Motion Designer x Live Action Director TOM GERAEDTS

Tom Geraedts recently dropped a new compilation showcasing his animation and VFX work. Enjoy the nice little waltz as well.

D&AD taps into creative jealousies as Rankin reveals the work he wishes he’d done

Following the success of the ‘I Wish I’d Done That’ series, D&AD is launching a new set of films showing the work that the world’s top creative people wish they’d done.

First up, legendary photographer Rankin is in the hot seat, discussing a piece of work called ‘Fashion Film’ by Matthew Frost. ‘Fashion Film’ is a rich genre parody of the current crop of mid length fashion commercials, a relatively recent phenomenon that has become a common component of fashion campaigns.

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Documentary Trailer + Poster Artwork

This feature documentary is our diploma project at University of Fine Arts. The 80min film was created in 6 month. We hope you enjoy the trailer. You can find more informations on:

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The Most Anticipated Movies of 2014 : Part I

January is often the favorite time of the year of Weekend’s Lover. It’s time to let go of worries and set aside any endeavor to watch the rest of the movies but to start the year with blood. Some of them will be okay, some bad and some great. This year is full of some of the greatest movies of their time with some new entries.

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Snegoviki by Radugadesign

20-22 december 2013, Troyka Fair.
Generative + motion. Soundtrack by DZA.

Voyage by NOVAK

Inspired by Derry – Londonderry’s Austins claim to be the world’s oldest department store, NOVAK created a whistle stop audio visual journey inspired by the fantastical novels and imagination of Jules Verne. A light-hearted, amusing and bizarre journey, custom built to fit the building’s facade. The piece also featured a bespoke score by composer Ed Carter.

Commissioned by Artichoke for Lumiere 2013

Technical delivery by QED

The car: Don’t you fuckin touch it! – Official Trailer #1

(Please!) Support and maybe follow us?

Plot: Jack got a sweet car, it’s the love of his life. He and a friend made a strict budget, so they could enjoy it in the future. But it just lasted for the first three years. An professional hitman got it by accident, so now he is gonna have to deal with Jack. The man that only seen guns in movies, and with a brain, big as a soda can. But… there’s something about Jack that nobody wants to realize. If he want something really bad, for heaven sake turn back and drive the fuck away from there! It’s gonna get ugly!


Jim Visible

After a long time of retouching images, color correction and animating different versions of titles our short is finally done.
We´re looking forward for your feedback.

Created by:
Johannes Hutterer:

Fabio Arnold:

Eighty Five – Showreel 2013

This is a bunch of my best stuff from 2013 using Cinema 4D and After Effects.

Tis the season

Ever wondered what Santa and his gang are up to in their time off?
Merry Christmas from Jens & Anna

A different Christmas and the best animations to get in the mood

There are those who love and those who hate Christmas – this is the largest and most important Christian festival where we celebrate the birth of Jesus and celebrate the greatest Western Folklore: Santa Claus. Santa Claus steals and even the purpose, so selected the best animations to let you in the holiday mood. Sarcasm, irony, mockery, cuteness, compassion and spirituality, you choose!

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The 10 Most Popular Videos of 2013 on Vimeo

The 10 Most Popular Videos of 2013 on Vimeo

The 10 Most Popular Videos of 2013 on Vimeo: A Momentum special report about the most popular videos uploaded on Vimeo between January 2013 and December 2013 according to play counts, likes, comments and reactions.

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The burger we all love and hate, could look like this! Many Big Macs died in the making of this video.

Watch the video here.

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Have we become addicted to the internet? And if we have, what would happen if 5 digital natives were forced to go cold turkey for a week? Would it be reminiscent of a scene from Trainspotting? Or would they regress to some kind of IRL utopia?

Watch the video here.

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Genesis: World’s First 3D HFR Short Film (inside look)

Genesis is the world’s first 3D HFR (high frame rate) short film. Directed by Noah Shulman, Genesis tells an abstract story of the creation of the Earth through color.

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