are complemented by its particular brand of angular curves and line serifs, creating an interesting effect perfectly placed between offputting and attention grabbing.

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Custom Fonts & Graphics Mega Bundle + Free Shapes

Preview image 650x432 Custom Fonts & Graphics Mega Bundle + Free Shapes
Custom Fonts & Graphics Mega Bundle contains 15 professional & unique custom fonts from one of the most talented font designer around Twicolabs Design, as well as 130+ retro/vintage vector graphic elements and 41 retro/vintage vector badge/logo templates. This is definitely one of the biggest custom font deal ever so be sure to check out the full details and view the preview images.

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Mr Moustache

mous2 copy Mr Moustache
Mr. Moustache is a playfully designed font with a quaint, handwritten style. Giving off an approachable, friendly feeling, Mr. Moustache is available in two styles: display for big productions, and text for…well, text. There are also plenty of ornaments, frames and other objects to play around with, great for making a happy, creative piece of design work that gives off an aura of joy.

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snv SNV
SNV is concerned mostly with straight, easy edges and rectangular designs that are as minimalistic as possible without removing anything from each character. For those who want an even more minimalist design, SNV comes with two extra weights, condensed and extra condensed, using its rectangular designs to its advantage when fitting as much into a small space as possible. Whether you want to spread across the page or fit all your information into a tiny area, SNV will do it simply and legibly.

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romana2 copy Romana
Romana takes the elegant, ladylike approach to the traditional, Roman style font, with smoother serifs, rounder curves and thicker lines. Overall, the result is a much smoother, more gracious font, designed to look professional and approachable at the same time. Romana is part of the URW++ collection, and is designed by Gustav F. Schroeder.

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Vault49 / Peep Show

site images 01 1 Vault49 / Peep Show
Peep Show is a multi=layered font and a HypeForType exclusive which you won’t find anywhere else. Inspired by neon sign designs, the range of effects available to this simple looking font mean that it can be personalised in a number of ways, opening up possibilities for a number of uses. The blocky, sans style is great for making an impact, and the extra effects can be heightened or decreased to fit the tone of the piece. The font can be broken down into parts featuring separate fill colour, drop shadow and outlines for as much flexibility as possible.

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hft342 solomon font prod0 SOLOMON
Solomon comes in two main forms, display and decorative, with 6 styles each, for a total of 12 designs. The display style focuses on simple, legible, geometric designs, while the decorative wants the same, but with a little flair added. Even with flair, the decorative swashes are based on an elegant geometric pattern, making the overall feel of the font open and clear, with little room for misunderstanding. Mixing the styles works wonders for headlines, while the display piece goes on to provide an easy to read font for the main text block.

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Trend Hand Made

hft thm 02 Trend Hand Made
Trend Hand Made is a font made for layering, using a sans-serif slab font as its base and a range of interesting effects to follow. While its brother, Trend, is made to look serious and follow fashion to a tee, Trend Hand Made prefers to follow its own rules of fashion, attaining a unique aesthetic that cannot be contained by the usual rules. With 5 different effects in both italic and regular, as well as a group of ornaments, you can use this font to make your own space in typography fashion design and cut away from the crowd.

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hft000 valuco.pr1  Valuco
Valuco is a beveled, ultra-display font that leaps out of the page to get your attention. Based on the gas pipe designs of OPEN/CLOSED signs, this font wants you to read its message, for better or worse, and it will go to great lengths to make itself read. The typeface comes with a range of different effects that can be layered and applied to create your own, hyper-readable font, in either coarse or regular styles, with or without shadows. For when you really want something to be read, get the message out there with Valuco.

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News Gothic

news gothic2 copy News Gothic
News Gothic is the epitome of a simple, legible, sans-serif typeface, using absolutely no more lines than a necessary. This font comes in a range of options for whatever you might need, including combinations of bold, italic, small caps, extra weights and more. For getting a message across in the most neutral tone possible, you can’t go wrong with News Gothic.

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Steven Bonner – Muirside

muirside font1 Steven Bonner   Muirside
Muirside takes geometric bicycle-frame ideas and pieces them together to make beautiful, simply designed characters, for a smooth, modernist look. The stencil style adds to the form by separating the different parts from one another, for a totally design-led look. Muirside carries messages in a straightforward way, standing out enough to draw attention and then stating its facts plainly and firmly. Great for adding a bit of character to an otherwise ordinary message.

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