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40 Best Free WordPress Themes 2014

Why not find quality free WordPress themes instead of paying your money for the themes of equal functionalities? We have compiled a collection of the best new free WordPress themes 2014 to get you started. The list is ranging from personal blog, portfolio, magazine, news, music, business WordPress themes and many more. It will be continuously updated in the coming months, so it is worthy to bookmark this article for further updates.

A free and premium WordPress theme based on Bootstrap. Minimable demonstrates, one more time, that WordPress is not only designed for blogging.
minimable screenshot 40 Best Free WordPress Themes 2014

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Best WordPress Themes for Creative Agencies & Freelancers

If you are creative freelancers or have a business of design agency, a web presence based on WordPress will be your best choice to give the potential clients an indication of your experience and expertise. Even if WordPress has been mostly used to create blogs, it can be well adapted to present your portfolios, demonstrate your work or projects, show off your skills and offer your services as a designer or creative professional in a stunning style. In this collection, we hand-picked the best WordPress themes for creative agencies & freelancers with superb visual design to get the visitors’ first impression. The themes will keep you up with the latest trends of design no matter you are freelancers, artists, web designers or photographers. It is worth checking out the list to easily reach new clients whatever your preference is.

Flamingo is a complete portfolio for creative agencies and freelances. Graphic designers, illustrators, photographers or any kind creative is now able to create a quick & easy portfolio to showcase their work with a elegant touch.
flamingo screenshot Best WordPress Themes for Creative Agencies & Freelancers

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40 Best Blogging WordPress Themes 2014

Personal blogs are the first to jump into popularity in WordPress community and still widely used today. Blogging theme is the key to make one personal blog site succeed. We have selected the themes seriously to compile this collection of best blogging WordPress themes 2014 and will constantly add new ones to this collection in order to keep you updated with the new trends of web design. You will find blogging themes with tumblr style, flat design, parallax design and more you will be interested in.

Ubergrid is a grid-based, responsive, retina ready, post-format supporting, minimalistic WordPress theme suitable for any kind of creative, personal or business use.
ubergrid screenshot1 40 Best Blogging WordPress Themes 2014

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Best Creative WordPress Themes

A creative and innovative website will definitely raise the interest of the visitors and stimulate them to stick around. If you are a blogger who has your own ideas and fond of a unique, impressive and extraordinary design of your site, creative WordPress themes will be the ideal choice. It is always a challenging task and takes a lot of time to search out a most excellent creative theme from plenty of themes available. To give you some reference, we have tested almost all the latest themes to show you these best creative WordPress themes 2014 in this article.

There are diverse themes designed with attractive features and high quality functionalities. Flat design themes focus on a minimalist use of simple elements to make your site load faster and resize easily while looking visually appealing and approachable. Timeline themes display your content in a trendy and memorable way while your posts can flow by date. A Metro inspired theme is perfect for blog and portfolio sites, with minimal and colorful layout, giving better focus on your content. Using a Pinterest inspired theme, your blog will emphasizes stylistic look with infinite scrolling content. You can also use one page themes or parallax themes to build a stunning interactive site, pick a theme with horizontal scrolling or 3D effect to showcase your works or easily assign different authors and display posts side-by-side with double blogging themes. Most of them are multipurpose themes that can be used for any kind of niche as you can imagine. I’m sure there will be a theme special enough to meet all your needs.

Storyline BoardTimeline Style WordPress Theme
Please welcome – STORYLINE BOARD Theme! Different, creative, innovative and user friendly theme that you may enjoy having for your portfolio, blog, online magazine, personal site or something else. This is a stand-out-of-the-crowd product, a perfect board to display your creative work or just amaze your friends with a new generation blog.
storyline board screenshot Best Creative WordPress Themes

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40+ Best Portfolio WordPress Themes 2014

It is necessary for creative individuals to show off their works in a fashion way under the help of business WordPress website. To save your time, we will get together all the best portfolio WordPress themes 2014 and update this collection from time to time. These themes are able to present excellent performance for users to navigate and flexible features for designers or photographers to manage.

