Inspiration – MOSAIC

Short movie Blik – nice love story

GIF SHOP – The animated .gif maker for your iPhone

GIF SHOP is the animated .gif maker for your iPhone.
Easily create and edit looping animations, upload to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr all on the go!

GIF SHOP promo video
APP IN USE video


Enjoy this cool #109 Monday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks.

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Great Examples Of Data Visualisation

When I was younger, I always thought that working with data is boring. Well, it doesn’t have to be. Some designers took this tedious task and took it to a whole new level. They actually transformed simple data to art. In this article you’ll find 30 excellent examples of data visualisation. You’ll find histograms, pie charts and even some graphical representations of data I didn’t know existed.

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Ocean Sky – Six Nights On Southern Ocean Coast in Australia (Timelapse)

“At a star party in August 2009 I took my first long exposure photograph of the night sky. I was so thrilled with the results that I dedicated most moonless weekends since then to photographing two things I love the most in nature – the night sky and the Ocean. This time lapse video is the result of almost 1.5 years of work, 31 hours of taking images during six nights on Southern Ocean Coast in Australia.”

More info and watch the clip here.

D*Face streetart Pool Paint attack.

Artist Lofts by Todd Saunders in Edition29 STRUCTURES for iPad

An intriguing series of artist studios on an island in Newfoundland built by the Shorefast Foundation/Fogo Island Arts Corporation a residency based contemporary venue for visual artists, writers musicians from around the world. There is an interview with Architect Todd Saunders on the project. This all can be found in Edition29 STRUCTURES, an iPad exclusive app magazine series featuring intriguing buildings throughout the world. A free issue is available at iTunes Link:




Inspiration – MOSAIC

Keynote as a collaborative wireframing tool

Some people collect stamps, others spot trains; I have become obsessed with wireframing software.
I have tried and fallen in love with countless applications, from Balsamiq to Mockingbird to FlairBuilder. Although each has felt like true love, over time my gaze has wandered, and I find myself flirting with another tool.

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The Creative Essentials Bundle

Over 1200 vector, image, Flash, audio, and Photoshop items, and some great vouchers, from Brush Lovers, Erain, Go Media, Ultrashock, TN3 Gallery, Flashloaded, FWD, solarseven, Onyro, Justin Nihiser and MikeMCD. Over 2GB of files, all bundled together at an amazing price!
Valued over $1,500 for just $49! You save over 97%!

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How to Select The Perfect Color for Your Website

The Internet is an almost inexhaustible source of applications and sites and given the current trend the future will bring a steady growth both in numbers but also in importance. The winner of this avalanche of possibilities is definitely the Internet user who will decide who will thrive and who will require a rethinking or changing of strategy. One of the most important factors in attracting customers is the color; its eye-catching power can convert visitors into regular users or customers. Choosing a color scheme for a site is not easy, this being emphasized by the importance of color in the whole ensemble. Another advantage in choosing the right color layout is the power of suggestion, vision is color dominated, and in the absence of writing it will take certain meanings. This has applications not only in web design but also in everyday life, depending on the culture and tradition, for example white represents purity for Europeans whilst for some areas of China and Africa mourning. In conclusion, choosing the right color can have significant effects and, in web design, it can mean the difference between amateurism and professionalism. In this article I will submit a list of the most important ideas to be considered when choosing the color combination of a site; I look forward to any additions or opinions so please use the comment form!

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All Gobelins Short movies 2011 out !

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #32

There is no limit for inspiration and when it comes to webdesign this is much more unlimited. As usual we continue to showcase beautiful and interesting webdesigns

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Enjoy this cool #108 Tuesday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks.

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