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MIR Apparel Inspired by Russian Criminal Tattoo Art

MIR Apparel, based in Brooklyn NY, features designs inspired by Russian Criminal Tattoo Art. Symbols of anti-authority and criminal lifestyle, worn by men and women who believed in standing up to the powers that be, “baring their teeth” and selling their soul to the government. These tattoos forever marked the wearer as part of a society that lived by it’s own codes and laws.

SHTRAFBAT Division, is a men’s and women’s collection from MIR, in which we take vintage and current military surplus items and up-cycle, re- cycle or give it new life by reconstruction, alteration or silk-screening. The collection and the name behind it, were inspired by Russian penalty battalions that were drafted from various Soviet prisons and camps during WWII.

The MIR line tries to offer a small glimpse into an old Russian art. A sub-culture that has only recently gained some notoriety outside of Russia, through books, films and documentaries. It is our privilege to be able to share this part of our history with others, while keeping it alive for just a little while longer…

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