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The 87th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

1260 The 87th Annual Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade
Sightseers throng past giant balloons being prepared for the parade. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

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Female Bodyguards Accept Brutal Training in China

1257 Female Bodyguards Accept Brutal Training in China
Security Academy offers rigorous training course which includes aquatic training, martial arts, vehicle safety training and other necessary skills. With the rise of Chinese multi-millionaires, there are a sharp demand for the service of bodyguards. Whether the need is for safety purpose or as a status symbol, no one really cares. Many are lured into becoming bodyguards because of the high income. Even women are attracted to join the trainings since there are also demand for female bodyguards. The whole rigorous training covers a period of 13 days.

Photos: Female and male trainees run during a bodyguard training program at the boot camp of Genghis Security Academy in Beijing, China. (Photo by ImagineChina/The Grosby Group)

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Hellfest Festival 2013

1247 Hellfest Festival 2013
Photo by Cesar Hernandez.

Hellfest is an annual music festival which takes place in Clisson, France in mid-June. It is held within the Val de Moine sport complex in Clisson, approximately 35 km south-east of the city of Nantes, and approximately 400 km south-west of the nation’s capital Paris. Billed as an “extreme music festival”, the programme features a variety of heavy metal, hard rock, punk and hardcore act.

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Russian Diamond Mines

1245 Russian Diamond Mines
City buildings stand beyond the giant excavated hole left by the Mir mine, a former open pit diamond mine, in Mirny, Russia, on Tuesday, November 12, 2013. OAO Alrosa, the world’s largest diamond producer, raised about $1.3 billion in an oversubscribed share sale from investors including Oppenheimer Funds Inc. and Lazard Ltd.’s asset-management unit, First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov said. (Photo by Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg)

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Batkid saves Gotham City

1197 Batkid saves Gotham City
Five-year-old Miles Scott, who is in remission from leukemia, has the day of his young life as he becomes Batkid, saving Gotham City (really San Francisco) from crime on Friday. The day, which brought out thousands to watch and help, was made possible by the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the City of San Francisco. (Gary Reyes/Bay Area News Group)

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International Balloon Festival in Mexico

1195 International Balloon Festival in Mexico
Balloons take off over the Palote dam during the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Leon, Mexico, Friday, Nov. 15, 2013. More than 200 balloons from different countries participated in this year’s festival. (AP Photo/Mario Armas)

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World Toilet Day 2013

While a vast majority of the world’s population has access to mobile phones, one third of humanity (2.5 billion people) do not have access to proper sanitation, including toilets or latrines, with dramatic consequences on human health, dignity and security, the environment, and social and economic development. To address these issues, the “Sanitation for All” Resolution was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in July 2013, designating 19 November as World Toilet Day

1193 World Toilet Day 2013
Indian social reform activist and founder of Sulabh Sanitation Bindeshwar Pathak (C) presents a 250-kilogram cake in the form of a squat toilet during a function to mark World Toilet Day In New Delhi on November 19, 2013. According to a 2011 census, some 131 million households in India have no latrine in their premises, with eight million using public facilities and 123 million defecating in the open. (Photo by Sajjad Hussain/AFP Photo)

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Santiago Color Run

1153 Santiago Color Run

Runners participate in the”Color Run” across the streets of Santiago. (AFP)

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Russian Military Parade Honors World War II Red Army

1131 Russian Military Parade Honors World War II Red Army
Russian soldiers dressed in Red Army World War II uniforms paraded through Red Square in front of a backdrop of St. Basil Cathedral in Moscow, Russia, Thursday, Nov. 7, 2013. Thousands of Russian soldiers and military cadets marched across Red Square to mark the 72nd anniversary of a historic World War II parade. The show honored the participants of the Nov. 7, 1941 parade who headed directly to the front lines to defend Moscow from the Nazi forces. The parade Thursday involved about 6,000 people, many of them dressed in World War II-era uniforms. (AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko, File)

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Whitby Gothic Weekend, England

160 Whitby Gothic Weekend, England
Two goths look out over Whitby as they attend the Goth weekend on November 2, 2013 in Whitby, England. The Whitby Gothic Weekend that takes place in the Yorkshire seaside town twice yearly in Spring and Autumn started in 1994 and sees thousands of extravagantly dressed followers of Victoriana, Steampunk, Cybergoth and Romanticism visit to take part in celebrating Gothic culture. (Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)

