Creative Logo Designs

Oxford Dictionary explains the word “creative” as “relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something.” Creative is a very common word in the world of art and multiple forms of design; and today at Cruzine we would like to share some examples of practical utilization of creative ideas and approaches in logo designing. When it goes about creativity, it is very difficult to refer such art works to some single common category, because each of them is unique, genuine, and authentic. Born by artist’s imagination, creative logo designs not only attract the attention and serve their purpose, they can also inspire other designers and show them how boundless and versatile art and design industry are.

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adidas women go all in

New adidas all in video features Caroline Wozniacki, Katy Perry and more…

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Most Creative Shopping Bags Ever – Spotted by Jay Mug

Creative attention seeking – Lipton Clear Green Tea bag: Carry Bag

YKM Creative Shopping Bag

Greenpeace – Give Me Your Hand

Social Awareness Shopping Bag Advertising – Goose

‘Torture this goose. And spare the real ones: don’t eat Foie Gras’

Volkswagen GTI Shopping Bag

Wheaties Creative Shopping Bag

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90 Really Useful Texting Symbols

There are so many texting symbols that its difficult to remember all of these. Today we are showing you most popular symbols used along with their meaning.

funny smileys
new smileys
original smileys

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Remix movie poster by par Traumatron

21 Fresh WordPress Code Snippets and Detailed Tutorials

You know wordpress is the most popular content management system for years and basic wordpress functions may be enough for people who are blogging using wordpress platform but if you want your wordpress blog stand out from the crowd you can change many things to make it more functional.

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Brand new HTML5 and CSS3 website for Zvonimir Kusec @MediaNovak

Brand new HTML5 and CSS3 website for Zvonimir Kusec

We are proud to announce that we have just started to work on a new website for one of the most respected croatian photographers Zvonimir Kusec. This is our fourth mutual project in the last few years and this time, it’s his personal portfolio

The Website will be built using HTML5, CSS3, lot’s of JavaScript and custom event handling. HTML5 is the latest version of HTML or Hypertext Markup Language and the features that are available now are a great way to add some cool elements to your website and generally to change the way websites are created.

Just as HTML5, CSS3 too has made its mark with its many features not only augment the aesthetic appeal but also improve functionality. Although some features might not be absolutely necessary to the functionality of a website, users are coming to expect a website to look awesome as well as operate cleanly. CSS3 makes it easier for designs that will make visitors “ooh and aah” over them to be implemented.

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some nice ads

Daily Inspirations no. 216

Again Cruzine magazine presents here a compilation of inspiring works to share ideas and support creative intentions of our readers. For the whole bunch of creative ideas on home and interior design, please have a look at the Captivatist project, featured below. If you are fond of photography – we have included several nice pictures, representing different genres of photography art. Illustrators are welcomed here to enjoy digital graphics by Roma Skripchenko, Pat Perry, and others. Web designers are likely to appreciate the freebie of Office Women Icons, featured in our today’s collection of inspiring designs. Finally, those, who like mysteries and shadowed technological breakthroughs, will find it interesting to get familiar with the story of Stuxnet virus, told by the author of a short video by Patrick Clair.

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Inspiration! Fashion, Art, Photography, Food, Movies ….

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85+ creatives and design ADS of July 2011

How To Become An Experienced Fresher

Fresher cannot be experienced and an experienced employee cannot be counted as fresher. You must prove your worth to get a job as a fresher.

Take Your Industrial Training Seriously
Practical Knowledge of Subject

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Daily Inspirations no. 215

Basically, there are two types of artists. The first group joins those, who do their best to depict forms and shapes of the real world as much closer to reality as possible (this team includes photographers, portrait- or landscape-painters, etc.). Artists of the second type, driven by different ideas and concepts, are not satisfied with the reality and apply all their talent and skills to create something absolutely unique, something you will never be able to see in reality. In this case, a photographer, for example, may start experimenting with photo manipulation or digital image post-processing, and a painter may become a true follower of ideas of symbolism, cubism, and other similar art movements. However, both types of artists and resulting art are equally important for ensuring stable development of the human culture, and this statement can hardly be objected… Every day Cruzine offers sets of inspirational art works, among which you can enjoy both types of art – realistic and fictional.

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100 Inspiring iPad App Web Designs

iPad web design requires knowledge of the iPad specific features and resolution, but it’s becoming increasingly popular because it does not require significant modifications, unlike iPhone web design. iPad and iPhone applications are the most frequent to adopt iPad oriented web designs, because of their target market.

In this post, I’ve gathered up the best iPad websites in this collection of 100 inspiring iPad app web designs.

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