Kott Motorcycles


Kott Motorcycles is a specialty motorcycle shop based near Los Angeles California, specializing in the restoration and customization of 1970’s era Honda CB series twins and inline fours. Their builds are true works of art…

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McLaren 675LT


The McLaren 675LT will make its world debut at the 85th International Geneva Motor Show on 3 March 2015, with a clear focus on on light weight, optimised aerodynamics, increased power, track-focused dynamics and driver engagement – all key attributes of a ‘Longtail’ McLaren. Offered only as a coupé, the new 675LT will be the most track-focused model in the McLaren Super Series.

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The AutoSock is a specially designed tire cover, aimed at increasing tire-to-road friction when driving cars on an icy or snowy road. AutoSock’s winter traction device are made from high quality, reusable and recyclable fabric, that are extremely easy to quickly install when needed.

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Mercedes-Benz G 500 4×4²


This is the credo followed by the developers with the Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6×6, and they are now stepping up a gear with the G 500 4×4².

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2016 Range Rover Evoque


The new 2016 Evoque gets a new front bumper and grille, all-LED adaptive headlights and a fresh spoiler, all of which combine to retain its concept-car-made-real vibe…

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All images of the Volvo V40 were shot by Doya Karolini with an Olympus Pen Generation EPL-7 in Thessaloniki, Greece. On New Year’s Day. At dawn. Temperature below zero degrees Celsius.

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Viktor Red Race | by Schindelhauer Bikes


Starting next March, exactly 50 copies of the Viktor Red and its sublime all-red Gates Carbon Drive in a limited edition. Befittingly, a road handlebar with red bar tape and TRP brake levers is sure to catch attention.

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Take A Look At The Construction Of The Royal’s Oasis-Class Ship

A ship builder walks past a section of the Oasis Class 3 cruise ship at the STX Les Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard site in Saint-Nazaire, western France, February 17, 2015. The Oasis-class III vessel is scheduled for delivery in mid-2016. (Photo by Stephane Mahe/Reuters)

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Amazing Porsche Cayman GT4 Photography

Porsche Cayman GT4 11
Shot for a worldwide advertising campaign in both print and web layouts, this muscular vehicle representation from Porsche is more than just about the car, it’s about a new frontier in the Porsche brand. Seen below, we see a striking reveal of the new Porsche Cayman GT4, in a secluded and immaculate garage/hanger. Directed by Tim Buchmüller and photographed by Thomas Strogalski, the essence of a powerful beast resides within this new Porsche Cayman GT4 photo set.

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Hinterher Bike Trailer


Transporting cargo in three ways: As a bicycle trailer, as a hand cart and as a trolley. A few clicks and your hinterher changes its function. In addition, the trailer can virtually be collapsed in seconds and thus does not take up any space in narrow corridors and staircases.

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Next Canoe | by Old Town


NEXT is a hybrid solo boat that looks like a compact, 13-foot canoe, but paddles like a kayak…

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Slim Your Bike With FlipCrown

It saves storage space, it is quick and it is easy to install?

That’s FlipCrown, an innovative product that let’s you flip your handlebar parallel with your toptube, so you can store your bike and save space. Once you have installed FlipCrown, your bike only takes up the space of the width of the frame, which is less than half of the width of your handlebar.

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Kia Sportspace


Kia Motors Europe will unveil an innovative new concept, the Kia SPORTSPACE, at the 85th Salon International de l’Automobile in Geneva on 3 March 2015. Created for long distance driving, the SPORTSPACE has been designed for fast and efficient travel with maximum comfort and minimal stress, in the best grand touring tradition of the weekend getaway.

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Chop-E Brings Chopper Coolness To Electric Bikes

Chop-E is an awesome electric two-wheeler with a unique design and the coolest ever feeling from riding it. It is a very fine combination of custom parts and designs combined with off-the-shelf products. Now, to begin, we suggest that You check out the video, because it will give You a slight hint of the emotions You get while riding the Chop-E.

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Miami Mechanic is Mr. Fix-It for Russian Cars in Cuba

Fabian Zakharov speaks with a client from Cuba using his cellphone in his Zakharov Auto Parts shop in Hialeah, Florida, February 4, 2015. Zakharov, 40, is Miami’s go-to man for visiting Cubans or those with family on the island who need parts for the thousands of Russian-made Ladas and Moskvichs that dominate the country’s cracked streets, alongside Fords and Chevys dating back to the 1950s. (Photo by Javier Galeano/Reuters)

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