Free Photoshop Patterns for Your Creative Designs

Cruzine magazine has already gained the reputation of a reliable online source of inspiration for designers. However, inspiration belongs to the immaterial world, and we would also like to offer our readers something physical too, at least to the extent allowed by web transfer protocols. What about some free Photoshop patterns, which you could use in your daily work, if you are a professional designer, or in your experiments, if you are just a fan of Photoshop and visual design? Cruzine offers today such a collection of free patterns for Photoshop. Here we have stone, leather, textile, mesh, ornaments, flowers, and many other types of patterns to suit many different projects from cool hi-tech web site designs to sweet Christmas postcards. Download, install, and enjoy!

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50 New Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop is a remarkable tool that is used in graphic designing. With so many tools and features, it offers numbers of ways to create the desired look. This is the reason why many designers and artists constantly publish new and fresh Photoshop tutorials where they share their newly discovered techniques. Such tutorials are the best way to explore Photoshop in an easy way.

Photoshop Tutorial

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Enjoy this cool #119 Thursday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks.

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Galleria-T X Joe WSE ‘Anchors’ Tote Bag

Milan based Graphic Designer Chiara Azzalin created this beautifully styled Hipstamatic print of the Galleria-T ‘Anchors’ Tote, designed by British Artist Joe WSE. Shot on Location in Turkey.

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Daily Inspirations no. 224

Let’s be honest – most of the advertising we see on TV is really boring and annoying. However, do not treat all advertising equally. We have picked up some really interesting samples of visual advertising which can be anything but boring. Mobile phone, tomato sauce, and a medicine – common products to be advertised, but have a look at the advertising graphics presented within this gallery of design inspirations and you’ll see how unusual, creative, and artful advertising designers can be. Indeed, today art has gained a variety of new forms; it left the borders of traditional art galleries and penetrated into multiple spheres of human life, including those, which are not so easy to associate with art on the first sight.

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Web Usability: Getting Ahead of the Game

What is great usability for a website? Usability means being able to find exactly what one is looking for while spending the least amount of time doing so.

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25 Mind Blowing HTML5 Examples

Today we are showcasing websites made in HTML5 and believe us, you will not believe that these websites are made up only with HTML5.

Andrew Shanley
Pioneer Records Management
Digital Hands

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Be Inspired – Creative Web Interfaces #25


Here we are, our twenty fifth web interface showcase. Showcasing the latest design trends within the community, this round-up of fresh showcasing e-commerce, blogs and portfolio designs.

We would love to know your feedback on our web interface showcase, how can we can we make them better? What should we not do? Should we have a voting system? Feel free to drop us a tweet with your suggestions or post in the comments below

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Pencil VS Camera Technique – 20 New Artworks!!

Batman Equation is Answered with the Bat-Symbol

Geekologie: Yes, a Batman Equation actually exists, and once answered, the resulting graph looks like a real bat-symbol.

Daily Inspirations no. 223

Grotesque glamour, exaggerated fashion, supernatural abilities, combination of art and animals world – all this and much more can be found in our today inspirational set. It seems, contemporary artists do not support the statement, probably made by the pessimists of this world, that everything in the art field has already been said and done by our predecessors. Neither give they the slightest chance for the saying that everything new is just the forgotten old thing. Instead, modern artists perfectly manage to find quite unusual and even whimsical topics for their works, as well as uncommon, obscure, but really fascinating ways of depicting them to attract viewers’ attention. And we must admit, that really works: we are always attracted by something unexpected; and even if a topic is familiar and has been seen many times before, the unusual technique of its representation turns out to be the best method to captivate our glances and draw our attention. Just like the pieces in our set of inspirational images do!

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25 Handy Online CSS Generators

Various online CSS Generators that will take away all the burden from your shoulders and give you quality output. Coding CSS can be a time consuming task for many of us.

CSS Layout Generator
CSS Menus
Clean CSS

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Best Coming Soon Pages: Psychologically-Driven Signups


Like an itch, seeing something intriguing creates a need for answers: coming soon pages push a user to react; whether it’s by signing-up, bookmarking, sharing, or doing all of the above. Because these coming soon pages are a mere suggestion as to what’s hidden behind the sleek book jacket, people either instantly latch onto the idea, or move on. Not disclosing the secrets of what lies beneath the gorgeous exterior is a mystery-ploy that works psychologically in marketing.

Which coming soon pages can you recall from memory? Here are a few of the best coming soon pages, which if you haven’t seen, you’ll surely add to that collection of ‘bests.’

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When Perspiration Gets Out Of Control

New Axe Spots by Ponce Buenos Aires (Cannes Lions 2011).

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