Euro 2012: England Fans to Get Only 5,000 Tickets for Quarter, Semi-Finals

Fans of the English national team have been set a new ticket limit by the organizers of the 2012 European soccer championships; they will be allocated only 5,000 seats for the quarter and semi-finals, assuming Fabio Capello’s men actually reach that stage. The reduction will mean that there are, approximately, a thousand fewer tickets than normally available.

A view of a football stadium in the Polish city of Gdansk. The stadium was built for the 2012 European football Championships. (REUTERS/Peter Andrews)

An aerial view of the PGE Arena stadium in Gdansk, one of four Polish venues to be used for the latter stages of the 2012 European football championships. (REUTERS)

An aerial view of the Donbass Arena in the Ukrainian city of Donestsk, where one quarter-final of the 2012 European soccer championships will be played. (REUTERS/Konstantin Chernichkin)

An aerial view of the National Stadium, in the Polish capital of Warsaw, which will host both the opening and the final game of the 2012 European soccer championships. (REUTERS/Kacper Pempel)

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