Man Covers Himself With 300,000 Bees In China For New World Record

Beekeeper She Ping broke a world record by covering himself with over 300,000 bees Wednesday in Chongqing, China. The previous record was held by another Chinese beekeeper from Jiangxi province named Ruan Liangming, who covered himself with 59 pounds (26.8 kilograms) of bees in 2008. She Ping broke the record with 73 pounds (33.1 kilograms), approximately 331,000 bees.

An apprentice of beekeeper She Ping uses burning incense to drive off bees from She’s face as he assists covering She’s body with bees. (REUTERS/China Daily)

Beekeeper She Ping is covered with bees during a challenge to break the world record. (REUTERS/China Daily)

Beekeeper She Ping is assisted by his apprentice to cover his body with bees. (REUTERS/China Daily)

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