Inspiring Clothing Apparel Store Showcase


As you already know, we absolutely love t-shirt designs and now its time to praise the stores that showcase them! With online stores located all over the world designed to match their award winning brand.

This collection of 26 stunning apparel stores showcases a vast amount of inspiration for any designer or illustrator wanting to hit the clothing business.

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts on these designs and which one really stands out for you?

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Daily Inspirations no. 206

For millions of people summer is the best time to enjoy the living – having vacations, spending holidays at the open air, taking trips, and so on. All the advantages the sun offers to us become fully accessible in summer: we enjoy hot air and comfortably warm and refreshing water; we can leave the burden of warm clothes at home and take pleasure in wearing beautiful and sexy dresses… There are lots of things we can do in summer, and enjoying art is one of them. Moreover, this is actually the activity, which is equally well-timed in any season. So we welcome you to bathe in the pond of modern art images collected carefully in our daily inspirational set. We really hope they will encourage you on living your life to the full, on taking new ways, and not missing your chances and opportunities in life.

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New Website Development Project @MediaNovak

New Website Development Project @MediaNovak

MediaNovak is excited to announce the start of another great website development project –

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to design their new website with the same chic, hip, cool and stylish feel that reflects their brand. Their new site will feature a photo gallery, information about the company, a contact form and more.

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Shift V2

India : Oxelo Skateboards


Enjoy this cool #111 Friday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks.

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Angry Box: 3D Print

Studio Smash – Gerson Gomes Mahmed

20 Amazing Experimental Projects from Mozilla Demo Studio

We have published a few posts about experimental CSS3 and HTML5 to show the power of them.And you know,new projects are being released so often and personally i like to check out these new experiments.This time we are showcasing (mostly fresh) projects developed using CSS3,HTML5
More Experiments

1 Year MailerLite Mass Email Newsletter Service

MailerLite is a simple mass email marketing solution for small businesses. They have one size of account and one flat fee to pay for an entire year. You can have a mailing list of up to 10,000 subscribers and there’s no limit on the number of emails that you can send them. It’s really straight forward and easy to use.

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35 Beautifully Animated Photographs a.k.a. Cinemagraphs

What do you get when you mix a fashion photographer, and a master of animation? If you said beautiful gifs, then you are 110% correct! Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg have teamed up to bring us beautiful animated photographs, a.k.a Cinemagraph. These Cinemagraphs are more than a picture, but not quite a video. Their main goal is to visually illustrate a short story. To give you a comparison, think of the magical newspaper from the movie Harry Potter. Now you are probably scratching your head and thinking how in the word are these different from a GIF(Graphics Interchange Format)? An animated .gif is usually a sequence of stills pulled from a video, combined together and repurposed into a .gif. Cinemagraphs are different because Jamie and Kevin use a single photograph while adding a living moment within it. The process takes many hours of manual editing. If you wish to know how it’s done, check out the following articles:

These gifs have been attracting attention like crazy in the last few weeks, we respect this art form and would love to share it with the world! Today we have collected some of the best gifs that Jamie and Kevin have created! For more inspiration visit Jamie’s Tumblog

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Daily Inspirations no. 205

The times when one could find art only in the artists’ studios and galleries have passed long ago. Today art is much closer and easier accessible for us. Actually, art is everywhere: on the streets of the cities you can find the examples of the so-called street art and graffiti, in the magazines you can enjoy marvelous photographs and amazing illustrations, modern architecture also has a lot to do with art, and even advertising posters and big boards are often filled with art elements, such as photo manipulations, typography, etc. Still, Internet is, perhaps, the richest art gallery today – you can find huge amounts of creative works from all the possible art forms here. Cruzine magazine is also part of the Internet, where the concentration of art is at most, because visual arts and designs are our passion, and our goal is to share that passion with our readers.

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Mario on Paper

An Intense Effect Selective Color Photography in ‘Red’!!

Chicago By Boat

A 3 and a half hour timelapse on board a boat going along Lake Michigan and through the gorgeous Chicago canals.

Watch the Clip here.