Say “Hello!” to your audience with this professional yet friendly Portfolio WordPress Theme. If you’re original and eclectic, then John’s the right portfolio theme for you! John thinks that form and function can go hand-in-hand; you need your site to make an impact visually, but your work still needs to be the big draw.
john screenshot1 40+ Best Portfolio WordPress Themes 2014

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Best Metro Inspired WordPress Themes

Minimal concept of web design has been popular recent years for its features of directing the visitor’s attentions on the content itself. Metro (typography-based design language) style is a kind of minimalistic design in a sense of the simple grid layout and flat design style. First unveiled formally with Windows Phone 7, Metro UI (New Windows UI) has been widely used on new Microsoft products, especially Windows 8 user interface on touch screens. Meanwhile, the design concept won lots of followers, the web developers are no exception. There are plenty of high quality WordPress templates based on this layout, with clean, sleek, colorful, logical and accessible design to meet your exceptions. Below are the best Metro inspired WordPress themes we’ve picked out. You can mimic the Metro design with them easily and make your website interesting by showcasing different formats of your contents like portfolios such as: images, videos, galleries, quotes, links, etc.

Themify Metro
Inspired by Windows 8, Metro is a responsive, beautiful, minimal, and colorful theme that is perfect for blog and portfolio sites. Using the Tile custom post type, you can mimic the Metro design by showing various tiles: buttons, gallery sliders, images, maps, and text.
metro screenshot Best Metro Inspired WordPress Themes

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30 Best Premium Magazine WordPress Themes

Steam Responsive Retina Review Magazine Theme 30 Best Premium Magazine WordPress Themes
Our post for today is meant to share 30 best premium magazine WordPress themes in our vision. We don’t claim that these are definitely the best magazine themes in the world, but we know that they are very high quality and come with a lot of features that are specific to magazine sites.

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Best Pinterest Inspired WordPress Themes

It’s seems that we are scrolling much more than clicking in today’s information explosion. The infinite scroll is just one of the main feature of Pinterest to fit our penchant of endlessly searching for the novelty and provide consistent experiences between mobile devices and desktops. Founded in 2011, Pinterest soon became one of the top social networking websites. Users can ‘pin’ their favourite photos and images on PinBoard and share with friends, while new posts are loading automatically when you hit to the bottom of one page. Another highlight of Pinterest is the grid-based layout which ‘flattens the information hierarchy’ and realigns the child elements to the right positions when users resize the window. If you are a big fan of Pinterest style and want to create a website with such design, you can have a look at our following collection of best Pinterest inspired WordPress themes. These themes are designed with simplicity in mind and dedicated to Pinterest-like website. Make your website full of inspiration with eye-catching Pinterest layout now!

Every WordPress magazine themes are not made for frontend publishing feature. PressGrid is a frontend publishing and multimedia theme. PressGrid supports Oembed it has included Soundcloud + Vimeo + Youtube + Twitter + Instagram.
pressgrid screenshot Best Pinterest Inspired WordPress Themes

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Best WordPress Photography & Gallery Themes

Many people become photography lovers today and photo website is a growing niche. A photo blog website is great for anyone who loves photography to showcase the creative works to his family, friends or even the world. In this collection, we will show the best WordPress photography & gallery themes, most of which have a minimalist design coupled with beautiful visual effects and give you the freedom to customize the website as you like. These photography themes are perfect for graphic designers, amateur photographers, wedding photographers, visual artists or travel photography enthusiasts to create their very own photography website. It doesn’t take you much time for promote the photoblog as the themes are packed with SEO optimization, so you can focus totally on your photography and gallery.

