DeLorean Time Machine Illustration by jtabije

delorean jtabije web DeLorean Time Machine Illustration by jtabije

Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine Illustration by jtabije. Buy the print here.

Ferrari 250 GTO t-shirt

vintage motori ferrari 250gto Ferrari 250 GTO t shirt

Ferrari 250 GTO tee.
Check out this original Italian Vintage car t-shirt for sale on!

Lambretta 3D vintage t-shirt

vintage 2ruote lambretta Lambretta 3D vintage t shirt

Lambretta 3D vintage tee.
Check out this original Italian Vintage lambretta t-shirt for sale on!

Kaylad 2.0 – Electric Tricycle

153 Kaylad 2.0    Electric Tricycle

Kaylad 2.0 is an electric assisted tricycle designed to provide a reliable alternative for commuting while promoting an eco-friendly and sustainable mentality. The main goal is to help the shift of paradigm from passive to active commuting and lifestyle. Safety and fun where the basic guidelines. Designed by Dimitris Niavis using Human-centered tools and methodologies.

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Indian Bikes

tumblr m5fc340ZSF1rse1ipo1 r1 500 Indian Bikes

There’s a reason the word “legendary” always comes to mind when Indian Motorcycle is brought up in conversation. No other word more perfectly encapsulates the brand’s storied heritage. In 1904, Indian wins the Gold Medal for Mechanical Excellence at the St. Louis Exposition. In 1906, George Holden and Luis Muellr ride an Indian from San Francisco to New York City in 31 trouble-free days, breaking the existing record by over 18 days. The New York City Police Department buys two Indian Twins to chase down runaway horses.

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De Tomaso Mangusta t-shirt

vintage motori de tomaso mangusta De Tomaso Mangusta t shirt

De Tomaso Mangusta tee.
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Oil Paintings of Retro Vehicles by Kevin Cyr

Kevin Cyr was born in 1976 in Edmundston, New Brunswick, Canada. He grew up in Madawaska, Maine and received a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. Cyr is currently based in Brooklyn, New York. He commemorates commercial vehicles inundated with graffiti and rust, working vehicles, and well-traveled recreational vehicles.

At a fist glance I thought these were just illustrations created with Adobe Illustrator, but boy was I wrong. The most mind-blowing part about Kevin’s drawings, is that they’re all oil paintings. His attention to detail fooled me and made me appreciate his beautiful work even more.

Kevin has been featured in numerous publications such as Juxtapoz, The New York Times, Classic Driver, Walls & Frames, Dandyhorse Magazine, and much more. Currently he is on the move showcasing his work at art exhibitions. The latest one is called; In Praise of Rust. It is running May 19—June 16, 2012 at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. So if you are in NYC be sure to check it out!

“In a culture in which people are easily lured by the appeal of status-enhancing symbols, I find beauty in derelict cars and unkempt landscapes. I have always been interested in painting vehicles and scenes that have defined the evolution of the American landscape.” – Kevin Cyr

Note: All Rights Reserved by Kevin Cyr.

6 allen21 750x447 Oil Paintings of Retro Vehicles by Kevin Cyr

6 anthony1 750x376 Oil Paintings of Retro Vehicles by Kevin Cyr

6 revere1 750x425 Oil Paintings of Retro Vehicles by Kevin Cyr

6 bushwick1 750x504 Oil Paintings of Retro Vehicles by Kevin Cyr

6 devoe1 750x421 Oil Paintings of Retro Vehicles by Kevin Cyr

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Funny bus ads

There are many ways to advertise of a product or a company or anything else. Advertise on buses is one of the most interesting ways. Check this funny showcase :)

i1c102 Funny bus ads

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Citroen DS – the “Goddess”

tumblr m5gwn9GKW11rse1ipo1 r1 500 Citroen DS   the “Goddess”

“The bodywork, the lines of union are touched, the uphol­stery palpated, the seats tried, the doors caressed, the cushions fondled; before the wheel, one pretends to drive with one’s whole body. The object here is totally prosti­tuted, appro­priated: origin­ating from the heaven of Metropolis , the Goddess is in a quarter of an hour mediatized, actual­izing through this exorcism the very essence of petit-bourgeois advancement.” – Roland Barthes

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Retro and vintage design #1

Amazing retro and vintage stuff like cool cars and bikes. Enjoy this showcase :)

i1a97 Retro and vintage design #1

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2012 Fiat 500 Abarth

More Pictures and Information at LooksFeelsWorks!

 2012 Fiat 500 Abarth

The 2012 Fiat 500 Abarth may be small — smaller than even a Mini Cooper — but it’s a heavy car.

With a curb weight of about 2500 pounds, the 500 Abarth isn’t pound-heavy — it’s heritage-heavy. Just look at all the stylized scorpion badges. The 500 Abarth has eight of those badges on its exterior alone, if you count the wheel centers, and all of them remind you of one thing: a reputation for performance that’s as large as the 500 is small.

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2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT

mercedesbenzSLSAMG 750x497 2013 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT

The 2013 mercedes-benz SLS AMG GT features heightened dynamics by offering an enhanced maximum output of its 6.3-liter V8 front mid-engine which has been increased to 583 hp (435 kW) at 6800 rpm, while maximum torque is maintained at 479 lb / ft at 4750 rpm;
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Donut bike concept folds up for portability

Donut bike 01 Donut bike concept folds up for portability
the Donut bike folds into a super-compact circle that leaves no component exposed.
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2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT

2013 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT BonjourLife 1 2013 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT

Mercedes-Benz unveils new 2013 SLS AMG GT, improved version of previously released SLS AMG model powered by V8 with 583hp and all new interior. [Watch the Gallery]

Daily Inspirations no. 440

Today we’ll start with two amazing nature photos. The first one is called Grasses of Pew Tor by Alex37 … love the atmosphere btw. The other one is right below and it’s from Fregona, Treviso, Italy. What a view. Let’s continue lower down in the illustration section. Again, I’ll pick two artworks I like the most. I am sure you’ll agree that Demos by Apofiss deserves to be featured .). Although I am not into fairy tales anymore, I do like the illustration called Knight by Pesare. For all the fans of photorealistic drawings, make sure to check Almost Famous by Andre Villanueva. Typography by Mircozett is a mixture of typography and 3d. Looks pretty hot to me. Do not miss the Mercado Magazine‘s vision of UK-Brazilian flag available in the Ad section :). At the end, got to mention there is a nice free font available called Gabba All Caps. Worth downloading .). Enjoy!

i1a37 Daily Inspirations no. 440

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