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Beautiful Bicycle Monday: Scrap City Cycles

196 Beautiful Bicycle Monday: Scrap City Cycles

A bicycle designed and built by my brother, Kameron Klimes. His custom-built bicycle startup, Scrap City Cycles, is based in St. Louis, USA. He is also producing small-batch, handmade leather goods for bicycles using locally sourced vegetable-tanned leather from the oldest tannery in the midwest. For anyone interested in a custom bike of their own feel free to contact Kameron at

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Transportation by Robert Westrich

Creative photography with transportation theme by Robert Westrich from Stuttgart, Germany. Enjoy :)

i1a150 Transportation by Robert Westrich

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50 Years of James Bond – Car Montage Trailer

tumblr m52cxslaiC1qgqv1io1 1280 50 Years of James Bond   Car Montage Trailer
In celebration of the upcoming Bond 50 box set, a video montage trailer featuring some of the film franchise’s most recognizable automobiles has been released. Highlighting everything from Bentleys, Audis and Alfa Romeos to Bond’s signature Aston Martin DB5, the montage includes chases and explosions galore – thanks in part to a slew of Q-installed gadgetry. View the trailer on SPARKSPIRATION. Dont miss it !

 50 Years of James Bond   Car Montage Trailer

Inspiration #286

Links286 638x2601 Inspiration #286

Like every weekend here are the links that I propose to discover or rediscover: Gianluca Fontana photography, Sebastien Cuypers – French art director and illustraton, the Lit Motors C-1, Esperanza Moya photography, ESPN Magazine Editorial – Bodies We Want 2012

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Alfa Romeo Giulia 50th Anniversary

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a HOUSE?

AirplaneHome full exterior Enpundit It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a HOUSE?

Bruce Campbell’s humble abode is not made of wood and nails, but rather is a retired Boeing 727-200 passenger jet that he paid $220,000 for. The 1066 sq. ft. of living space provides Campbell with everything he needs to be comfortable.

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Watch Parts Motorcycles

002 Watch Parts Motorcycles

Dan Tanenbaum, from Toronto Ontario, Canada has been sculpting these miniature motorcycles since 2010, and since that time his unique works have been featured in Ultimate Motorcycling Magazine and Motorcycle Mojo Magazine. Dan discovered his talent for creating his amazing pieces of art whilst collecting vintage timepieces.

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Floating Home on Hamburg’s Eilbek Canal

 Floating Home on Hamburg’s Eilbek Canal

In their 2010 project “Houseboat on the Eilbek Canal,” architectural firm Sprenger von der Lippe tapped into man’s innate affinity for water in the construction of the Hamburg houseboat. See more on Enpundit: Swanky Floating Abode on Hamburg’s Eilbek Canal

Winner [Release The Beats] {instrumental}

Produced by Phillyatchi
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Release The Beats is the team.

Beat produced with ‘Propellerhead – Reason 5′

Fiat 500 lifestyle t-shirt

vintage bellavita fiat500lifestyle Fiat 500 lifestyle t shirt

Fiat 500 lifestyle tee.
Check out this original Italian Vintage t-shirt for sale on!


tumblr m6rbwdacWx1rse1ipo1 r3 500 Armadillo
From always, the system burglar alarm that are used in the motorcycles are based on the same: the blockade by means of padlock or alarm, which favours the thieves, who know all the techniques perfectly annual all the safeties. For this reason, Marc Graells proposes a system burglar alarm totally different, based in what nature have last millions of years to create by the natural selection, to improve the different defense system.

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Retro and vintage design #2

Amazing retro and vintage stuff like cool cars and bikes. Enjoy this showcase :)

i1a83 Retro and vintage design #2

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Designer Daisuke Iguchi invite us to look into the future. 2046 Parsonal Commuter in Paris Concept created by Daisuke is a compact personal commuter with one or two seats, designed for a sharing car system where the vehicles are “sponsored” by large companies. Offering a clean-green ride, each vehicle is fitted with ample space for carrying luggage in the boot. Excellent urban electric car! Don’t you think?
See the rest here

2013 Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake

2013 Mercedes Benz CLS Shooting Brake BonjourLife .com  2013 Mercedes Benz CLS Shooting Brake

With the new CLS Shooting Brake, Mercedes-Benz is once again setting an example when it comes to creativity of design, and as such highlighting its leading role in this area: in terms of its proportions, the new CLS Shooting Brake is quite clearly a coupé, but with five doors and a roof which continues through to the rear, it promises some remarkable new possibilities. [Watch the Gallery]

Designing 007

Fifty Years of Bond Style
The Barbican marks the 50th anniversary of the James Bond franchise, from 1962’s Dr No to this year’s Skyfall, with a unique exhibition showcasing the inside story of the design and style of the world’s most influential and iconic movie brand.

Designing Bond’s World

Designing Bond’s Look

more info here: barbican