Amazing Artwork that Uses Nude Models as a Canvas

Talented artist Craig Tracy spends hours painstakingly painting the woman’s curves to complete the masterpiece – and create these stunning optical illusions.
Craig, 44, from New Orleans, has painted hundreds of amazing images on human canvases – painting a variety of animals and beautiful landscapes.

Can you spot the naked woman in this landscape? But on closer inspection, sharp eyed viewers will see the green and yellow rolling hills beneath the rocky mountains have in fact been painted on to a naked woman’s body, creating a stunning living artwork. (Daily Mail/Caters News)

A painted female form is disguised in a swirl of black and white patterns, left, while another woman has become a Lilly landing pad for a tiny gecko. (Daily Mail/Caters News)

This cheeky bit of artwork shows a dramatic bright red sun setting over a dark rocky terrain – all painted on a model’s derriere. (Daily Mail/Caters News)

A woman has been painted stark white before artist Craig Tracy turns her into a beautiful red blossom tree. (Daily Mail/Caters News)

Swirling black and yellow patterns painted by Craig Tracy cover a model’s body – giving a new meaning to body art. (Daily Mail/Caters News)

A flexible model performs a yoga pose with reflections from a night time sky painted on to her bare skin, left, while another model has become encased in a tree. (Daily Mail/Caters News)

Every inch of a woman’s body – including her incredibly long hair – has been painted white with only her eyes and mouth providing any colour in this photo. (Daily Mail/Caters News)

A baby takes a nap after being painted in different coloured stripes with paint suitable for human skin. (Daily Mail/Caters News)

The painter adds the finishing touches to a design on a naked model’s body. (Daily Mail/Caters News)

Craig Tracy starts with a white base – using sketches to help him follow his design, while his model has a book on hand to keep herself entertained during the hours of painting. (Daily Mail/Caters News)

After hours of preparation and painting, the completed living artwork of living tree is finally finished. (Daily Mail/Caters News)

Craig Tracy says he has no shortage of volunteers who are happy to sit patiently still while he paints them to become a living piece of art. (Daily Mail/Caters News)

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