Ducati Diavel Titanium


The new Diavel Titanium, produced in a limited series of just 500 numbered bikes, was created to satisfy the demands of those in search of an even more radical degree of customization and refinement. The philosophy inspiring the Diavel Titanium is that of creating an exclusive bike enhanced with components and accessories made in sophisticated and innovative materials.

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Rotopax Fuelpacks


The RotopaX Fuel Cell System is a great solution for carrying extra gas on or off road, whether traveling by motorcycle or ATV. Packs are available for gasoline, water, or even tools and first aid, and they mount easily using a simple install process.

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Husqvarna Motorcycles | by Kiska


Husqvarna Motorcycles have unveiled two new street models at the International motorcycle Expo EICMA, in Milan. The 401 VITPILEN and 401 SVARTPILEN were inspired by the rebellious spirit of the golden age of the brand in the 60s and 70s, these concept machines are true Husqvarna – high quality motorcycles with a rich sense of heritage.

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Quadrofoil Electric Watercraft


Quadrofoil is an electric hydrofoiling personal watercraft, which provides the most economically efficient and completely environmentally friendly mode of recreational marine transportation. Due to hydrofoiling and patented steering technology, riding feels like flying onwater and provides an entirely new and thrilling water experience.

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Pininfarina Limited Edition Luxury Bike

Italian car design firm Pininfarina has designed a limited edition luxury bike for Fuoriserie. “It blends our heritage with innovative solutions, it is elegant and exclusive but also highly functional. It’s a Fuoriserie with an eco-friendly soul.” – commented Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of Pininfarina Group.

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The Sad Story of a Stolen Truck


According to Imgur user tdkamp11 : “Last Sunday three people broke into my dads garage and stole his beautiful 1955 ford f100 pickup and destroyed it the same night for no reason. This was my dads prize possession and spent hours working on this truck and for this to happen to him is awful. People suck.”

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An Electronic Wooden Car That Is Completely Drivable

Lui Fulong is a 48 year old Chinese carpenter who designed this energy efficient electric car made out of wood. It runs on batteries and can travel up to 19 miles per hour (32 km/h). (Photos by AFP Photo)

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October 24 – November 1: Vehicles of the Week

This picture taken on October 29, 2014 shows 48 years old carpenter Liu Fulong (L) driving a wooden car made by himself on a street in Shenyang, northeast China’s Liaoning province. Liu Fulong, who stopped his education after primary school, spent more than 3 months on this wooden electric car that could travel at full speed 30 km per hour when fully charged, local media reported. (Photo by AFP Photo)

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Le Velo Vintage Bicycles


Le Velo is a cycling workshop in Hamburg, Germany, that specializes in building custom vintage bicycles…

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1965 Shelby 289 Cobra Alloy Continuation


This spectacular 1965 Shelby Cobra is up for auction, it shows only 56 miles on its odometer. It has been preserved in like-new condition, and some of the specific features of this 7000 series Roadster includes a Holley four-barrel carburetor, a five-speed gearbox, an 8,000-rpm tachometer, a 160-mph speedometer, a braced-chrome paperclip roll bar, a quick-fill fuel cap, a white-coated side exhaust, and true 15-inch knock-off wheels.

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Wearable Scooter


The Wearable Scooter is a very cool invention that you can both wear and ride it. Weighing only 1.7 kg, this scooter is strong enough to get you to your destination with no problem. Once there, you can just fold and wrap it around your waist like a belt without the hassle of using your arms to carry it.

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Top 10 Car Movies Of All Time

Can we imagine a world without cars? At a first glance, this seems a rather simple task and we are tempted to answer “yes, this would not be so difficult”. But at a closer look, we can easily see that cars are so thoroughly imbued in our culture, that we can almost say that they are, if not some “floating signifiers”, then, for sure, they have a crucial symbolic value, not just a mere utility meaning. And who else, better understood that, than the world of cinema. The world of cinema, of “simulacra and simulations”, fully contributed to this symbolic capital that we are often investing in cars.

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This Super-Yacht Will Run You a Cool $500 Million


It’s called the STAR. It’s not an extra terrestrial ship or Poseidon’s vacation boat or an iceberg. It’s a civilian vessel built for the .000001%. It costs $500 Million. It doesn’t fly or sink, just floats and get’s you from point A to B.

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Trion Nemesis


Hand-crafted by skilled artisans in America, Trion SuperCars has developed an advanced ultra-luxury, high performance line of vehicles designed around the driver. The exterior lines are flawless from the front growl to the captivating tail configuration…

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BMW R69S | by ER Motorcycles


Beautiful conversion by ER Motorcycles, the BMW R69S is named Voltron is is a mixture of modern and vintage style with emphasis on clean lines and visual simplicity.

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