Australians Bury Heads in Sand to Mock Government Climate Stance

A group of around 400 demonstrators participate in a protest by burying their heads in the sand at Sydney’s Bondi Beach November 13, 2014. Hundreds of protesters participated in the event, held ahead of Saturday’s G20 summit in Brisbane, which was being promoted as a message to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s government that, “You have your head in the sand on climate change”. (Photo by David Gray/Reuters)

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Goths and Steampunks Celebrate 20th Anniversary of Whitby Goth Weekend

People dressed in a gothic costumes attend the biannual “Whitby Goth Weekend” (WGW) festival in Whitby, Northern England, on November 2, 2014. The WGW festival brings thousands of goths and alternative lifestyle fans from the UK and around the world over a weekend of music, dancing and shopping. (Photo by Oli Scarff/AFP Photo)

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Symbolic Vote on Catalan Independence

Spanish unionists protest in Madrid against the symbolic independence vote in Catalonia. (© REUTERS/ ANDREA COMAS)

On November 9, the autonomous province of Catalonia is holding a non-binding vote on whether it should remain a part of Spain or strive for independence. The voters are asked two questions: “Do you want Catalonia to become a state?” and “If so, do you want Catalonia to be an independent state?”

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Million Mask March: Hacktivists Against Mass Surveillance

Chances are, this week you saw Guy Fawkes’ visage on the streets, as protesters in 481 cities worldwide participated in the Million Mask March, promoted by internet activist group Anonymous. (© FOTOBANK.RU/GETTY IMAGES)

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Coming Ashore

Tourists look at would-be immigrants at the Maspalomas beach, on Gran Canaria in Spain’s Canary Islands, after some 21 would-be immigrants arrived in a fishing boat on their way to European soil from Africa, November 5, 2014. (Photo by Borja Suarez/Reuters)

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November 1 – 8: The Week in Protests

A protestor holds a slogan from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, as fellow demonstrators lay partially nude in London’s Trafalgar Square, organised by the animal rights group, with the aim of encouraging passers-by to have compassion for animals, Saturday November 1, 2014. (Photo by Steve Parsons/AP Photo/PA Wire)

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November 1 – 8: The Week in Photos, Part 3

Researchers examine the return capsule of China’s test lunar orbiter after it landed in Siziwang Banner, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region November 1, 2014. The return capsule of China’s test lunar orbiter landed successfully early Saturday morning in north China’s Inner Mongolia, making China the third nation in the world able to send a lunar orbiter and have it return to Earth. (Photo by Reuters/Stringer)

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November 1 – 8: The Week in Photos, Part 2

A model presents a creation made with chocolate by professional designers and pastry chefs during the Chocolate Fashion Show at the Salon Du Chocolat in Beirut November 6, 2014. (Photo by Jamal Saidi/Reuters)

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November 1 – 8: The Week in Photos, Part 1

Workers hoist an 85-foot-tall Norway Spruce from Hemlock Township, Pennsylvania into position as the 2014 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in New York November 7, 2014. The 85-foot Norway Spruce was donated by Dan Sigafoos and Rachel Drosdick-Sigafoos, of Danville, Pa. The 82nd annual tree, decorated with 45,000 multi-colored LED lights is scheduled to be lit during ceremonies December 3, 2014. (Photo by Andrew Kelly/Reuters)

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Protest Against New Government in Brussels

Demonstrators confront riot police in central Brussels November 6, 2014. Tens of thousands of public and private sector workers, employees and trade union members demonstrated over austerity measures to be taken by the new Belgian government. (Photo by Yves Herman/Reuters)

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World’s Worst Transport Systems for Women

A woman squeezes between two public buses in downtown Lima, March 17, 2014. Bogota and two other Latin American capitals – Mexico City, and Lima in Peru – were named as the three capitals with the least safe transport systems for women in the Thomson Reuters Foundation poll of more than 6,550 women and gender and city planning experts. Women in Latin America say they face a wide range of daily threats on public transport, and not enough is done to ensure their safety. (Photo by Enrique Castro-Mendivil/Reuters)

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Hong Kong Occupy Central Daily Life

A pro-democracy protester wearing a Guy Fawkes mask holds a yellow umbrella and a banner in the part of Hong Kong’s financial central district protesters are occupying November 2, 2014. The former British colony of Hong Kong, which returned to Chinese rule in 1997, has witnessed a month of protests calling on the Beijing-backed government to keep its promise of introducing universal suffrage. The protests have for the most part been peaceful, with occasional clashes between the student-led protesters and Beijing supporters seeking to move them from the streets. (Photo by Damir Sagolj/Reuters)

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October 24 – November 1: The Week in Photos

A 210-kilogram-weight Epinephelussp was showed at China Fisheries & Seafood Expo in Fuzhou, Fujian, China on 24th October, 2014. (Photo by Top Photo/Sipa Press USA)

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Halloween Around the World

A boy sells pumpkins carved as grimacing faces with candles inside in a street of Tirana on October 30, 2014, one day before Halloween. (Photo by Gent Shkullaku/AFP Photo)

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Zombie Walk Portraits

People dressed as a zombie taking part in Zombie Parade on a streets of Belgrade during a zombie walk in Belgrade, on October 26, 2014. The zombie walk is part of the events of upcoming Serbian film fiction festival. (Photo by Oksana Toskic/SIPA Press)

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