Journey of Solar Impulse

A view of the Solar Impulse 2 on flight after taking off from Al Bateen Airport in United Arab Emirates, March 9, 2015. (Photo by Jean Revillard/Reuters)

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Nepali Well of Death

A stuntman rides a motorcycle inside the “Well of Death” attraction during a fair in Bhaktapur April 20, 2015. (Photo by Navesh Chitrakar/Reuters)

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Halfbike II


Halfbike is a vehicle that awakens your natural instinct to move, it trains your balance and reflexes in a completely new way. One that disconnects you for a moment from your daily routine and allows you to focus solely on your body and the ride itself.

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End of the Line: 180 Decayed Carriages in Train “Graveyard”

The carriages have decayed over time, on February 27, 2015, in Purwakarta, Indonesia. Dozens of trains are stacked on top of each other in what looks like a post-apocalyptic world. The old electric trains that travelled in and out of Jakarta, Indonesia, are weathered and decayed over time. The trains were used everyday since the 1980s and carried thousands of people to work. Now the carriages, which were once the lifeblood of public transport in the south-Asian city, have been left to rust among shrubbery. After the trains reach the end of their life they are left at the Purwakarta station where they are piled on top of each other. (Photo by HKV/Barcroft Media)

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A luxury road trip around New York

The 2015 New York International Auto Show rolled into the Big Apple at the start of April, enabling car enthusiasts to get up close to some of the finest luxury cars on the planet. Thousands of visitors have flocked through the doors of the Javits Centre in recent days, many of them no doubt fighting the urge to hop behind the wheel and take one of the vehicles for a spin around the city. And with so many spectacular sights to take in, who can blame them?

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Abandoned Motors At Makeshift Car Graveyards

Leaves and forest foliage claim abandoned motors at makeshift car graveyards. German photographer Dieter Klein travels the world to find vintage automobiles left to rust in leafy forests and fields. The mysterious graveyards host a range of cars, including a rare Jaguar XK120, which, if restored, could be worth £82,000, and a fleet of vehicles used by the Allies in the Second World War. The cars, often with doors, tires or windows missing, are parked on the forest floor as nature reclaims them. Dieter, 57, from Cologne, first came across a Citroen truck that had been dumped in a bush six years ago. After witnessing how the foliage had grown in and around the man-made machine, Dieter was hooked and began to track down other unusual resting places. Here: Part of the sculpture park which contains 50 cars, 2012, Sweden. (Photo by Dieter Klein/Barcroft Media)

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Shelby Baja 700


The Baja 700 represents Shelby’s ultimate development for the Ford SVT Raptor platform with over 700hp via a Whipple supercharger system, competition designed suspension from Rogue Racing and Baja-proven BFGoodrich K02 18” rubber. To name a few.

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Classic Ford Broncos


Classic Ford Broncos specialize in buying, restoring, and selling early model Ford Broncos. Their comprehensive restorations are a unique update to the early Ford Broncos. They take an original 1966-1977 body and frame and update it with brand new, top-of-the-line components. If you’re in the market for a restored early Bronco, you won’t find a better truck!

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Ducati Scambler Dirt Tracker


The Ducati Scrambler Dirt Tracker is the result of a challenge given to the Ducati Thailand’s top engineers and mechanics to customize the Scrambler of that would best express who they are. The Dirt Tracker was the winning design! Hand-brushed tank, front plate inspired by the number plate typical of a dirt track racing bike, titanium Slip-on exhaust, aluminum hand brushed spoke wheels: that’s self expression!

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1953 Aston Martin DB2/4 Drophead Coupe


The Aston Martin DB2/4 was first introduced by David Brown and was available for sale from 1953 through 1957. The variant Drophead Coupe was offered later in this period and only 102 were produced. This specific car on was built for the president of Brown & Bigelow at the time , Charles A. Ward. “This motor car especially designed and created for Charles A. Ward by S.H. Arnolt, Chicago and Carrozzeria Bertone, Torino, Italy“. The car cost 13,000 USD. The first Saturday of this May, May the 2nd, the car is going to be auctioned at The Andrews Collection, in Fort Worth, Texas. The price of the car would be in the range of …

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Trapped In Ice

A freighter trapped in ice is shown in this aerial photo near Whitefish Bay on Lake Superior northwest of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario April 7, 2015. The biggest ice cover on the Great Lakes in decades is backing up shipments of everything from Canadian grain to U.S. iron and steel in one of North America’s most important economic regions. (Photo by Kenneth Armstrong/Reuters)

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Jeep Nomad | by Starwood Motors


Face it, Jeep Wrangler owners love the outdoors and want to have the kind of freedom to experience it without being dependent on hotels and restaurants. The Nomad addresses this desire head on and provides that untethered ability…

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Darryl´s Bike | by Classified Moto


When it came time to replace Daryl´s lost chopper in the series “The Walking Dead”, the shows creatives turned to renown Custom motorbike specialists Classified Moto for a new ride. The end result is this menacing beast based on a 1992 Honda CB750 Nighthawk…

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E-Glide GT Powerboard


The GT Powerboard does it all.. The combination of the “dropped” .25 inch aluminum deck, and low profile Kenda pneumatic tires, provides a lower CG (center of gravity) that feels perfect. The E-Glide GT has the fastest acceleration, and more torque, than any powerboard currently offered today. The GT can be used on concrete, grass, dirt, and hard packed sand.

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Manifest Catamaran Superyacht


Manifesto is a spectacular 234ft(71m) catamaran mega yacht, designed by French-based naval architects and designers – VPLP Design.

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