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38 Horsepower Vintage Racer Vespa

Vespa 1 650x433 38 Horsepower Vintage Racer Vespa
Packed with a monstrous 38 horsepower, this 200-pound scooter is the ultimate sleeper vehicle. Equipped with a 4-speed transmission, this scooter will get good gas mileage, and get you to work in a jiffy.

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Rungu Fat-Trike

rungu fat trike large 650x444 Rungu Fat Trike

Juggernaut’s long wheel base design and three fat (4.7″) tires improve float on sand and snow over fat bikes by 50%. The 26” fat tire front wheels with over 29” in projected diameter overcome obstacles up to 6” tall at crawl speed.

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Texas Quail Rigs

texas quail rigs large 650x672 Texas Quail Rigs

The scope of a vanishing tradition and culture of quail hunting in Texas reaches far beyond the art of photography. Lokey traveled throughout Texas’s quail country to photograph and study the trucks represented in his book Texas Quail Rigs. Each one of the 120 plus rigs is different, and reflects the personality of its owner and builder.

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Arash AF8 British Supercar

AF 1 650x433 Arash AF8 British Supercar
Arash Farbound has once again recruited his British crew to create another supercar. After introducing the AF10 a few years back, Arash is now debuting their 550 horsepower AF8 supercar.

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Zombie Proof Vehicles By Donal O’Keeffe

A London-based designer has come up with a collection of zombie-proof vehicles, just in time for Halloween. Donal O’Keeffe from Cork in Ireland, created the Zombie Survival Series with 3D rendering after being inspired by his love of horror films. The 31-year-old put the collection together after imagining what city-life would be like if the streets were taken over by wandering undead, from which there would be no safer escape than one of these modified, mobile fortresses.

London Cab
1164 Zombie Proof Vehicles By Donal OKeeffe
- Roof-mounted flood lights.
- Canned food supply along with cooking and cleaning utensils.
- Spiked front-grille.
- Pick axe at hand for passengers.

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Nicholas Mee And Co, Aston Martin Heritage

1161 Nicholas Mee And Co, Aston Martin Heritage

Nicholas Mee & Co, an Aston Martin Heritage Dealer in West London, have just finished putting the final touches to a fully functional kid-sized car inspired by the legendary Aston Martin DB models of the 1960s. But this is no rickety pedal car. It has a steel chassis, composite bodywork, leather seats, a wood rimmed steering wheel and Brembo disc brakes.

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BMW R90S by Sebastien Beaupere

bmw r90s sebastien beaupere large 650x977 BMW R90S by Sebastien Beaupere

Spectacular BMW Custom by Sebastien Beaupere. The bike has lost its tail and gained immense character in the process. It now rides with a small solo seat “suspended” above the swingarm joint and dwarfed by the massive ball-shaped tank.

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2015 Ducati Diavel

2015 Ducati Diavel 51 650x433 2015 Ducati Diavel
It features a modified 4-valved, Testastretta 11° L-Twin-DS RbW engine with a dual spark ignition which produces 162 hp at 9,250 rpm, a torque of 96.2 lb-ft at 8,000 rpm.

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Custom Harley-Davidson Softail Slim

Bikez 1 650x433 Custom Harley Davidson Softail Slim
The team at Rough Crafts is getting back to business this spring season. The latest project from Winston Yeh and his team comes to us in the form of this beautiful custom Harley Softail Slim titled “Crowned Stallion.”

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Porsche Debuts 2015 Cayman and Boxster GTS

Porsche 1 650x433 Porsche Debuts 2015 Cayman and Boxster GTS
The team at Porsche has pulled back the curtain on two new models this week including the 2015 Cayman GTS and Boxster GTS. Both vehicles are absolutely beautiful, and will each set you back about $75,000.

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Audi Unveils Electric R8 Supercar

Audiz 1 650x433 Audi Unveils Electric R8 Supercar
Audi’s R8 has long been a sought after model in the world of supercars. Now the German auto maker is introducing an all electric version of the beloved R8. The new Audi R8 E-Tron will be available in limited quantities.

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2014 Paton S1

Bike 11 650x433 2014 Paton S1
The Italian bike makers at Paton have just released this beautiful retro motorcycle crowned the Paton S1. The 2-wheeler comes equipped with a Kawasaki Ninja 650cc engine.

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Lumen Reflective Bikes by Mission

Bike 1 650x433 Lumen Reflective Bikes by Mission
The design team at Mission Bicycles has decided to create a completely reflective bicycle. Aptly titled the Lumen, this glowing bike helps riders stay safe at night.

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1966 Little Honda P65 | by Chicara Nagata

66 little honda p25 chicara nagata large 650x868 1966 Little Honda P65 | by Chicara Nagata

This unique and minimalist work of art is a creation by Japanese renowned motorcycle builder/artist Chicara Nagata.

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Airstream Land Yacht Trailer Turned Mobile Bar

Trailer 1 650x433 Airstream Land Yacht Trailer Turned Mobile Bar
The team at Apollo 70 have taken a beautiful Airstream Land Yacht, and converted the vintage trailer into an amazing mobile bar and food truck made for corporate events.

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