How Dieter Rams inspired today’s UI designers


You probably heard about Dieter Rams (born 1932) – one of the most influential industrial designers of the 20th century from Germany. He was the head of design at Braun consumer electronics company, where he designed lots of famous products.

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Infographic: The Art of Evangelism by Guy Kawasaki

In a world where every brand shouts louder, talks more (often too much with too little meaning) and stirs stronger, what should the client do? What is happening to the mind of a facebook user who liked all the brands he encountered on his newsfeed? What is happening to a customer’s ears that cannot possibly distinguish a brand’s voice from a friend’s voice anymore?

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8 jQuery Video background for Designer and Developer

Video backgrounds can give your website a attractive and pretty cool look. In this post we have showcased 9 jQuery plugins for video background on your website. These plugins enables you to easily integrate some of your best videos as your website background. Enjoy

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20 Photography Drupal Theme for Gallery Website

Drupal is one of most popular cms in the world. Come with powerful features, it will help you make any type of website, including for photo gallery website. For all those of you who are into Photography and looking for a cool Drupal themes to showcase your clicks and get the feedback, here I have come up with the compilation of 20 stunning photography Drupal theme. Check them out and make your pick.

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Dealjumbo celebrates their 1st birthday with a mega deal

It is no secret that we here at Inspired Mag love a good deal, and you might have noticed we have often posted some great deals from Dealjumbo. Well today we are not just posting one deal, but eight amazing deals. How come we have eight deals? Because Dealjumbo is currently celebrating their first birthday, and because of that, they have decided to re-run some of their most popular mega bundles. This is a special opportunity to grab those deals you missed the first time.

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50 Examples of Colorful Web Design For Inspiration

When designing a website, one of the most big challenges is make effective color scheme. In this post we are showcasing a roundup of 50 examples of colorful web design for your inspiration.The examples below show stylish graphic design technique with attractive color. You can learn and adopt these showcase for your next web design project.

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Introducing New Qards: More Features, Better & Faster

We are literally surrounded by complicated things which we need be able to figure out. We use complicated technology, play complicated instruments, and seems like we even start thinking in a more complicated way. Creating even a simple website has become a hard task. Developing Qards we started thinking about the essence of creating a website, when you want to tell about your product in a beautiful way, while not digging in complex editors with a large amount of functions. But less is more. We know that you want to do simple things in a simple way. Today we are a step closer to our goal. We are making Qards better, easier and more convenient. Meet New Qards.

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We have created an interactive web-site for RADUGA7 — the agency that create: graphic design, BTL, promotions, events and video production. R7 is like a rainbow. They works include all the colors of the rainbow.

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SHOPPIES: Best Shops of The Week [February 9-15, 2015]

Check out our new sister site: SHOPPIES, the ecommerce awards offered to the best up-and-coming online shops for excellence in user experience and web design.

From now on we’re going to publish a roundup at the end of each week with the best shops of the week, what platforms they’re using, the SHOPPIES grades (for UX, identity & content), and a short description. Hopefully this will inspire you to create your own online shop (or grow ir if you already have one) and get your very own SHOPPIE award!

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Infographic: The ultimate guide to creating a successful online business

infographic copy

Creating a successful online business can be a challenge even for an experienced entrepreneur. The number of potential pitfalls multiply as technology becomes increasingly diverse.

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WebHostingBuzz: Hosting You Trust

As you may have noticed, our site loads faster. That’s because we’re now proud to be hosted by one of the most trusted hosting companies in the design niche – WebHostingBuzz – and we’re in great company, among the likes of Designer Daily, Inspired Mag and DIYwpblog.

Every website owner will tell you the most important thing about their website is not the content posted, or the number of visitors they are getting but the fact that they have a web host they can count on. If you have been looking for a hosting service that offers everything you could ever imagine then look no further. These guys offer an amazingly professional service and I can tell from my own experience.

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Quick solution: 15 time saving tools for bloggers

With most skills, there are numerous tips and tools available from experts, professionals and people who practice the craft that can shed light on the some of the challenges with an undertaking. Writing is no exception. There are useful tools, available mostly for free on the Internet that can help any writer become more productive, effective and keep their audience engaged.

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How to Choose the Right eCommerce Platform for Your Digital Content

If you are a blogger, designer, or budding online entrepreneur, you probably have something to sell. And you might not even know it.

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Top 10 Web Design Trends for 2015

We explored the latest trends and techniques in web design and listed the most interesting ones. There are some web design trends that are coming from the previous year, but will probably be adopted on a larger scale in 2015. Here are the best of them:

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Infographic: Pros & cons of infinite scrolling


One of the hottest topics around is infinite scrolling. Infinite scrolling is the style of navigation that loads new content when you reach the bottom, like a Twitter feed, or a Pinterest board.

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