The Agency List

The Agency List is a visual resource showcasing innovative agencies leading the industry into the next generation. The Agency List features those who continue to enhance our digital experience and stimulate our creativity.

With so many resources on the web, we’ve decided to create a central repository where users can view details for cutting-edge projects from featured agencies, and easily retrieve an agency’s contact details, twitter handle, or link to the agency’s website.

Users can customize their viewing experience by signing up and saving their favorite agencies for quick access. They can also view which agencies are most favored in the community, with a heart icon that counts how many times they’ve been saved as a favorite.

The Agency List also has an extensive search function. Users can search by location or industry, sort by recent updates, alphabetically, popularity, orview their favorites. The Agency List is easy to navigate for a rich user experience.

In the next phase, we are adding a Job Board that creatives can browse to aid them in their search for work. A Comments section will also be added to each project and agency, so users that are signed in, can voice their opinions.

The Agency List has reviewed numerous agencies and have hand selected the cream of the crop in their respective industries. If you would like to Submit an Agency for review, we encourage you to do so using the form on our website.

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