Doll Making: Behind the Scenes of Making Silicone Dolls

They seem like ordinary people, but live with silicone dolls – perfect, like Barbie and incredibly expensive (in 7000 dollars apiece). These men are called “iDollatory”, they nearly forty, and they are terribly shy, that’s why prefer “ideal” dolls real women. In a society where the image of a family man with a wife and two children – still the social norm, they are ashamed of their hobby. Blame their inability to communicate or tell them to Crank. But is it worth to listen to them, and you will understand that their silent girlfriend, whom they called “Real Dolls” for their reality and anatomical accuracy, and play in their lives much more than just a doll from the sex shop. Emotional attachment to silicone women are so strong that some dare call it love.

1. «Abyss Creations» – company located in the affluent town of San Marcos in Southern California – produces “the best in the world of dolls for love. Those expensive silicone dolls in the real value (about 7000 dollars each) are made by hand. Since the start of production of dolls in 1996, the company sold 4,000 units. Customers can choose from seven types of proposed figures. From the standpoint of anatomy dolls are made correctly. The most popular is the smallest figure, since it weighs less than all (36 kg or 80 lbs). Made of silicone, these dolls weigh like real women. (Stephan Gladieu / Getty Images)

2. For cutting off any excess silicone used small sharp scissors

3. Nipples are colored by hand. (Stephan Gladieu / Getty Images)

4. At articulated skeleton superimposed silicone. (Stephan Gladieu / Getty Images)

5. Cast of fiberglass is used for face dolls. On the establishment of a person takes almost a week. To change the color of the skin dolls, used pigments and powders. Then the person is put this makeup, which for him and strengthened. Teeth and gums are made of silicone. Customers can choose one of five skin tones, 11 color eye, and 7 shades lips. The most popular blue eyes and lips the color of apricot. The company also offers a choice of four colors of eye liner and 8 eyeshadow. (Stephan Gladieu / Getty Images)

6. Stylist Derek Trunk, working in the company for two years, paints the doll’s eyes. He said that the establishment of a person takes about a week. Teeth and gums are also made of silicone. (Stephan Gladieu / Getty Images)

7. Stylist company «Abyss Creations» Derek Trunk causing lipstick on her lips doll. (Stephan Gladieu / Getty Images)

8. Derek Trunk in the process of applying makeup to the face dolls. (Stephan Gladieu / Getty Images)

9. Showroom of the company «Abyss Creations». Dolls dressed in underwear and shoes with high heels. (Stephan Gladieu / Getty Images)

10. Clients «Abyss Creations» can choose from 16 different individuals and five skin tones. Also available are the smiling faces and faces with eyes closed. Those are interchangeable, and a wig, you can also change. (Stephan Gladieu / Getty Images)

11. 36-year Deyvket 9 years living with Sidorov Bridget Kuroneko – real doll, which he bought in 2000. They live together in a small apartment in a suburb of Detroit. When asked about his connection with the Sidor Deyvket replied: “She’s my support, but at the end of the day she was just a doll.” (Stephan Gladieu / Getty Images)

12. Deyvketu Sidor gives all the advantages of a mistress, while not damaging the relationship problems. (Stephan Gladieu / Getty Images)

13. Dressing and undressing a doll is not so easy and requires patience. “We have sex, but not one which you think” – said Deyvket. (Stephan Gladieu / Getty Images)

14. Deyvket and his “real doll” Sidor Bridget Kuroneko. (Stephan Gladieu / Getty Images)

15. Real Doll Deyvketa Sidor Bridget Kuroneko close. (Stephan Gladieu / Getty Images)

16. 36-year-old Deyvket in bed with Sidorov Bridget Kuroneko – real doll, with whom he lived for nine years. In this photo he is reading the book “Love sex with robots”, which states that, over time robots will become the object of love for people. (Stephan Gladieu / Getty Images)

17. 45-year-old Matek lives in a tidy little house in a suburb of Detroit. One winter night he comes home after a hard day for her two “girls” – Phoebe and Penelope. “I forget about their problems just when I see girls” – he admits. (Stephan Gladieu / Getty Images)

18. Matek washing dishes, while Phoebe – one of his girlfriends silicone – resting. He bought a Dorothy in 2004 to fill the void in my life. “She is not one of those things that you can buy and throw in a closet. Living with a doll – the same as care of the disabled. You have to do everything for her. ” Anatomically, it meets all standards of normal women, but they do have sex infrequently recognized Matek. “It’s like a teddy bear. He likes to think of Phoebe as a special agent, as the girl Bond. “She’s gorgeous and very careful. I dress her only photo shoot because of it make a very good model. ” (Stephan Gladieu / Getty Images)

19. Sometimes the 45-year-old Matek loves to dance with Phoebe. Most of the day the doll remains in bed under elektroodeyalom to keep warm. (Stephan Gladieu / Getty Images)

20. One of silicone dolls Matek – Phoebe. “Sometimes I dress her in different outfits and take pictures, because she’s a great model.” (Stephan Gladieu / Getty Images)

21. “Penelope – a real socialite, likes to party” – says the 45-year-old Matek on his second silicon “real” doll. The owners of sex dolls often come up with their personal “favorite”, just like children. (Stephan Gladieu / Getty Images)

22. 38-year-old from Detroit Yuhre recently divorced. He says he likes to watch TV with Samantha – his “real doll”. His ex-wife, who did not like sex life with him, she invited him to buy a doll when he saw an advertisement on TV. Yuhre bought it for $ 3000, as it used. (Stephan Gladieu / Getty Images)

23. C Dee Jay and his wife C – living proof that silicone doll and family life are quite compatible. C – nice woman over 30, she met her husband on the Internet, and they married on a cruise ship on the way to the Bahamas. It is not jealous of her husband to Sandy – sexy doll with a perfect figure, if the doll is not placed on their matrimonial bed. At home, Sandy, have their own bedroom. She is also a huge closet full of clothes and sexy shoes, where she spends her time when not lying on the bed in this position, as in this photo. (Stephan Gladieu / Getty Images)

24. C Dee Jay and his wife spend about $ 400 a month on clothes and accessories for dolls. “I’d like to wear her clothes. I would like to wear everything – admits Cu, whose clothes several sizes larger. – Most of the time Sandy spends in the closet, so that it does not bother me. But if I have to save her, I’ll save its face, because I know how she was dear to him. ” Xi said that to save all the doll she would not have been able, as it is too heavy. (Stephan Gladieu / Getty Images)

25. In Slade Fiero, also known as “puppet doctor, there are a lot of puppet people, but only one doll, which he uses for sex. This doll, named “Blue”, painted in this color from head to toe. Slade profession tattooist, and he likes to paint the dolls. (Stephan Gladieu / Getty Images)

26. “Dolls – this is just a hobby. All owners of dolls, I have met are normal people. We kind of community of amateur dolls. We love their dolls, but do not deceive yourself, – said Matek, one of the owners of dolls. (Stephan Gladieu / Getty Images)

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