Alfonso Cuarón: The making of Gravity (video)

j5gh Alfonso Cuarón: The making of Gravity (video)
Watch: Alfonso Cuarón: The Sound of Gravity
Exclusive SoundWorks Collection profile with Director Alfonso Cuarón and Re-recording Mixer Skip Lievsay about the sound teams work to create a dramatic sound scape to a dark and vast outer space environment.

Canvas 24P Action Reel

Displaying an amazing sports show-reel by the Brazilian film production company Canvas 24P.

canvas01 Canvas 24P Action Reel
canvas03 Canvas 24P Action Reel

Watch the video at

Analog mapping teaser from Radugadesign

Evening, 5 october, Russia, Moscow. Circle of Light. Analog mapping on Maneg from Radugadesign.
We are pleased to invite you to the analog mapping show…


Elemental Iceland

Another amazing time-lapse capture showing all the beautiful natural landscape of Iceland by photographer Stian Rekdal.

iceland04 Elemental Iceland
iceland01 Elemental Iceland
iceland03 Elemental Iceland

Watch the video at

Dragons de Paris — We Are One

The Distiller

The first gin distiller in Brooklyn since prohibition.
037 650x363 The Distiller
026 650x362 The Distiller
045 650x360 The Distiller
More info + video here

Rumble and Sway – New York Timelapse

rumble and sway NY timelapse 01 Rumble and Sway – New York Timelapse

This video is a mixtape of the 321 different shots we made over the two week period in NYC for the 2013 US Open broadcast on ESPN. One of our consistent gigs the past couple of years has been shooting and editing timelapse for broadcast. Now I’m not talking about live timelapse transmitting or anything impossible like that.

rumble and sway NY timelapse 02 Rumble and Sway – New York Timelapse


Spotted at WHUDAT

The Life-Light

A personal journey about breakthroughs that took us (Jordi & Daan) on a big trip around the world. To challenge ourselves and each other to think in possibilities instead of impossibilities. To talk to other creatives / directors around the world about these challenges and share the lessons and tools through our blog

This film is a visualization of how this journey changed our lives. Get inspired // Be inspiring!

Watch the two “This is my journey” (intro) videos to get a full grip on the story: // Jordi – This is my journey // Daan – This is my journey

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Vasava Spans the Globe for Louis Vuitton

aaaah2 650x409 Vasava Spans the Globe for Louis Vuitton

Communication studio Vasava and fashion illustrator Jordi Labanda recently collaborated on a series of short films to promote Louis Vuitton’s m-commerce in the U.S., Japan, and Canada, and e-commerce in Brazil.

“We created a simple story that shows a customer ordering Vuitton goods and, all of a sudden the Pont Alexandre III takes off from Paris, crosses the ocean, and the package is delivered to the woman,” said Vasava’s Enric Godes. “During the trip, different monuments and landmarks from the two countries pop up, lending an air of ‘Paris-fication’ to either the U.S., Japan, Canada, or Brazil.”

He noted that the aesthetic is one-hundred percent Labanda and Vasava’s challenge was to bring his illustrations to life with a retro feel and without too many fireworks: “We scanned in Jordi’s hand-painted elements and retouched them, built the scenery and created the Alexandre III bridge in 3D. We did the animation in Photoshop and After Effects.”

See the videos here.


22 130923 043852 650x243 RETELLY.COM | BOX PROJECTION MAPPING

Extreme cool projection-mapping onto moving surfaces. The short film documents a live performance, captured entirely in camera. Amazeballs.

Watch the video:

DIMENSIONS: A story about 3D animation

“Metaphysics: a branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world.

How can we tell what is real and what is not?

3D animation, for example, is becoming more and more sophisticated with each passing year. In this short film combining live action and, you’ve guessed it, animation, one young man sits down to write a childhood friend a letter, describing just how this state of affairs came about.

It is almost as if he is convincing himself of his own argument, in order to give himself the courage to, once and for all, discover whether the world in which we live is true or not.” –

Super Mario Bros in Augmented Reality

mario1 650x273 Super Mario Bros in Augmented Reality

mario3 650x274 Super Mario Bros in Augmented Reality

mario2 650x274 Super Mario Bros in Augmented Reality

In the Berlin city everyone is going crazy for a viral new app. Anyone with a smartphone can play a sort of Super Mario Bros arcade game in Augmented Reality. In the game a coin corresponds to 0.01 Bitcoins. Citizens’ habits are tainted by the game. Coins are hidden all over the city, you can spot them just scanning around with your device, not always they are easy to grab. People started to leave their jobs in order to collect Coins in the streets. All over the city people are jumping and running around with their smartphones, trying to grab as many virtual coins as they can…
The shooting itself is been a game in the game: all the interviewees were asked to imagine the city as the app release happened for real and to answer thereby, sometimes they were even asked to play with it. Part of the work was dedicated to the Bitcoinkiez, a small Berlin district where local owners started to sell their products in Bitcoins through the Bitcoin Wallet App, which would be the “real” app to whom the Super Mario app is corresponding.


Maxwell Schiano – Editing Reel 2013

Maxwell Schiano
Director / Editor
Perpetual Motion
Music: Daft Punk – Derezzed

MIDTOWN – a high energy time lapse video of NYC

midtown 1 650x362 MIDTOWN   a high energy time lapse video of NYC
Global Yodel contributor Drew Geraci is at it again. His latest time lapse video is an amazing high energy ride through NYC. Check it out HERE.

Ron Howard shares his directing tips (video)

mhk1 Ron Howard shares his directing tips (video)
Watch: Ron Howard On Filmmaking
Ron Howard shares his directing tips. Want to know what was “a really great training ground” for the director? Or why it’s important to study your favourite scenes with the sound turned off? Watch Ron Howard discuss filmmaking and offer insights into his craft.