Holy gap, Batman, That Was Close: Stuntman Jeb Corliss Flies Through Narrow Mountain Slit

“The Australian” reported, that a daredevil stuntman has taken the sport of skydiving to new heights after hurtling through a narrow slit in a mountainside in rural China yesterday.

Jeb Corliss, 35, launched himself from a helicopter at 6000ft, zooming through the air at 120km/h towards the imposing Tianmen mountain in Hunan Province. The stuntman’s wingsuit, which has thin membranes between the limbs and torso, allowed the 35-year-old to glide through the air while losing altitude gradually.

He soared down and through the 1300m-high mountain’s natural archway before releasing his parachute. The 30m-wide arch left the daredevil with little margin for error.

“That was one of the greatest wingsuit flights of my entire life,” Corliss said.

Wingsuit flyer Jeb Corliss of the U.S. flies past Tianmen Mountain near Zhangjiajie, Hunan province September 24, 2011. Corliss succeeded flying through the mountain’s cave on his second attemp. (Reuters)

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