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Koizumi Madison Taipan

The Koizumi Madison Taipan was manufactured on the same factory line as the Diamondback Large Pro frame in 1979, which Lixy acquired after 33 years in storage. Each component was separately sourced according to its correct heritage, stripped and re-finished.

4331 Koizumi Madison Taipan
4332 Koizumi Madison Taipan

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Motorsport Tribute Egg Chairs

motorsport egg chairs racing emotion large 750x675 Motorsport Tribute Egg Chairs

Awesome Egg Chairs by Racing & Emotion in tribute to legendary drivers and famous racing cars…

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Belgrade, Serbia – travel through a local lens

Belgrade Serbia by Matt Lutton for Global Yodel 750x500 Belgrade, Serbia   travel through a local lens
Belgrade, Serbia, through the local lens of photojournalist Matt Lutton. Full interview/travel insight at Global Yodel.

Chrome Lamborghini Murcielago

 Chrome Lamborghini Murcielago

This is certainly flashy, but maybe a bit ridiculous. No denying that it looks pretty awesome though. [via]


Michael Young x Moke International

michael young moke 01 Michael Young x Moke International

The legendary Moke is reborn thanks to British designer Michael Young.

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Astonishing Photography By Brent Stirton

Travel171 Astonishing Photography By Brent Stirton
Travel371 Astonishing Photography By Brent Stirton
Travel481 Astonishing Photography By Brent Stirton
Travel71 Astonishing Photography By Brent Stirton
Travel61 Astonishing Photography By Brent Stirton
Travel502 Astonishing Photography By Brent Stirton
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Photography Heat has got a mission to accomplish by publishing extensive photography by the world’s precious photographers. Here we are going to introduce a person who actually don’t need introduction, but we feel

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TILT “Fastest Folding Bike” by B’TWIN

tilt the fastest folding bike by btwin TILT Fastest Folding Bike by B’TWIN

The french bycycle brand, B’TWIN had the the crazy idea of transforming a cyclist into a pedestrian in one second.

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Rizoma Metropolitan Bike

rizoma bike large 2 Rizoma Metropolitan Bike

Made from carbon and aluminum machined from solid and 100% Made in Italy, like all of Rizoma’s products, 77|011 changes the rules and the concept of urban cycling….

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Cars Photography

Car28 Cars Photography

Car3 Cars Photography

Car12 Cars Photography

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With the development of science and technology, the cars have already become the necessity in our every day life progressively.

Car can be defined categorically through, its basic utility, specialty,

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Wooden bike hook, minimal and simple

minimal wooden bike hook large 750x916 Wooden bike hook, minimal and simple

Great solution to showcase you´re prizes custom bike. These minimal wooden bike hooks are made for light sports bikes that you want to store indoors…

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Smart Highway

Smart Highway 1 750x475 Smart Highway

Smart Highway are intelligent, interactive and sustainable roads of today, designed by Studio Roosegaarde and Heleen Herbert from Heijmans Infrastructure.

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Karmann forever

Only for pleasure, enjoy this two Karmann. Full gallery on Supercharged !

en off karmann forever 01 750x381 Karmann forever

Nissan Extrem crossover

Nissan Extrem crossover 1 750x445 Nissan Extrem crossover

Nissan has launched the new Extrem crossover at Sao Paulo auto show. The new concept, is a crossover between a SUV and a small sports car and is based on the Nissan March.

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Ferrari Xezri

ferrari xezri Ferrari Xezri

The Ferrari Xezri is a stunning concept by design graduate Samir Sadikhov, it came second in the Ferrari World Design Contest…

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2013 Cadillac ATS

2013 Cadillac ATS 101 2013 Cadillac ATS
Cadillac‘s all-new compact sedan, the 2013 ATS. This single, lonely aspect of the ATS is all that matters to trunkfuls of self-proclaimed
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