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Private Jets with Panoramic Windows

jet 1 650x433 Private Jets with Panoramic Windows
If you’re always arguing for the window seat, you’re going to love the IXION windowless private jets. These things offer 360-degree panoramic views of the sky.

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X132 Hellcat Speedster | by Confederate Motorcycles

x132 hellcat speedster confederate motorcycles large 650x669 X132 Hellcat Speedster | by Confederate Motorcycles

The all-new X132 Hellcat Speedster is the perfect fusion of power, strength and beauty. Redesigned from front to back, the 2015 X132 Hellcat Speedster is the result of an uncompromised design and craftsmanship approach…

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Mercedes Reveals Bulletproof S600 Guard

benz 1 650x433 Mercedes Reveals Bulletproof S600 Guard
The German auto makers at Mercedes-Benz have released a completely armored, bulletproof version of their S-Class dubbed the S600 Guard edition.

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JEEP | The Adventure Never Stops

jeep the adventure never stops large 650x444 JEEP | The Adventure Never Stops

The 70th birthday of the Jeep brand is a testament of great tradition and expertise in sustained success. Fascinating photographs from the family album tell the stirring history of Jeep. It takes a look into the future and shows what Jeep customers can expect in the future of the iconic brand. The Grand Cherokee is the beacon of the Jeep brand. For the anniversary, it has been remastered and the portrait in this book clearly demonstrates that the standard set by Jeep in the premium SUV segment remains very high indeed.

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Scooter Powered By Propane

scoot 1 650x433 Scooter Powered By Propane
We’ve seen all sorts of electric and solar powered scooters, but the Progo is the first one we’ve ever seen powered by a propane tank.

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Vintage ’72 Skyline Hits Auction Block

gtr 2 Vintage 72 Skyline Hits Auction Block
When it comes to Japanese imports, there are few vehicles that compare (if any) to the 1972 Skyline GT-R, and now is your chance to own one.

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Custom Moto Guzzi V7 Motorocycle

bike 1 650x433 Custom Moto Guzzi V7 Motorocycle
The design team at Venier Customs took a stock Moto Guzzi V7 motorcycle and transformed it into the stealthy, rugged beauty you see here.

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Kiravan Expedition Vehicle

kiravan large 650x820 Kiravan Expedition Vehicle

Kiravan is the ultimate adventure vehicle, perfect for expedition, field research, advanced technical and scientific work, film and video production…

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Priority Bikes

 Priority Bikes
There are tons of options when it comes to 2-wheelers out there, but Priority Bikes looks to bring the first affordable, maintenance free bicycles to the market.

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Quadski XL

quadski xl large 650x812 Quadski XL

The new Quadski XL expands the envelope of go-anywhere recreation with an even greater capacity for freedom, flexibility and fun. The 1.3-liter BMW Motorrad engine produces 140 hp, allowing for a speed of 45 mph on both land and water.

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Motoped Survival Bike

motoped survival bike large 650x444 Motoped Survival Bike

Motopeds Survival Bike : Black Opps Edition! This is how the Survival bikes will be sold in stock form at Motopeds, you then can choose any accessories you wish!

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Velo Sock

velo sock large Velo Sock

Velo sock is a functional designed product intended to prevent sand, mud and other debris from being brought into a room after a journey on a bicycle.

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Moto Guzzi V7 Stone, by Venier Customs

venier customs moto guzzi v7 stone large 650x569 Moto Guzzi V7 Stone, by Venier Customs

The Tractor 02 is a restyling of a Moto Guzzi V7 Stone 750cc. The motorcycle features a Continetal dual sport tires, black LSL small headlight. The concept of this specific Tractor is that has to be comfortable for 2 people, that’s why the seat is a little longer than usual and the all body is 30mm moved towards the back…

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Special Edition Ferrari 365 P Berlinetta

Rari 1 650x433 Special Edition Ferrari 365 P Berlinetta
This beautiful 1966 Ferrari 365 P Berlinetta Speciale is limited edition three-seater from the Italian auto makers we all know and love, and is projected to sell for roughly $20 million at the auctions.

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Polaris Slingshot. Loud and Obnoxious

Polaris Slingshot 1200x800 acc7e641b388c89c 960x640 650x433 Polaris Slingshot. Loud and Obnoxious

For those of you who crave the experience of a super-sport motorcycle, but don’t want to face up the consequences and risks of riding one, Polaris is bringing you Slingshot – a vehicle that demands big balls and a steady right foot.

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