Ksenia Schnaider Video Campaign F/W2014

Last summer, Ukrainian studio Ksenia Schnaider celebrated its 4th season of holding shows at Chengdu Fashion Week in China. To Ksenia and Anton Schnaider, the designers, some things in Asian culture seemed too unusual during their first visits; but later, they started to feel romantic about them, and Chengdu city itself. In its turn, Ksenia Schnaider`s design gained its true admirers in China. As a result of this mutual love, a short movie was born. In the movie shot by the designers team together with ARCHIVE branding agency, we see beautiful love story of a girl and her city.

Main heroine of the movie is a Chinese girl whom Ksenia met during first show at Chengdu Fashion week, where she came with her mother. In the movie, the girl dressed in Ksenia Schnaider F/W 2014-2015 walks down the central streets of Chengdu, looking all romantic – yet a bit weird, in a sheer Asian way.

The Disguised Job Application

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 13.00.00

What do you do when sending tons of job application to ad agencies, but never get attention nor recognized? You send your portfolio – disguised as the worldwide advertising magazine ARCHIVE… Great job, guys!

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Jamés Ventura – Irmãos de Tinta

James Ventura brazilian rapper Documentary Music Video about the streets, graffiti and pixação. All material are real, no simulations.

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Motion graphics for Saint-Gobain – Social Media

This is an editing of a motion graphic I did for Saint-Gobain. It’s used within the company to explain how well to use the social media within the society without it is harmful for this one.

GoPro: Loving Maldives

Amazing Honeymoon video recorded in Maldives.

By: Angie Silva & Laima Frichenbruders
Sunisland resort & Spa Maldives
Song: Bonfire by Knike Party

Weird & Wonderful

shot entirely with a iPhone 5s!

Studio Bomba Video Interview w/ Pilerats

Studio Bomba is a lot of things – a design studio, shop, coffee bar, collective… the list goes on. Located on Oxford Street in Perth, and run by Leah Dent and Angela Mitchell, the space trades in “good goods and fine services”, along with hosting workshops and much more. And instead of us explaining all these things via the typed word, please enjoy a brief chat with Dent and Mitchell about the space and all that it offers. There’s so many rad creative people and spaces around Australia that deserve to be heard, and we can’t wait to find them and hear what they have to say.

TV Channel Bumpers

New original and captivating bumpers, evolving around the notion of surprise. Each bumper depicts a vibrant and extremely precise detailed 3D animation of a mechanical world and the variations of themes seem to be nearly endless.

Geurilla Urban lost and found network

#LostFound is a community driven lost and found system that utilizes 3D printing and social media to connect people with misplaced items.

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Animation Showreel by Karol Kolodzinski

Animation director and compositing artist Karol Kolodzinski presents his work from recent years.

OMOTE – Real Time Face Tracking / Projection Mapping by Nobumichi Asai


A team led by Nobumichi Asai demonstrates real-time face tracking and projection mapping. Can you image the entertainment potential for this kind of technology?

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J’adore Paris – Hyper Fast Timelapse Portrait of Paris


Filmmaker Paul Richardson went to Paris to capture the city’s grandest sights, the old and new, in riveting timelapse fashion, perhaps calling attention to the contrast between classic Paris and the sleek, newer business district.

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“Streets – New York City” – Tim Sessler Captures The Beauty Of NYC In The Summer

Streets_New_York_City_by_Tim Sessler_2014_01

Brooklyn-based documentary film-maker and cinematographer Tim Sessler’s latest film captures the gorgeous beauty of New York City in the summer. The mesmerizing slow-motion video glides through Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, showcasing picturesque moments like Manhattanhenge, skateboarders performing under the Brooklyn Bridge, and water balloon fights in the park.

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The Call


If you want to sur­vive you have to work, it’s as sim­ple as that. Not everybody’s work­ing in the same busi­ness though. There is a whole indus­try nobody wants to talk about, an indus­try that kills for a liv­ing. No names, no faces, just a sim­ple call and an adress. This night we are fol­low­ing a name­less Killer through his bloody work rou­tine, but tonight some­thing unfore­seen happens.

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Submerse – Approaching Ends

Artist: Submerse
Label: Project: Mooncircle

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