Custom Super Cub Racer

Super Motor Company tuned this Super Cub into a very special bike. Named “Salt Shaker” the bike is equipped with a 22 bhp 150cc Yinxiang engine…

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Honda Micro Commuter Concept

Further evidence of the coming fragmentation of personal transportation came today when Honda released details of the next iteration of its “Micro Commuter” prototype
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Hirobo One-Man Electric Helicopter

Hirobo One-Man Electric Helicopter

Recently unveiled at a tech expo in Nagoya, the Hirobo‘s new one-man electric helicopter can travel up to 100km/h (62mph) for 30 minutes at single charge.. [Watch the gallery and video]

1290 Superduke R Prototype

First showing of the KTM 1290 Superduke R prototype – a super-lightweight, trellis-framed,
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Hyundai Veloster REMIX

The Hyundai Veloster has been a popular base for customizers at this year’s SEMA event, as its accessible performance and funky looks lend themselves to embellishment.
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Honda N-one unveiled during tokyo design week 2012

While in japan for tokyo design week 2012, unveiling of honda’s ‘N-ONE‘ mini passenger vehicle.
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Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster

Teenage boys the world over have another drool-worthy Lamborghini to plaster on their bedroom walls with the unveiling of the Aventador LP700-4 Roadster.
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Behind the scenes at the Audi Design concept Studio

An exclusive look behind the scenes at the Audi Design Concept Studio in Munich, where each of the A, Q, and R model lines will adopt significant changes.

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Oldtimer Tankstelle, Hamburg

Harking back to the golden age of motoring is Oldtimer Tankstelle in Hamburg, tapping into the nostalgia of a happier time with its beautifully restored original 1950s features. This place is so retro you’d be embarrassed to pull up in any vehicle younger than yourself. From the pumps (soon to be working), to the crank-handled cash register, it’s full throttle in reverse here.

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An Automobile Collection

We have been posting various photographs & graphics for your inspiration, captured by famous talented photographers and artists around the world. This is the series where we showcase some of the finest visual inspiration for you every day.

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Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster

Lamborghini has officially unveiled this morning a new roadster, the Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster. More pics and

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The Porsche Crest

Manufacturing an unmistakable trademark: the Porsche Crest. It has now been relaunched for the Porsche 356 and the early 911s from Porsche Classic. An insight into the complex production process.

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Concept Art by Alex & Interview

The Art Times featuring the showcase and interview of Alex Andreyev from Russia in our Designers Showcase section. Alex has did really amazing inspirational and concept art which is not just deserve to watch but also very enjoyable and meaningful. He has did stunning art series in eight parts called A Separate Reality which is now one my favorite art.

fyling ship
Under Clouds

futurstic design

floating ships
Super Cargo

design concept
City Gate

Optical Camouflage Technology Allows You to “See-Through” a Car’s Backseat

Driving reverse doesn’t have to be so much of a pain, well not for long. A research group at Keio University in Japan is currently developing a system that makes the backseat of a car look transparent.

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Homemade Porsche 911

Homemade Porsche 911

An Austrian car enthusiast Hannes Langeder Managed to build the lightest and slowest Porsche 911 in the world. The thing that makes this Porsche more interesting interesting is that it doesn’t even have an engine. The body of the homemade sports car is made of plastic tubes, and the wheels are so slim they wouldn’t even fit on a bicycle.

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