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Sculptures Made Entirely From Cardboard

 Sculptures Made Entirely From Cardboard Sculptures Made Entirely From Cardboard

You’ll never look at cardboard the same way again. While you’re breaking down your liquor bottle boxes, artist Chris Gilmour is eyeing that cardboard tapping his head figuring out what incredible piece of artwork to make next. See more Cardboard Sculptures on Enpundit

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Balloonists Take To The Skies To Launch The Bristol

130 Balloonists Take To The Skies To Launch The Bristol

Hot air balloons take to the skies over Bristol city centre on August 6, 2012 in Bristol, England. The early morning flight of over twenty balloons over the city was organised as a curtain raiser for the four-day Bristol International Balloon Fiesta which starts on Thursday. Now in its 34th year, the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is Europe’s largest annual hot air balloon event in the city that is seen by many balloonists as the home of modern ballooning. (Photo by Matt Cardy)

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Amazing vintage DODGE CHARGER advertisment photography from 1967. Enjoy :)

i1a49 DODGE CHARGER (1967)

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1930 Art Deco Henderson

A fantastic piece of history, the craftsmanship is absolutely stunning.
013 1930 Art Deco Henderson
These photos where taken at the Rhinebeck Grand National Meet where the newly restored bike was unveiled. The bike belongs to Frank Westfall from Syracuse, NY. The bike was originally built by O. Ray Courtney in 1936 and is based on a 1930 K.J Henderson.
023 1930 Art Deco Henderson
More info + photos here

Wally Esense Mega Yacht

Italian shipyard Wally – internationally recognized for its luxurious projects – presents Esense.
011 Wally Esense Mega Yacht
The Esense is an incredible 143 foot yacht with a extremely clean minimalist cockpit and 900 m2 of sail area. The boat features a dark hull and light wooden deck, it follows along the same lines that characterize most of the Wally boats. The boat is impressive not only because of it´s size but it is also very sophisticated and luxurious in every detail.
021 Wally Esense Mega Yacht
More info + photos here

Mehrzeller, a configurable multicellular mobile home

exterior 02 750x501 Mehrzeller, a configurable multicellular mobile home

interior 03 750x501 Mehrzeller, a configurable multicellular mobile home

In the camper market there is strong demand for new design and personalized, tailor-made solutions. Individualist tourists want a caravan that is made just for them.

The solution to the problem is offered by the “Mehrzeller” – the multicellular caravan. Using our Configurator, we set up a design that is unique for our customers, including their own layout that they can identify with.

More Pictures and Information at LooksFeelsWorks!

Your daily inspiration is a visual reference website comprising of what really excites and inspires us everyday. We love design, fashion, architecture, lifestyle, travel, photography but most of all we love to share instigating things, passion and joy. Take a look and get inspired :)
image 01 Your daily inspiration
image 031 Your daily inspiration

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sQuba – Underwater Concept Car

16 sQuba   Underwater Concept Car

March 11, 2008 Swiss car manufacturer Rinspeed made quite the splash at the Geneva Motor Show with its innovative sQuba, a fully functional submersible concept car that cost $1.5 million to build.

Inspired by the submarine Lotus Esprit in the James Bond movie “The Spy Who Loved Me”, the sQuba was a heavily modified Lotus Elise supposedly capable of propulsion above water or below. Sadly, demand for amphibious spy cars will likely have to wait until our coastal cities are underwater due to the effects of global warming. On the upshot, the sQuba is a zero-emissions vehicle. (Photo by Rinspeed)

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1960 Plymouth XNR concept car

virgil feat 1960 Plymouth XNR concept car

virgil 01 1960 Plymouth XNR concept car

virgil 02 1960 Plymouth XNR concept car

virgil 08 1960 Plymouth XNR concept car

The 1960 Plymouth XNR is an interesting retro-futuristic looking concept car designed by Virgil Exner Sr.

The 1960 Plymouth XNR concept car was built on a modified Valiant chassis as an answer to the vast popularity of Corvettes at the close of the 1950s.

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Necessary Coolness

NC Necessary Coolness

Our friends and fellow Born05ers just started a really cool new initiative Necessary Coolness. It offers everything a grown boy needs, design, art, gadgets, cars, fashion and the necessary girls. So go over there and spend some time.

How We Got Down

How We Got Down: A Brand, a Band, and a Van – AIGA The Percolator
Tales from the Road with We Have Become Vikings

AIGA Percolator08.08 750x562 How We Got Down

Founders, Mike Gibboney and Jason Snell will be sharing stories and sharing valuable lessons they learned while recently traveling with Ohio Knife and Landor to the South By Southwest Music Festival. Poster by We Have Become Vikings/AIGA
For more information: and

Concept Cars Showcase

However, it is necessary to say that there have always been particular car models, which set the direction for the future car design and further development of automobile industry. They are called concept cars or prototypes. These cars have a very important and specific role – today they show us how cars will look tomorrow. Concept cars are always unique – not only because they are usually produced in one exemplar only, but also because such vehicles of tomorrow represent the most cutting edge and experimental concepts, technologies, and innovations, known to car makers at the given period of time. Concept cars reflect the state of the art in both functionality and design. Not only new engines and transmissions are first introduced at concept cars, but also novelties of the exterior and interior design. Have a look at the pictures below, and you’ll be able to feel the scent of the future. Cars, shown in this gallery, fascinate and attract with the ultimate style and unusual appearance. Concept cars truly can show the fusion of revolutionary technical innovations and the most progressive art trends.

i1a7 Concept Cars Showcase

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Bandit9 Nero Motorcycle

bandit9 nero motocycle xl 750x500 Bandit9 Nero Motorcycle
Designed by Daryl Villanueva, “Nero” is the latest custom bike to roll out of Beijing-based motorcycle design boutique, Bandit9.

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BMW Art Car Collection

German manufacturer BMW‘s famous art collection arrives in the UK for the first time…

 BMW Art Car Collection

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The Ego – World’s First Semi-Submarine

 The Ego   Worlds First Semi Submarine

The “world’s first compact semi-submarine,” allows its users to enjoy the beauty under the water without getting a single hair wet. Continue Reading on Enpundit