deal image The BACtrack Vio: A Pint-Sized Smartphone Breathalyzer
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Custom-Built Viking Ships

ships 1 650x433 Custom Built Viking Ships
Tons of people have boats, but a genuine viking ship? Now that’s unique. The folks at Viking Ship Museum will build you your very own, custom Viking Shop – for a fee of course.

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Toyota Tundra Sportsman Edition

yota 1 650x433 Toyota Tundra Sportsman Edition
The Toyota Tundra is already a fully capable off-road truck. Now the automaker has teamed up with the RedHead Pro Hunting Team to build a one-off Sportsman Tundra built for the outdoors.

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bikeparka large 650x494 BikeParka

BikeParkas are well-designed, high quality, reliable bicycle covers that keeps your bicycle snug, dry and clean. They allow you to store your bicycle indoors or out, knowing it will be protected against the elements and hidden safely from view. Each BikeParka has an elasticated bottom for close fit around the wheels and eyelets for ties or small locks. The cover can be tweaked to suit any seat and handle bar height. BikeParkas come in a small and tough ‘Stuff Sac’ that fits into a day pack.

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C-Explorer 3 Submersible

c explorer 3 submersible large 650x867 C Explorer 3 Submersible

The C-Explorer 3 was launched as the most advanced submersible available in the open market. Now, the final production design is testimony to the submersible’s intent to make history.

Featuring incomparable safety features, unparalleled viewing, state of the art batteries together with leading edge control and operating systems, this 300-meter rated submersible is world class.

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Boosted Boards. First Electrical Longboard.

Boosted Board Components1 600x597 Boosted Boards. First Electrical Longboard.
Carry Anywhere. Go Everywhere.Here’s an alternative to the Segway for those of you who are actually concerned with how you look and what people think of you – the Boosted Board is exactly that: a board with a boost.

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The Mk1 Cargo Bike by Butchers & Bicycles

Mk1 1 600x380 The Mk1 Cargo Bike by Butchers & Bicycles
A three wheeled bicycle, made in Denmark/Copenhagen by a couple dudes who live in the meat district.

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Xventure Off-Road Trailer

xventure off road trailer large 650x737 Xventure Off Road Trailer

The Xventure XV-2 trailer from Schutt Industries is a rugged, off-road trailer that lets you sleep in the attic, while hauling your gear below…

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Custom Norton 850 Commando Motorcycle

bikez 1 650x433 Custom Norton 850 Commando Motorcycle
New bike shops are stepping onto the scene on what seems to be a daily basis. The latest is a Canadian team by the name of Federal Moto, and their first work of art is this Norton 850 Commando.

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Top 10 Hyper Cars You Haven’t Heard About

2014 GTA Spano Carbon Fiber Static 7 1920x1200 650x406 Top 10 Hyper Cars You Haven’t Heard About
These cars push the cutting edge of technology with stratospheric price tags and unbelievable performance figures.Supercars are designed for messing with G-Forces while Hypercars are designed for messing with G-Strings.

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Vanmoof T Series

vanmoof t series large 650x924 Vanmoof T Series

The T-Series is a brand new concept in the VANMOOF portfolio: a functional and innovative bike designed for densely populated cityscapes. Imagine having all benefits that a regular VANMOOF has to offer, combined with the practical advantage of a compact version of the striking VANMOOF frame.

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Mobile Home Bus Conversion by Hank Buititta

bus 1 650x433 Mobile Home Bus Conversion by Hank Buititta
Architecture student Hank Buitita decided instead of some boring renderings, he’d transform a school bus into mobile home for his thesis project. And now he’s touring the country in it.

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iZip E3 Town exp Electric Bike

iZip E3 Townexp Electric Bike 1 iZip E3 Town exp Electric Bike
Turns heads wherever it goes. Practical: Small enough to store where space is tight, but looks are deceiving. On the road, the 400w high torque hub motor and agile handling make it a capable urban vehicle. Components included : Shimano shifting, 5-spoke alloy wheels, and Tektro hydraulic brakes won’t let you down.

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Jyrobike, the Auto Balance Bicycle

bike 650x888 Jyrobike, the Auto Balance Bicycle

Learn to ride in one day! The world’s only bicycle that automatically keeps the rider upright & stable, even when they tip or wobble.

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88 Miami Yacht by Riva

yacht 1 650x433 88 Miami Yacht by Riva
Riva Yachts is known for crafting some of the most stunning water vessels on the planet, and their 88′ Miami doesn’t disappoint. More than just good looks, this thing can reach speeds of up to 34 knots.

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The Beast | Electric Off-Road Scooter

the beast electric off road scooter large 650x836 The Beast | Electric Off Road Scooter

The Beast is a street-legal ebike, allowing riders to enjoy it on the trails, in the woods, on rough terrain, or in the city. Main features include a Daymak solar panel and an enclosed battery pack that recharges continuously.

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