Best Website Designs of the Month

image12 Best Website Designs of the Month
Every day the web becomes more and more crowded not only with people but also with newly created websites. Moreover, a great deal of old website designs are updating accordingly to recent trends.It’s very important to monitor changes that undergo in this field to stay motivated and trendy.

You should explore galleries dedicated to website designs in order to pick up most of the most designs, analyze them, study them and draw conclusions that in the future to make professional projects. That is why I have decided to make a special monthly roundup where I will showcase best of the best website designs of the previous month.

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Brand-new social icon sets – refresh your website look and make it more trendy

1250 Brand new social icon sets   refresh your website look and make it more trendy
Another good reason to constantly hunt after social icons is satisfaction of the inspiration cravings since sometimes designers come up with such innovative ideas, that you can not only explore and find out something useful for your designers’ skills, but also get inspiration for creating future projects. All in all, fresh social icon packs always held in high esteem.

The collection below showcases brand new social icon packs that will help refresh your website look and make it more trendy

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Exceptional Typography in Web Design

1198 Exceptional Typography in Web Design
20 examples of using exceptional typography in website design that in the majority were self-created. I hope you find something inspiring for you and next time will rejoice us with really outstanding typography.

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Showcase of Parallax Effect in Website Design

665 Showcase of Parallax Effect in Website Design
If parallax effect can vary depending on different factors, what always remains the same is the seamless navigation that is power behind the throne. Rich and engaging user experience of website depends precisely on it. So it should be accurate and user-friendly.

Today, I have collected 25 recently created marvelous website designs that use either vertical or horizontal parallax scrolling to inspire you. 

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21 Premium, Responsive, One-Page HTML5 Templates – only $19!

Today’s online audience has a ridiculously short attention span. That’s not a knock, just a fact. So you need to catch them quick, as well as hold onto their attention. If your website’s confusing, boring and real slow to load from page to page, you’re most likely leaving half your audience on the table. What you need is a revolutionary redesign.

This Mighty Deal from Flashmint offers you a fantastic solution. Actually, it offers 21 solutions. That’s right, this deal includes 21 premium, high-quality Website templates, all sporting some of today’s hottest online trends. Fast-loading, simple navigation and fully responsive, these templates aren’t just fast, they’re a snap to use. Let your content truly stand out and allow your users to hang around long enough to enjoy it! That’s what this beefy bundle’s all about. And if you still need a little incentive, how does 97% off the regular price sound?

md2 21 Premium, Responsive, One Page HTML5 Templates   only $19!

This set of 21 premium one-page responsive Web templates normally sells for a massive $567, but for a limited time, you can get the entire collection for only $19! Yowza! That’s a ludicrous 97% off the regular price!

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Free, Premium, Quality & Responsive HTML5 CSS3 Web Templates

02 1 11 Free, Premium, Quality & Responsive HTML5 CSS3 Web Templates

Is your website responsive? if no! then you are losing lot of business and traffic to your website. today’s trend is do everything on move shopping, browsing, reading etc. because handheld devices are smart now. So, your website needs to support every device to do that it need to be responsive HTML5 CSS3 Responsive web design will help you in making your website Responsive and device friendly. you need to learn HTML5 CSS3 now if you don’t have time to learn below we have collected some beautiful responsive and Mobile freindly web templates

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High Quality Free UI Kit – Combination UI Pack

combination ui kit freebie High Quality Free UI Kit   Combination UI Pack

This huge freebie includes a huge quality user interface kit, called Combination. There are buttons, charts, progress bars, navigation bars, switches, media players, form elements and so much more. This free web design resource includes lots of components to help you design web and mobile apps. Download Combination UI Pack completely free here.

View full preview of all elements included below.

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Hot Web Design Trend: Huge Sliders

1157  Hot Web Design Trend: Huge Sliders
Today I want to showcase a really special kind of website sliders – huge slider that is definitely unconventional approach and trend of the year. Commonly used in online portfolios or personal sites enormous, fullscreen sliders primarily give an opportunity to show photos in all its glory and amaze viewers with its sophistication.

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Useful Collection of Photoshop PSD Freebies

freebies01 Useful Collection of Photoshop PSD Freebies
Web designers have been growing en masse for quite some time. And with this dramatic rise in popularity of designing for the web more artists have begun to release their work public. Icons, vectors, layouts, boxes, buttons, badges, and a whole slew of photoshop psd freebies!

All web designers should at least take a peek a the listing below. We can’t guaranteed you’ll find anything you need. But it’s always handy to have a backup folder where you can store graphics and PSDs for later usage.

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Weekly Free Resources for Designers and Developers [January 6,2014] resources for designers and developers1 Weekly Free Resources for Designers and Developers [January 6,2014]
We follow many designers and developers and of course websites that share or release resources to help design community. We write down them all every day and at the beginning of each week we bring them together and share with you.Most of the tools,jQuery plugins,free fonts,free icons and free PSD files etc. are mostly latest releases or the ones you might not have seen yet.We hope you find them useful for your existing or upcoming design projects.

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11 High Quality Flat Icon Sets

1. Flatilicious – 48 Free Flat Icons
flat icons 1 11 High Quality Flat Icon Sets
While there are many types of icons out there, you might be interested with flat icons which are simple, elegant, and impressive in design.

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Samsung Galaxy 10.1 2014 Edition Microsite

mainbig 650x298 Samsung Galaxy 10.1 2014 Edition Microsite

designfever developed an innovative mobile and microsite to effectively promote Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Tab 10.1 2014 Edition around the world . The revolutionary tablet includes the highest resolution WGXQA screen, making it stand above its competitors. To express its superiority, the microsite demonstrates the Galaxy Tab 10.1 2014 Edition’s unique changes by highlighting its sensual visuals, upgraded features, and unprecedented user benefits.

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Samsung OLED TV Microsite

112 650x386 Samsung OLED TV Microsite
Korean agency designfever was tasked with creating a microsite that would introduce Samsung Electronics’ ‘OLED TV’ to the world. The microsite conveyed the luxurious nature of the curved screen by including lively interactions that reiterates the slogan ‘Life in Every Pixel’. By simultaneously presenting the elegance and functionality of the TV, users are able to get a better understanding of the product and truly understand the benefits of such a unique viewing experience. In addition to the microsite, a minimal and elegant mobile site also demonstrates the beauty and innovation found on the OLED TV.

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60 Unique free flat round icons in SVG, Ai and PNG

free Round icons banner2 60 Unique free flat round icons in SVG, Ai and PNG

The thing that every designer and developer always need is creative nice icons…what is better than adding a fresh colorful feel to enhance your website or application and deliver a unique user experience.

This 60 Free flat round icons are part of a 1000 icons collection by that is made exactly to serve this purpose. Our icons are made with great attention to details and designed to deliver the message instantly. Whatever your message is you will find an icon that will symbolize it in our bundle.

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60 Top jQuery Plugins of 2013

We regularly check for useful resources and tools for web designers and developers,almost everyday and you know we immediately share them with either on social media platforms or on our blog Designbeep.

Well,we are almost at the end of 2013 and like every year,really useful jQuery plugins have been released by talented developers in 2013.Although we bring together these plugins in our ”weekly freebies for designers and developers” we thought it would be good to select and collect the most useful and popular jQuery plugins in one place.

2.jquery plugins 60 Top jQuery Plugins of 2013
A simple and easy to use plugin to create fullscreen scrolling websites. (also known as single page websites) It allows to create fullscren scrolling websites as well as adding some landscape sliders inside the sections of the site.

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