Chop-E Brings Chopper Coolness To Electric Bikes

Chop-E is an awesome electric two-wheeler with a unique design and the coolest ever feeling from riding it. It is a very fine combination of custom parts and designs combined with off-the-shelf products. Now, to begin, we suggest that You check out the video, because it will give You a slight hint of the emotions You get while riding the Chop-E.

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Miami Mechanic is Mr. Fix-It for Russian Cars in Cuba

Fabian Zakharov speaks with a client from Cuba using his cellphone in his Zakharov Auto Parts shop in Hialeah, Florida, February 4, 2015. Zakharov, 40, is Miami’s go-to man for visiting Cubans or those with family on the island who need parts for the thousands of Russian-made Ladas and Moskvichs that dominate the country’s cracked streets, alongside Fords and Chevys dating back to the 1950s. (Photo by Javier Galeano/Reuters)

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Land Rover Defender Heritage Limited Edition


This stunning Heritage limited edition is inspired by early Land Rover models, combining original design features, with todays´ modern comforts. It sports a traditional Grasmere Green exterior with a contrasting Alaska White roof, and a beautiful retro custom interior.

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Images of NATO’s Air Policing Mission

A Polish Air Force MIG-29 fighter (R) and an Italian Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon fighter patrol over the Baltics during a NATO air policing mission from Zokniai air base near Siauliai, Lithuania February 10, 2015. (Photo by Ints Kalnins/Reuters)

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Vrum Cattiva E-Bike


Vrum Cattiva is an Italian designed e-bike that rides with or without electrical assistance, which can be adjusted using the accompanying app…

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ZBoard 2 Electric Skateboard


After your first ride, you’ll realize that there is nothing else in the world quite like it! Even if you’ve never ridden a skateboard before, the ZBoard’s intuitive control will have you carving in no time with its weight-sensing foot pads. Speed control is completely variable – cruise at walking speed or race to its top speed of 20 miles per hour.

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Formula 1 New Infiniti Red Bull Vehicle Looks Amazing

red bull formula1 05

This is the new concept for the Infiniti Red Bull team for the Formula 1 of this year. This vehicle is full of creativity, design and originality. There is no doubt that this car will not only “fly” on the roads, but will steal many looks. Watch the image collection!

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Aging Beauties Classic Cars that were Found in a Barn in Rural France

Talbot Lago T26 Grand sport SWB Saoutichik is displayed for auction during the Retromobile show in Paris, Tuesday, February 3, 2015. 60 rusting motors, which include a vintage Ferrari California Spider, a Bugatti and a very rare Maserati, were found gathering dust and hidden under piles of newspapers in garages and outbuildings at a property in France. The cars were collected from the 1950s to the 1970s by entrepreneur Roger Baillon, who dreamt of restoring them to their former glory and displaying them in a museum, but, his plans were dashed as his business struggled, forcing the sale of about 50 vehicles, to be auctioned off on Feb. 6. (Photo by Jacques Brinon/AP Photo)

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BMW R NineT | by Officine Sbrannetti


Officine Sbrannetti wanted to pay homage to the German racer with this one and worked on the original bike replacing its seat with a new handmade leather-wrapped one, side number-holding yellow plates, calendered poly/aluminum front shield, aluminum embossed digits, brand new support racks for the plates, handcrafted fenders supported by curved pipes and a new leather tank belt.

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Motoped Cruzer


Cities, country roads, or a beach-side boardwalk, MOTOPED Cruzers are ready for action. Pedal for a bit of exercise, or engage the motor for longer adventures. After all–a single gallon of gas will move you 100-150+ miles from where you started.

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Nasa’s X-43 Hypersonic Aircraft Is The Fastest On Earth

nasa x43 01

This is the X-43 Hypersonic Aircraft, the fastest vehicle registered on our times. Developed by NASA, this aircraft is beating its own reacords each time attempting to get the Mach 10. Watch the video and enjoy it!

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Dominator Track System


DOMINATOR track systems are specially designed to fit nearly all common passenger vehicles, their primary purpose, and best performance, is in snow and ice, or similar terrains, which require exceptional floatation and traction. Dominator tracks install in less than one hour with no other modifications necessary to the vehicle. The tracks may then be removed just as easily, restoring the vehicle to its original state.

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Keeper of the Cars from Aleppo

Mohamed Badr al-Din (R) stands in front of his vintage cars along a street where he keeps them, in the al-Shaar neighborhood of Aleppo January 31, 2015. The 66-year-old collector nicknamed Abu Omar inherited the hobby from his father and has a large collection of vintage cars, some of which he says belonged to former Syrian officials and were used in several movies and shows. Before the unrest, Abu Omar planned to open a museum to display his cars, which are guarded from pedestrians by a turkey that he owns. He hopes that the turmoil in the country will end so that he can pursue his hobby and repair his cars, which are heavily damaged from shelling. (Photo by Abdalrhman Ismail/Reuters)

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DTV Shredder


The DTV Shredder is a brand new type of off road vehicle. The Shredder combines the best characteristics of traditional board sports with the power of Motocross and ATVing. Our patented DUAL-CTV Transmission system convert the riders body movements into smooth carving turns that simulate the freedom snowboarders feel while racing down a mountain.

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Shadow of US Air Force One

The shadow of Air Force One is seen as it approaches Atlantic City International Airport in New Jersey, in this October 31, 2012 file photo. (Photo by Larry Downing/Reuters)

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