Scary Masks At The Halloween Parade 2015 In Kawasaki


Participants in costume eat hamburgers inside a fast food restaurant after a Halloween parade in Kawasaki, south of Tokyo, October 25, 2015. More than 100,000 spectators turned up to watch the parade, where 2,500 participants dressed up in costumes, according to the organiser. (Photo by Yuya Shino/Reuters)

Photo by Yuya Shino/Reuters

Photo by Yuya Shino/Reuters

Photo by Yuya Shino/Reuters

Photo by Yuya Shino/Reuters

Photo by Yuya Shino/Reuters

Photo by Yuya Shino/Reuters

Photo by Yuya Shino/Reuters

Photo by Yuya Shino/Reuters

Photo by Yuya Shino/Reuters

Photo by Yuya Shino/Reuters

Photo by Yuya Shino/Reuters

Photo by Yuya Shino/Reuters

Photo by Yuya Shino/Reuters

Photo by Yuya Shino/Reuters

Photo by Yuya Shino/Reuters

Photo by Yuya Shino/Reuters

Photo by Yuya Shino/Reuters

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