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Your daily inspiration is a visual reference website comprising of what really excites and inspires us everyday. We love design, fashion, architecture, lifestyle, travel, photography but most of all we love to share instigating things, passion and joy. Take a look and get inspired :)
image 01 Your daily inspiration
image 031 Your daily inspiration

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sQuba – Underwater Concept Car

16 sQuba   Underwater Concept Car

March 11, 2008 Swiss car manufacturer Rinspeed made quite the splash at the Geneva Motor Show with its innovative sQuba, a fully functional submersible concept car that cost $1.5 million to build.

Inspired by the submarine Lotus Esprit in the James Bond movie “The Spy Who Loved Me”, the sQuba was a heavily modified Lotus Elise supposedly capable of propulsion above water or below. Sadly, demand for amphibious spy cars will likely have to wait until our coastal cities are underwater due to the effects of global warming. On the upshot, the sQuba is a zero-emissions vehicle. (Photo by Rinspeed)

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1960 Plymouth XNR concept car

virgil feat 1960 Plymouth XNR concept car

virgil 01 1960 Plymouth XNR concept car

virgil 02 1960 Plymouth XNR concept car

virgil 08 1960 Plymouth XNR concept car

The 1960 Plymouth XNR is an interesting retro-futuristic looking concept car designed by Virgil Exner Sr.

The 1960 Plymouth XNR concept car was built on a modified Valiant chassis as an answer to the vast popularity of Corvettes at the close of the 1950s.

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Necessary Coolness

NC Necessary Coolness

Our friends and fellow Born05ers just started a really cool new initiative Necessary Coolness. It offers everything a grown boy needs, design, art, gadgets, cars, fashion and the necessary girls. So go over there and spend some time.

How We Got Down

How We Got Down: A Brand, a Band, and a Van – AIGA The Percolator
Tales from the Road with We Have Become Vikings

AIGA Percolator08.08 750x562 How We Got Down

Founders, Mike Gibboney and Jason Snell will be sharing stories and sharing valuable lessons they learned while recently traveling with Ohio Knife and Landor to the South By Southwest Music Festival. Poster by We Have Become Vikings/AIGA
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Concept Cars Showcase

However, it is necessary to say that there have always been particular car models, which set the direction for the future car design and further development of automobile industry. They are called concept cars or prototypes. These cars have a very important and specific role – today they show us how cars will look tomorrow. Concept cars are always unique – not only because they are usually produced in one exemplar only, but also because such vehicles of tomorrow represent the most cutting edge and experimental concepts, technologies, and innovations, known to car makers at the given period of time. Concept cars reflect the state of the art in both functionality and design. Not only new engines and transmissions are first introduced at concept cars, but also novelties of the exterior and interior design. Have a look at the pictures below, and you’ll be able to feel the scent of the future. Cars, shown in this gallery, fascinate and attract with the ultimate style and unusual appearance. Concept cars truly can show the fusion of revolutionary technical innovations and the most progressive art trends.

i1a7 Concept Cars Showcase

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Bandit9 Nero Motorcycle

bandit9 nero motocycle xl 750x500 Bandit9 Nero Motorcycle
Designed by Daryl Villanueva, “Nero” is the latest custom bike to roll out of Beijing-based motorcycle design boutique, Bandit9.

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BMW Art Car Collection

German manufacturer BMW‘s famous art collection arrives in the UK for the first time…

 BMW Art Car Collection

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The Ego – World’s First Semi-Submarine

 The Ego   Worlds First Semi Submarine

The “world’s first compact semi-submarine,” allows its users to enjoy the beauty under the water without getting a single hair wet. Continue Reading on Enpundit

The Ecco – A New Way for Eco-Friendly Travel

 The Ecco   A New Way for Eco Friendly Travel The Ecco   A New Way for Eco Friendly Travel

Doubling as a temporary home, the high-concept zero emissions Ecco ups the ante for eco-friendly travel. Roughing it just got cooler.

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Best Video Game Cars In Real Life

Today I have compiled a list of some of the most BADASS Video game vehicles in real life! This will hopefully inspire you to create something unique yourself, whether it be something small from a movie of video game, or huge, like a car! Industrial Design Geeks that make real life tangible stuff should get some creative euphoria from browsing this list. Most geeks will get that good ole video game nostalgia . Whoever you are and whatever you are doing, one thing I hope it does for all of you – is inspire you!

citroen gt from gran turismo real life car 750x562 Best Video Game Cars In Real Life

mario kart real life sized 750x498 Best Video Game Cars In Real Life

 Best Video Game Cars In Real Life

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Rideable «Kuratas» Robot Mecha Unveiled at Wonder Festival

1231 Rideable «Kuratas» Robot Mecha Unveiled at Wonder Festival

Japanese electronics company Suidobashi Heavy Industry unveils its latest robot “Kuratas” as a crowd of people take photographs at the Wonder Festival in Chiba, suburban Tokyo on July 29, 2012. The Kuratas robot, which will go on sale with a price tag of one million USD, measures four meters in height, weighs four tons and has four wheeled legs that can either be controlled remotely through the 3G network or by a human seated within the cockpit. (Photo by Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP Photo)

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The Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012

goodwood 0 The Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012
goodwood 31 The Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012
goodwood 11 The Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012

This is the World’s Biggest Motorsport Festival. A mixture of past, present and the future. Enjoy my photo review of the festival.

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Trucks Photo Showcase

This truck photography showcase is nothing but the hymn to power and manly design. Whether it is a cargo truck, moving tons of goods from one place to another, or a fire truck, called to suppress the fire, or an off-road vehicle, helping its owner to satisfy his appetite of an explorer, – trucks are always at the places we want or need them to be. Like a tireless titans, they help us daily – gratuitously and faithfully, to the very last move of the crankshaft and to the last spark in the cylinder. But before the moment of retirement, be assured, trucks will show their nature, temper, and particular charisma in full…

i1a242 Trucks Photo Showcase

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Ship Photos

Today’s showcase of ship photography at Cruzine is a tribute to sea ships in all the variety of their forms, sizes, purposes, and, of course, to all those people who design, build, and steer the ships. On the other hand, ship photography is the evidence of the true talent and skills of the photographers, who made such stunning pictures. Thanks to the particular angles chosen, appropriate focus and exposure set, ship photographs illustrate perfectly the entire kaleidoscope of marine environment with the ships forming the integral component of the scenery.

i1a239 Ship Photos

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