Batman Equation is Answered with the Bat-Symbol

Geekologie: Yes, a Batman Equation actually exists, and once answered, the resulting graph looks like a real bat-symbol.

Daily Inspirations no. 223

Grotesque glamour, exaggerated fashion, supernatural abilities, combination of art and animals world – all this and much more can be found in our today inspirational set. It seems, contemporary artists do not support the statement, probably made by the pessimists of this world, that everything in the art field has already been said and done by our predecessors. Neither give they the slightest chance for the saying that everything new is just the forgotten old thing. Instead, modern artists perfectly manage to find quite unusual and even whimsical topics for their works, as well as uncommon, obscure, but really fascinating ways of depicting them to attract viewers’ attention. And we must admit, that really works: we are always attracted by something unexpected; and even if a topic is familiar and has been seen many times before, the unusual technique of its representation turns out to be the best method to captivate our glances and draw our attention. Just like the pieces in our set of inspirational images do!

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25 Handy Online CSS Generators

Various online CSS Generators that will take away all the burden from your shoulders and give you quality output. Coding CSS can be a time consuming task for many of us.

CSS Layout Generator
CSS Menus
Clean CSS

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Best Coming Soon Pages: Psychologically-Driven Signups


Like an itch, seeing something intriguing creates a need for answers: coming soon pages push a user to react; whether it’s by signing-up, bookmarking, sharing, or doing all of the above. Because these coming soon pages are a mere suggestion as to what’s hidden behind the sleek book jacket, people either instantly latch onto the idea, or move on. Not disclosing the secrets of what lies beneath the gorgeous exterior is a mystery-ploy that works psychologically in marketing.

Which coming soon pages can you recall from memory? Here are a few of the best coming soon pages, which if you haven’t seen, you’ll surely add to that collection of ‘bests.’

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When Perspiration Gets Out Of Control

New Axe Spots by Ponce Buenos Aires (Cannes Lions 2011).

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25 Top Facebook Games

There are some epic Facebook games and some newbies in this list, but take my words all are entertaining enough to keep you engaged on Facebook for much more time.

Mafia Wars
Showoff Poker

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tribute to Pixar

BXFTYS Showreel 01

The Earth Beat – Bmx on DirtPark

Free template for Single page portfolio

Daily Inspirations no. 222

Today most of us use Internet not only to read the latest news or view the weather forecast, instead we actively interact with the web, commenting the articles, publishing our own posts, liking the pages on Facebook, or twitting something on Twitter. Internet has grown into the full-featured multi-facet environment, where there is always enough place for creativity and inspiration among other. We treat the World Wide Web as the source and as the purpose, from which designers draw their inspiration and ideas, and for which they create their masterpieces, whether it is a WordPress theme, like Evidens, presented below, typography designs, like Speed of Sound x5 or Cheesy Type, or digital illustrations, like those presented in abundance in the following set of inspirational designs at Cruzine magazine.

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TK Freebie: Complete site layout – Serenity (psd)

Today we’ve decided to give one more AMAZING unique layout PSD template for only one tweet about it. All 11 .psd files are fully layered and well organized for easy editing/slicing. You can use it for all your projects for free and without any restrictions.

Download files here

Firefox UX Presentation Mockups

Website Design Newsletter July 2011 @MediaNovak  

Website Design Newsletter July 2011 @MediaNovak

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new iPhone/mobile website for ArtStudio.

The new mobile site includes the same design and many of the same features as the main Web site. It is served in multiple layout modes device specifically to ensure maximum quality output: irrespective of using HTML, xHTML or WML…

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30 Beautifully Designed Startup Sites | MachoArts

When most people land on your brand new site, you only have a few seconds to convince them to stay, sign up or to use your new product. In this way, a well designed site can make or break a startup.

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