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Million Mask March

157 Million Mask March
People participate in a march to the U.S. Captiol during the “Million Mask March” November 5, 2013 in Washington, DC. Organized by members of Anonymous, WikiLeaks, The Pirate Party, Occupy Wall Street and other hacktivist movements, demonstrators marched on political landmarks and institutions around the world on Guy Fawkes Day. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

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Homemade Harvest Food Swap

Kendra Poma hosts the Homemade Harvest Food Swap at her house in Oakland, Calif., on Saturday, Oct. 26, 2013. About a dozen cottage food producers display their food items to trade and sample each other’s homemade goods. It happens four times a year.

156 Homemade Harvest Food Swap
Vanessa Toy, left, of Pleasanton, talk about her food items as hostess Kendra Poma, second from left, and others look on during the Homemade Harvest Food Swap held at Poma’s house in Oakland, Calif., on Saturday, Oct. 26, 2013. The food swap brings together cottage food producers to trade and sample each other’s homemade goods. (Ray Chavez/Bay Area News Group)

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France’s Boy Bullfighters

“Ask a young boy what he wants to be when he gets older and the reply is the usual “a fireman, soccer player, doctor or astronaut”. However, ask two young boys from southern France, Solal, aged 12 and Nimo, aged 10, and you’ll hear, “a bullfighter”.

At the start of the story, bullfighting was familiar to me, but full of unknowns. Familiar because living in southern France, the traditional Ferias of Nimes and Arles are well-known yearly popular festivals, attracting revellers for two or three days to the Roman arenas and parades with many dressed in local costumes. On occasion I attended bullfights with friends, followed by partying in the streets at the outdoor bars or “bodegas”.

Following the two boys I learned the language of the bullfighter, mostly Spanish in origin, that the “aficionados”, the dedicated fans use. The studied cape movements by the toreador, and the charges by the fighting bull, make for a charged confrontation between man and animal where spectators react with animated emotions.

Through the eyes of Solal and Nino, I discovered their world and the passion they feel for bullfighting. The boys dream of becoming bullfighters, the day when they are professional toreadors. Still attending class in French public school, their dreams are about facing the bull in the arena. While other boys have posters of their favorite music group or football players, the walls of their bedrooms are decorated with posters of famous toreadors or bulls’ horns.

I watched the two boys as they trained in small arenas, repeating gestures to execute the perfect “muleta pass” or thrusting “banderillas”, training with facsimile bulls on a bicycle. I see them preparing for “becerradas,” practice bullfights with calves where the animal is not harmed. The boys, apprentice toreadors, imitate the glorious actions of their idols, which leads me to think that perhaps in a few years, if their passion continues and if their dreams become reality, they will participate in their “alternative”, the ceremony where the “novillero” becomes a true “matador de toro”. – Jean-Paul Pelissier via Reuters

149 France’s Boy Bullfighters
Solal, a twelve-year-old toreador apprentice of the French Tauromachy Centre, nicknamed Solalito, reads a bullfight news magazine at home in Nimes, October 27, 2013. Since 1983, the French Tauromachy Centre in Nimes has trained some 1,000 youths in the art of bullfighting. Twenty of them have gone on to become professional matadors, facing fighting bulls in the arena. Twice a week, students take courses with a matador to learn the movements and gestures of the bullfighter in the ring, but without an animal present. Students train with calves in the surrounding fields during spring, and regularly participate in beginner’s bullfights (becerradas) without killing calves. Solal has been taking courses for three years and Nino, for just a year now. Both are normally enrolled in French public schools, but have one thought in mind – bullfighting. They share a passion linked to the city of Nimes, famous for its ferias and bullring. (Photo by Jean-Paul Pelissier/Reuters)

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Guinness World Records 2013

120 Guinness World Records 2013
Harpie the goat from the USA who has made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for the farthest distance achieved by a goat on a skateboard going 36 meters (118ft) in 25 seconds. (Photo by PA Wire)

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Halloween Around the Globe

1 Halloween Around the Globe
A girl is seen through one of the thousands of carved pumpkins on display at the Great Highwood Pumpkin Festival in Highwood, Illinois, on Oktober 18, 2013. (Photo by Jim Young/Reuters)

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