Buying iPhones Around the World

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and his wife, Janet ride out on their Segways while Steve holds up his new Apple iPhone 4S outside the Apple store in Los Gatos, California, USA 13 October 2011. Wozniak, who ended his full-time employment with Apple in 1987 , is a shareholder, still receives checks from Apple and maintains his status as employee No. 1. Wozniak co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs who recently passed away. (John G. Mabanglo / EPA)

Apple Inc. fans wait in line in front of a shop in Tokyo to buy its new iPhone 4S on the launch day in Japan Friday, Oct. 14, 2011. (Itsuo Inouye / AP)

People queue outside the Apple store to purchase discounted iPhone 4’s in Hong Kong on October 14, 2011. Tensions were high at Apple’s plush new harbourside store in the Chinese territory as people queued to buy a maximum of five iPhone 4’s at a time, sometimes only to hand them over to “friends” outside the store and try to return for more. (Laurent Fievet / AFP – Getty Images)

Customers queue outside the Apple store in Covent Garden to buy an iPhone 4S on October 14, 2011 in London, England. The widely anticipated new mobile phone from Apple has seen customers queue in cities around the world for hours to be amongst the first to buy the device. (Oli Scarff / Getty Images)

Apple employees applaud a cutomer who has purchased the new iPhone 4S at an Apple store in Munich, Germany on Oct. 14. Apple Inc’s new iPhone went on sale in stores across the globe 14 October. Reports state that thousands queued to get the final gadget unveiled during Steve Jobs’ life. Similar queues waited at Apple stores in Sydney, Tokyo, Paris and London as fans gathered to get their hands on the iPhone 4S. (Frank Leonhardt / EPA)

Apple employees celebrate as they open the doors to customers in Covent Garden, London October 14, 2011. Apple Inc’s new iPhone went on sale in stores across the globe on Friday, with fans snapping up the final gadget unveiled during Steve Jobs’ lifetime, many buying the phone as a tribute to the former Apple boss. (REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett)

A customer jumped into the arms of an Apple employee outside the Apple store in Covent Garden in London Friday to celebrate his purchase of the new iPhone 4S, which went on sale in the U.K., U.S., Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Japan Friday. (Kirsty Wigglesworth/Associated Press)

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