Vanmoof T Series

vanmoof t series large 650x924 Vanmoof T Series

The T-Series is a brand new concept in the VANMOOF portfolio: a functional and innovative bike designed for densely populated cityscapes. Imagine having all benefits that a regular VANMOOF has to offer, combined with the practical advantage of a compact version of the striking VANMOOF frame.

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Mobile Home Bus Conversion by Hank Buititta

bus 1 650x433 Mobile Home Bus Conversion by Hank Buititta
Architecture student Hank Buitita decided instead of some boring renderings, he’d transform a school bus into mobile home for his thesis project. And now he’s touring the country in it.

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iZip E3 Town exp Electric Bike

iZip E3 Townexp Electric Bike 1 iZip E3 Town exp Electric Bike
Turns heads wherever it goes. Practical: Small enough to store where space is tight, but looks are deceiving. On the road, the 400w high torque hub motor and agile handling make it a capable urban vehicle. Components included : Shimano shifting, 5-spoke alloy wheels, and Tektro hydraulic brakes won’t let you down.

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Jyrobike, the Auto Balance Bicycle

bike 650x888 Jyrobike, the Auto Balance Bicycle

Learn to ride in one day! The world’s only bicycle that automatically keeps the rider upright & stable, even when they tip or wobble.

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88 Miami Yacht by Riva

yacht 1 650x433 88 Miami Yacht by Riva
Riva Yachts is known for crafting some of the most stunning water vessels on the planet, and their 88′ Miami doesn’t disappoint. More than just good looks, this thing can reach speeds of up to 34 knots.

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The Beast | Electric Off-Road Scooter

the beast electric off road scooter large 650x836 The Beast | Electric Off Road Scooter

The Beast is a street-legal ebike, allowing riders to enjoy it on the trails, in the woods, on rough terrain, or in the city. Main features include a Daymak solar panel and an enclosed battery pack that recharges continuously.

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Nimble Cargo Scooter

nimble cargo scooter large 650x945 Nimble Cargo Scooter

Nimble Cargo Scooters are kick-style scooters made of an aluminium frame and a recycled roto-molded plastic cargo tub installed at the front – fit for carrying anything over short distances, and having fun while doing it. For everyday leisure, commercial or industrial use.

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Earthroamer XV-LT

earthroamer xv lt large 650x887 Earthroamer XV LT

EarthRoamer XV-LTs are designed to look good, but there is brawn to match the beauty and the beauty is more than skin deep. EarthRoamer XV-LTs are built on four wheel drive, turbo diesel powered, Ford F-550, commercial duty cab chassis trucks. With a 19,500 pound gross vehicle weight rating and up to a 12,500 pound towing capacity, you can bring all your toys with you. In its standard configuration, EarthRoamer XV-LTs are designed to accommodate from two to eight adventurers comfortably depending on the cab and camper body chosen.

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Google Self Driving Car Project

Google Self Driving Car Project 2 Google Self Driving Car Project

It was inspiring to start with a blank sheet of paper and ask, “What should be different about this kind of vehicle?” Google started with the most important thing: safety. They have sensors that remove blind spots, and they can detect objects out to a distance of more than two football fields in all directions, which is especially helpful on busy streets with lots of intersections.

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Google Self-Driving Cars

1179 Google Self Driving Cars
Google has built its first self-driving car prototypes and hopes to test hundreds more models this summer. If all goes well, the company is planning a pilot program in California over the next few years.

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BMW Debuts Concept Roadster

moto 1 650x433 BMW Debuts Concept Roadster
BMW proves that it knows how to make more than just beautiful cars. The brand can also knock your socks off with 2-wheelers as they debut their 125-horsepower BMW Concept Roadster.

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BMW i8 A Dream Sport Car Come True

i8 07 650x487 BMW i8 A Dream Sport Car Come True

This car is unbelievable! Not only has an amazing design, but this is the sport car of the future: hybrid, elegant, dynamic, fast and efficient on the roads. It has been around this year’s Gran Prix in Monaco.

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Mini Superleggera Vision

mini superleggera vision large 650x878 Mini Superleggera Vision

The BMW Group celebrates the meeting of the time-honoured and the contemporary at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2014 with a very special concept: the MINI Superleggera™ Vision. This exclusive interpretation of an open-top two-seater was created by MINI and Touring Superleggera, the tradition-steeped design and coach building house based in Milan. The MINI Superleggera™ Vision is on the one hand a classic roadster, a compact and agile two-seater, expressing the most minimalist and emotional style of motoring; and on the other hand its electric drivetrain gives the car distinctly modern driving dynamics.

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10 Most Expensive Handmade Cars In The World

10 – Pagani Zonda C12 F – $650,000!
10 728x 650x406 10 Most Expensive Handmade Cars In The World
This Italian car is made from carbon fiber and has a Mercedes-Benz V12 engine. Max Speed – 200 miles per hour!

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Awesome Batman Tumbler Golf Cart Goes On Sale

Awesome Batman Tumbler Golf Cart Goes On Sale 6 650x433 Awesome Batman Tumbler Golf Cart Goes On Sale
Prestige Imports / Lamborghini Miami is proud to bring to you this ONE OF A KIND! Batmobile Tumbler Inspired Golf Kart. This Golf Kart sports quad rear tires, faux turbine exhaust and all matte black paneling taken from the award winning christopher nolan film.

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