How To Become An Experienced Fresher

Fresher cannot be experienced and an experienced employee cannot be counted as fresher. You must prove your worth to get a job as a fresher.

Take Your Industrial Training Seriously
Practical Knowledge of Subject

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Daily Inspirations no. 215

Basically, there are two types of artists. The first group joins those, who do their best to depict forms and shapes of the real world as much closer to reality as possible (this team includes photographers, portrait- or landscape-painters, etc.). Artists of the second type, driven by different ideas and concepts, are not satisfied with the reality and apply all their talent and skills to create something absolutely unique, something you will never be able to see in reality. In this case, a photographer, for example, may start experimenting with photo manipulation or digital image post-processing, and a painter may become a true follower of ideas of symbolism, cubism, and other similar art movements. However, both types of artists and resulting art are equally important for ensuring stable development of the human culture, and this statement can hardly be objected… Every day Cruzine offers sets of inspirational art works, among which you can enjoy both types of art – realistic and fictional.

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100 Inspiring iPad App Web Designs

iPad web design requires knowledge of the iPad specific features and resolution, but it’s becoming increasingly popular because it does not require significant modifications, unlike iPhone web design. iPad and iPhone applications are the most frequent to adopt iPad oriented web designs, because of their target market.

In this post, I’ve gathered up the best iPad websites in this collection of 100 inspiring iPad app web designs.

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Daily Inspirations no. 214

The truth is simple – if you want to find the inspiration, you have to look for it instantly; and if you want to make a unique and brilliant photograph, drawing, wooden chair, or any other type of art work – you have to keep working, whatever your tool is: a camera, a paint blush, or a hand plane… True artists do not stop at half-way, they are not afraid of obstacles, whether it is a biting critique in the art journal or a wild lion, roaring just in a couple of inches from the camera. We take off our hats to such true artists and their creations – viva art, viva inspiration, viva skills and bravery of artists!

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8 Useful Tips and Tricks for New Graphic Designers

When we start off a career in any field, it’s always helps if someone guides us in figuring out various things. This is just a simple list of steps that newbies got to take care of while starting their First project as a Graphic Designer. Let’s get started!

1. Know your tools well

Know your designing software’s and tools before you head out to take on a project. Research about which software is best for what kind of job. The two main softwares that most designers own are Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. There are many other alternative, but if you got enough cash it’s definitely worth it. If you need to learn how to use them, there are thousands of tutorials from beginners to experts. Don’t be foolish and pay for there classes when you can easily teach yourself.

You will also need a good knowledge about colors. What color looks best in print and what looks best on web? These are pretty standard questions you need to understand. RBG (red, green, blue) colors are usually used for the web. RBG looks vivid on tvs, monitors, cell phones, and every other digital based device. CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) is used for print. So if you are creating any kind of print based work, you will have to use CMYK colors for it.

2. Have tie- ups with printers

If you are planning to design for print design , it is important you know a lot of printers who take up different kind of printing. It really comes in handy when the client wants you to take care of the printing as well. Before tying up with printers, visit their printing offices once to get a good idea how the printing process works. When you do that you will have a good idea on pricing as well. This will enable you to look online and find cheaper prices for the same printing job. Then when a client needs an order, you will make more money.

Example: Charge the client $50 for 250 Business Cards, while your online supplier only charges you $10+tax. You will walkout with $35+ bucks, and invoice them for the design work along with it. Plus many online business card printing companies offer a white label option. That means you can strip the company’s info from the shipment, meaning the client will never find out what company printed this. Usually it’s an extra fee, but worth sometimes worth it.

3. Do not work for free

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Improve Your Photoshop Experience with Free Shapes

Photoshop is beyond any comparison or competition when it goes about computer image editing and processing tools for designers, illustrators, or graphical artists. However, in spite of the fact that Photoshop is a great tool even in its “virgin” or default out-of-the-box version, there are always enough opportunities to make it even better. One of the ways is to enforce your Photoshop edition with multiple extra resources available, such as these add-on shapes for easier and more efficient designing. Today, Cruzine offers its readers a tremendous set of free shapes for Photoshop, including but no way limited to such shape sets, as geometry, networking, directions, car logos, eagles, planes, and even world map geographic shapes. Design and enjoy!

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70+ Awesome Tumblr themes

Sometimes it seems like Tumblr is the most often overlooked blogging platform out there. People are never quite sure what to make of it.
It’s not quite like a “regular” blog platform (like WordPress or Blogger) and it’s not microblogging either. It’s tumblogging, but a lot of people don’t know what thadet means.

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illustration : 8 great wallpapers in HD by @Tartelin


illustration : Stephane Tartelin
Website :

Daily Inspirations no. 213

You must have already got used to finding your inspiration in photography showcases, published at the Cruzine magazine daily. However, aside of photography there are many other sources of inspiration, such as 3D art, typography, architecture, etc.; furthermore, not rarely inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places. For example, have a look at the advertising concepts to promote innovations of Ford and Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Tons of fresh inspiration can also be found over the Internet from the specialized websites, and today we want to direct our readers to one of them, called HUH. And, of course, how deeply inspired we become when somebody gives us some gift. Today Cruzine magazine also offers you a gift – free stock vector icon set full of really cute and professionally made icons with predominating deep green color theme.

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NEW “symphony” Limited Edition by Boca do Lobo

symphony by Boca do Lobo

symphony by Boca do Lobo

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Daily Inspirations no. 212

The team of Cruzine hope you are all well, in good spirits, and ready to start your day with us and with the amazing samples of design, creativity, and art, all collected on the pages of our online magazine. Though it is Monday – the day considered by many the most difficult day of the week – we hope it will turn out easier, more pleasant, and inspiring after you look through our set of 33 images called to provide the vigor for the new achievements and goals in your work as well as in your life. We have mystery and danger, fun and grotesqueness, fantasy and beauty, romance and intricacy pictured on the wonderful works of our creative contemporaries. Hope they will make a good start of your week!

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What Should A Developer Know About SEO?

The SEO is not a combination of three words but it is a comprehensive and broad field which is important for the online world that’s why it is regarded as the soul of the online world.

What Should A Developer Know About SEO?

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Our latest Facebook business page went live today @MediaNovak  

Our latest Facebook business page went live today @MediaNovak

Our latest Facebook business page went live today;

This is a Facebook Fan page that We developed as a mini website. It has a home page, about page, image gallery with CSS, and a contact page.

If you are now asking yourself, “Is a Business Page the same thing as a Fan Page?”… The answer is yes! They are one and the same, with Business Pages previously referred to as Fan Pages. What you do not want to confuse are Business Pages and Personal Profiles. These are two separate pages that offer different options, although you cannot have a Business Page without an associated Personal Profile.

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Tons of Inspiration

FEEL DESAIN | the creative side

FEEL DESAIN | the creative side
new layout – Feel Desain is New – Feel desain 2.0 feeldesain

Feel Desain is a blog magazine, daily updated with at least six new posts. Feel Desain offers a fresh insight into the emerging design scenario. The Blog is aimed at presenting all the declinations of ‘design’ such as Design, Art, Graphic, Graphic design, Photography, Adv, Fashion, Video, illustration, Packaging, Architecture, Viral Marketing, Street Art, Gorilla Marketing. In 2010, La Stampa (one of the most popular Italian newspaper) offers Feel Desain an online space to widen its information communication.

Born in Sept 2010, currently it is visited by 400.000 people for year from everywhere in the world. The number of subscribers continues to grow every month from the RSS feed to Twitter, Facebook (over 4,000 subscribers) and Tumblr.

FEEL DESAIN | the creative side |