Titan is a responsive portfolio photography WordPress theme. It has built-in gallery and portfolio modules support many content types including image, video and custom HTML etc.
titan screenshot Best WordPress Photography & Gallery Themes

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Best WordPress vCard Themes

lt’s a stylish and efficient way to showcase your work and personality with vCard. Online vCard could be a virtual business card or digital personal resume helps you reach potential clients and business partners. Most vCard themes integrate the functionalities of portfolio, personal blog and contact form that make your visitors learn you well and get in touch with you easily from your online resume/CV. Lately, some WordPress themes support 3D animated vCard to make your work more impressive. The following handpicked list are best WordPress vCard themes designed to showcase your talent with a responsive design, so your vCard will work well on any kind of device.

NEXT is an award winning, easy-to-use portfolio template with Live Metro Panel, Unique Navigation (worth 4 USD), Animated Content, BG parallax, Standalone Pages and Retina Display optimization.
1177 650x1269 Best WordPress vCard Themes

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Top 10 PSD to WordPress conversion service providers of 2014

wp 650x401 Top 10 PSD to WordPress conversion service providers of 2014
WordPress is evolving at a rapid rate, some might even say that the evolution of WordPress is happening too quickly, and there is little to no time to observe all of the changes, I disagree, as I believe that WordPress is taking the exact route it needs to.

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Best Flat Design WordPress Themes

In contrast to skeuomorphism, flat design or flat UI have no added effects, shadows, beveled edges, gradients or reflections. Instead, it focus on simple elements, typography, colors and going for a minimalist approach. Flat UI design was first revealed with Zune by Microsoft and becomes a hot visual trend today which we can see on Windows 8 and Apple’s iOS 7. For its simplicity and clarity, flat design style inspired various creative works in the web design industry. Now let us move on to the latest best flat design WordPress themes that we picked out to showcase your online presence in the most appealing and professional manner with functional design for any kind of business. They will allow you to express yourself in a different way while most flat design themes can work perfectly on retina displays, grabbing more attentions of visitors.

Spectral is a theme design inspired by recent visual trends, blending subtle backgrounds and overlays, with text set by custom fonts, to create an alluring experience for your visitors, whilst maintaining an professional and functional look.
1174 Best Flat Design WordPress Themes

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Divi WordPress Theme Review

Divi Premium Flexible WordPress Theme Divi WordPress Theme Review
Divi is one of the most flexible WordPress themes and it was created by the nice team behind Elegant Themes. Being extremely flexible, it allows you to easily create any kind of page templates and therefore you are free to build the theme of your dreams easily, in no time and, better yet, without you having to deal with one line of code so you don’t need any kind of technical skills.

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10 Best Free WordPress Themes for April 2014

It’s great time to update your website with a new look or start a new site since there are a large number of free premium WP themes came out this month. Many of them include the powerful features as premium paid ones and I’m sure you will be surprised if you try any of them. In this collection of 10 best free WordPress themes for April 2014, we will show you the fancy themes with not only the minimalistic layout, but also functional design.

These multipurpose free WordPress themes can be used for both personal and business site, giving the site a unique look as you expect. Some of the major trends in web design are shown through these themes, for example, infinite scroll, tumblr-style and more.

Blogs, e-zines or corporate web presence, no matter what your web designing project is about, the Resolution Responsive Multi Purpose WordPress Theme is a perfect fit. It encompasses some of the best open source technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery and supports a multi-layout setup. The result is a functional design that not only looks great but also performs exceptionally too. It is a responsive design; which means it can fit seamlessly into any screen size without any visual jerks. The Resolution Multi Purpose WordPress Theme is encompasses elements from the Twitter Bootstrap Framework and comes with a number of features that increases the usability of any website powered by it. Built on the powerful Kopatheme Framework, the Resolution Multi Purpose WordPress Theme is just ideal for any WordPress based web project that you may have in mind.
1173 10 Best Free WordPress Themes for April 2014

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30 Most Popular WordPress Templates On TemplateMonster

41821 wp b 30 Most Popular Wordpress Templates On TemplateMonster

In the past years WordPress have proven to be the best CMS for everyone willing to start website with minimum time and money loss. Being so much demanded among users (starting from entry level up to developers) there is a constant need for high-profile WordPress templates.

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