Donut bike concept folds up for portability

Donut bike 01 Donut bike concept folds up for portability
the Donut bike folds into a super-compact circle that leaves no component exposed.
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2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT

2013 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT BonjourLife 1 2013 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT

Mercedes-Benz unveils new 2013 SLS AMG GT, improved version of previously released SLS AMG model powered by V8 with 583hp and all new interior. [Watch the Gallery]

Daily Inspirations no. 440

Today we’ll start with two amazing nature photos. The first one is called Grasses of Pew Tor by Alex37 … love the atmosphere btw. The other one is right below and it’s from Fregona, Treviso, Italy. What a view. Let’s continue lower down in the illustration section. Again, I’ll pick two artworks I like the most. I am sure you’ll agree that Demos by Apofiss deserves to be featured .). Although I am not into fairy tales anymore, I do like the illustration called Knight by Pesare. For all the fans of photorealistic drawings, make sure to check Almost Famous by Andre Villanueva. Typography by Mircozett is a mixture of typography and 3d. Looks pretty hot to me. Do not miss the Mercado Magazine‘s vision of UK-Brazilian flag available in the Ad section :). At the end, got to mention there is a nice free font available called Gabba All Caps. Worth downloading .). Enjoy!

i1a37 Daily Inspirations no. 440

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Daily Inspirations no. 439

And here we go again … another collection of fresh daily inspirations is ready. Let’s see what we got. From today’s photos, I am going to highlight Tand eld pa dina tankar by Kayjensen and Transportation by Robert Westrich. There is a sexy illustration available lower down called Queen of Spade by Alikasapoglu. Our male audience … this one is a must .). Kind of like JOKEBOX SERIE by Roger Cordoba Schwaneberg as well … it’s available in the 3d section. Traditional art lovers, make sure to check Pastel Portraits by Emma Uber. Amazing colorful painting … you have to admit that. If interested in some cool icons, make sure to check today’s freebie section. Enjoy!

i1a22 Daily Inspirations no. 439

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Cone Custom Cycles ”Wood Luck”

tumblr m554ynsODP1rse1ipo1 4001 Cone Custom Cycles ”Wood Luck”tumblr m554ynsODP1rse1ipo2 r1 500 Cone Custom Cycles ”Wood Luck”

This time it was in the form of a fleet of hot custom cubs. Cone Custom Cycles has some savory customs on their site, including the Wood Luck

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Transformer Ride at Universal Studios

transformers22 Transformer Ride at Universal Studios
Universal Studios has put in $40 million into what is now their most technologically advanced ride at the theme park with Transformers: The Ride. View the Video to the attraction on Sparks of Inspiration.

7219213578 23d34b30aa o Transformer Ride at Universal StudiosOptimusPrime300 Transformer Ride at Universal Studios

Vacations In A Can

Check out these really cute trailers from Vacations In A Can. (more pics here) vacation in a can 7 Vacations In A Can

Check out more photos of these cool Vacations In A Can Trailers. Via Enpundit

Daily Inspirations no. 438

Let’s start with some fresh photos as pretty much every single day .) This time I would like to highlight Licantropia and an amazing lion portrait photography called BIG CATS by Vincent J. Musi. If you’re looking for some cool illustrations, there are six featured today. Make sure not to miss these two though: Gothic fairytale by Anotherwanderer and Stairs by Pesare. It’s already a tradition that the art / digital art section is packed with quality stuff. It’s no different today. My personal favs from this section are the artworks by Robert Carter and Marumiyan. Also make sure to check the ad by Ogilvy & Mather … can’t help it … love their style and creativity. This time it’s the Comfort Fabric Conditioner: Good Soak, War and Peace. Enjoy the collection … and get inspired!

i1a10 Daily Inspirations no. 438

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Epic Sticker Bomb Examples

Today we have rounded up some of the best JDM sticker bombs on cars (and other things, like laptops and guitars!) for your viewing pleasure – hopefully this gives you an idea on pimping out your ride (or some of your stuff that has lots its shine).

epic interior sticker bomb 750x457 Epic Sticker Bomb Examples

guitar sticker bomb 750x492 Epic Sticker Bomb Examples

nissan skyline sticker bomb Epic Sticker Bomb Examples

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Waiting for the Boss !

tumblr m51g4rSRMF1rse1ipo1 500 Waiting for the Boss !

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tumblr m4xxbxtDpO1rse1ipo1 r1 500 Goldmember

Goldmember represents the 3rd bike Roger Goldammer created using half a Harley V-Twin, like the others he added a supercharger and unlike the others, he added a Nitros Oxide system. A staggering amount of work went into getting this 965cc single cylinder to not only run, but to produce ~140hp without blowing up with fatal consequences at 160mph on the salt.

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Daily Inspirations no. 437

What would be the best photo to start the last day of the week? After checking the ones featured today, I would say Dreamscape by RealityDream would be just perfect. Let’s continue with one amazing 3d artwork of a cute lady called Miss Vixi by Crying Horn. If you think that’s sexy … what about Take Care by Sandra Jawad, an artwork available in our art / digital art section .). If you like amazing cribs, check the Modern Harborview Hills by Laidlaw Schultz Architects. I could imagine chilling up there .). There is a nice WordPress theme ready for download in the freebie section. As usual by Moon Themes. Have a nice weekend!

i1a5 Daily Inspirations no. 437

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Volkswagen Scirocco GTS

Volkswagen Scirocco GTS BonjourLife 1 750x505 Volkswagen Scirocco GTS

To celebrate 30th anniversary of first ever Volkswagen Scirocco GTS, Volkswagen unveils a special model with tweaked body and optimized performance with 2.0-liter turbo engine. [Watch the Gallery]

Daily Inspirations no. 436

Let’s start with a sexy underwater photography by Nikosalpha called Anerades. That’s the way to start the working day .) If you’re more like taking a walk through the woods, check Daybreak by R3novatio … so peaceful. In the illustration section I love the very last artwork called Freedoom by Apofiss. For those loving digital art, there is nice Marilyn Monroe by Ben Heine. Pretty stunning what geometry and talent can do together. In the ad section, there is a hilarious artwork by Ogilvy & Mather called Retro Boutique: Grandpa. That’s right … we shouldn’t leave naked :). If you’re already curious what’s new in the freebie section … guess what?! There is a nice set of PSD Paper Notes … So if you think you’ll find an use for it, go ahead and download. Enjoy the collection!

i1a228 Daily Inspirations no. 436

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PACKSHOT MOTORCYCLE | VESPA GT 125 | PART 2 | by Kenyon Manchego