Submerse – Approaching Ends

Artist: Submerse
Label: Project: Mooncircle

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The opening show of “New Media Night 2014″ festival in Nikola-Lenivets

At midnight from the 5th to the 6th of July 2014 Radugadesign opened “New Media Night” festival in Nikola-Lenivets with video mapping show. The “Universe Mind” architectural piece by Nikolay Polissky, the most sophisticated structure for video mapping, was chosen as the object for the installation. “Murcof” electronic music served as the inspiration for the show.

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Analog mapping backstage

This autumn from 10th to 14th of October the Moscow International Festival “Circle of Light” will be held. While we are preparing to it let’s recall how we created competitive work for the Moscow Light festival last year.

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“What we’ve learned from this Worldcup” by Reto Huettenmoser


After an intensiv Worldcup 2014, there needed to be a good roundup. Zurich/Switzerland-based Artist Reto Huettenmoser did a great one.

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Marquese Scott & Poppin John – Let Go // Dubstep


Turf-Dancer Marquese Scott has teamed up once again with Poppin John to really blow minds with this incredible dubstep dance video. I would like to see x-rays of both these dudes to make sure they aren’t actually robots sent by an alien race to brainwash us through youtube.

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The Apollo 11 Moon Landing – Recut to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: Space Odyssey


Back in 1968 director Stanley Kubrick along with co-creator Arthur C. Clarke were making what would later become the greatest science fiction film of all time, 2001: A Space Odyssey. The story revolves around space travel and man’s place in the universe.

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Top-5 Auto by Radugadesign

Making Top 5 Auto Award. Expert automotive business national award.

Producer: Ivan Nefedkin;
Designers: Alexander Abramov, Artemy Perevertin

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ADC 2014 (Art Directors Club)

Just a short clip from this years Art Directors Club in Hamburg with the trip to Hamburg, location and some awesome works.

Urban Calligraphy “LUCID DREAM” – Finding your way to Inspiration!

“Lucid Dreaming” is an act of rebellion. The dreamer gains control over his actions and thoughts. The subconscious becomes conscious, dreams become a memory.

The Lucid Dreamer is like a magician, imposing willpower and constantly struggling with himself, to master his skills and gain full control of the dream, thus becoming the ruler of the maze instead of a single puppet in the paradox black hole of perception.

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Have you head? – Crowdfunding Campaign Video

How to tell a story that lives on in the collective conscience of a city? What tools and methods can be used to introduce a story to the social context of a city? Can the art of storytelling be a vehicle of making the invisible noticed and the inaudible – heard?

Have you heard? is a cross-disciplinary research on urban environment, on storytelling and on Story as an independent, living and developing substance. The project aims to create an immaterial artwork, living in the imaginary of the urban community: a narrative, shared and experienced in the life of the polis. Have you heard? reflects upon the immigrant issues, that often stay unnoticed in today’s borderless Europe.

The project incorporates various forms of visual, media and performing arts, implemented through a series of interconnected actions/interventions developing in time in different real spaces with local input. Altogether, they tell a story of the characters from different backgrounds meeting in Edinburgh.

More information here and here.

“One Skateboard At A Time” – How Skate-Decks Are Produced From Start To Final Product


In this short film, Chapman Skateboards sets out to document the complete skateboard production process, to celebrate the people as well as the craftsmanship involved in the making of each of their decks. From the raw maple veneer, to hitting the streets, every hand involved makes the ChapmanWood special.

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De Passage – Surfing and Lifestyle by Reef


This is “De Passage” by Reef, and it’s good. You won’t see any surfing till 2.58, but you’ll be lured in by some truly captivating cinematography overseen by Russell Brownley. You’ve got names like Rob Machado, Shane Dorian, Mick Fanning, Alana Blanchard, Kai Otton, Nick Rozsa, Mikala Jones and Taylor Knox, just to name a few, slicing apart some crazy good waves in Tahiti, Bali, Australia and South Africa. Some parts might test your patience if you’re not a fan of the slow-mo, but this film is all about slowing down and enjoying those moments on the road. This is really pleasant viewing.

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Karma is a bitch


Festival winner “Karma is a bitch” is now screening online as part of the Viewster Online Film Fest. The film is directed by Dawid Ullgren and was shot by award winning DOP Nils Croné. Producers are Andreas Climent and Linus Rockström. The film stars Håkan Carlsson and Emelia Hansson.

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Above L.A. – A Love Letter To Los Angeles


“Above L.A.” is a love letter to Los Angeles by Chris Pritchart and showcases his favorite way to view the city – from above. Whether on a rooftop, a hill, or a mountain, getting above the grind of the city allows you to appreciate it in a new way. Once you get even slightly above, the views and sounds begin to change dramatically.

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Laser videomapping reel

Video report about tests of the innovative laser projector for video mapping having no analogues in the world with detailed account of its features and possible applications.