Toilets Around the World, Part 2


A domestic toilet is seen inside a house in Lalitpur, Nepal, October 8, 2015. Some 2.4 billion people around the world don’t have access to decent sanitation and more than a billion are forced to defecate in the open, risking disease and other dangers, according to the United Nations. The UN says that while there is sufficient fresh water on the planet for everyone, “bad economics and poor infrastructure” mean that every year millions of people – most of them children – die from diseases linked to poor sanitation, unhygienic living conditions and lack of clean water supplies. To mark World Toilet Day on November 19, Reuters photographers captured pictures of toilets in cities, towns and villages around the globe. (Photo by Navesh Chitrakar/Reuters)


A public toilet made of rusty sheets of metal stands in Gatwekera village in Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya, October 12, 2015. (Photo by Thomas Mukoya/Reuters)


A public toilet stands surrounded by snow near the 2011 Applied Physics Laboratory Ice Station north of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, March 18, 2011. (Photo by Lucas Jackson/Reuters)


A migrant uses a field as a toilet at the Greek-Macedonian border near the Greek village of Idomeni August 22, 2015. Thousands of refugees and migrants camped in no man’s land waiting to cross the border. (Photo by Yannis Behrakis/Reuters)


A damaged toilet stands amidst rubble in the town of Douma in eastern Ghouta of Damascus October 17, 2015. (Photo by Bassam Khabieh/Reuters)


A toilet floats on the river Nun near Yenagoa, Bayelsa state in Nigeria’s delta region October 8, 2015. (Photo by Akintunde Akinleye/Reuters)


A toilet block is surrounded by white sand in the White Sands National Monument park area near Alamogordo, New Mexico, United States, October 6, 2015. The park’s white sand dunes are composed of gypsum crystals. It is the largest gypsum dune field in the world. (Photo by Shannon Stapleton/Reuters)


Urinals inspired by the Rolling Stones lips and tongue logo are seen in a bar in Paris, October 15, 2015. (Photo by Jacky Naegelen/Reuters)


A public toilet for men is seen in Oscar Freire street in Sao Paulo, November 4, 2015. The toilet was designed by Jade Jagger, daughter of Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger. (Photo by Nacho Doce/Reuters)


Public toilets are seen in Eidsvolls Plass in Oslo, Norway, October 15, 2015. (Photo by Russell Boyce/Reuters)


A toilet is seen in a hostel for asylum seekers in Augsburg near Munich, southern Germany, August 27, 2015. (Photo by Michaela Rehle/Reuters)


A woman waits in front of a toilet in front of the Sphinx at the Giza Pyramids on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt, November 8, 2015. (Photo by Amr Abdallah Dalsh/Reuters)


A toilet stands in the middle of an empty field on the outskirts of Santiago, Chile, October 8, 2015. (Photo by Ivan Alvarado/Reuters)


A cross hangs outside the toilet in Torreto Barbershop in Frankfurt, Germany, October 13, 2015. The toilet is used by the visitors and shop owner, Alex “Torreto” Velios who lives and works at his shop in Frankfurt. (Photo by Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters)


Posters, including those advertising treatments for sexually transmitted diseases, are stuck to the walls of a public toilet in a residential area for migrant workers in Shigezhuang village, Beijing, China, October 13, 2015. (Photo by Jason Lee/Reuters)


The entrance to toilets is reflected in a mirror in the lobby of Yanggakdo International Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea, October 11, 2015. Foreign tourists to Pyongyang usually stay at the hotel. (Photo by Damir Sagolj/Reuters)


A toilet is seen inside a master bedroom at a residential flat in Hong Kong, China October 6, 2015. (Photo by Bobby Yip/Reuters)


Toilets donated by Unicef and World Vision stand near tents at a Syrian refugee settlement camp in Qab Elias in the Bekaa Valley, near Baalbek, Lebanon October 17, 2015. (Photo by Jamal Saidi/Reuters)


A mobile toilet is parked on a road in Kathmandu, Nepal October 9, 2015. The word written on the vehicle reads “toilet” in Nepalese. (Photo by Navesh Chitrakar/Reuters)


Towels hang on a radiator next to a toilet in an apartment in Beijing’s central business district, China, October 14, 2015. (Photo by Jason Lee/Reuters)


Writing which reads “No urinating!” is seen on a wall along a street in Hanoi, Vietnam, October 8, 2015. (Photo by Reuters/Kham)


Temporary toilets stand in front of shacks in Khayelitsha township, Cape Town, South Africa, October 14, 2015. Twenty years after South Africa’s first democratic elections, the slow pace of delivery of basic services remains a point of tension in some communities. (Photo by Mike Hutchings/Reuters)


Plants grow in front of a public toilet in Tbilisi, Georgia, September 18, 2015. (Photo by David Mdzinarishvili/Reuters)


A surfboard rests against an old toilet shed, also known in Australia as a ‘dunny’ or an ‘outhouse’, in the backyard of a home in the northern beaches suburb of Manly in Sydney, Australia, October 8, 2015. (Photo by David Gray/Reuters)


A one-way mirror is seen above the urinal at Streeter’s Tavern in Chicago, Illinois, United States, September 30, 2015. Customers using the the bathroom can see into the main area of the bar, but cannot be seen by the people at the bar. (Photo by Jim Young/Reuters)


A domestic toilet is seen in a house in Mexico City, Mexico October 6, 2015. (Photo by Henry Romero/Reuters)


Public toilets are seen at Azraq refugee camp near Al Azraq city, Jordan, October 19, 2015. (Photo by Muhammad Hamed/Reuters)


A toilet with a view of the Pacific Ocean is seen at Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica, California, United States, September 30, 2015. (Photo by Lucy Nicholson/Reuters)


Graffiti is painted on the bathroom walls at a restaurant in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn borough in New York, United States, October 1, 2015. (Photo by Shannon Stapleton/Reuters)


A makeshift shower cabin and toilet are seen atop a deserted hotel, where hundreds of migrants found temporary shelter on the Greek island of Kos, Greece, May 27, 2015. (Photo by Yannis Behrakis/Reuters)


A dog runs past a bar toilet in the Turano slum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, October 1, 2015. (Photo by Sergio Moraes/Reuters)


A woman passes near the entrance to a toilet in a makeshift shelter used by a Palestinian family in Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip, October 13, 2015. The family’s house was destroyed by, what witnesses said, was Israeli shelling during a 50-day war in the summer of 2014. (Photo by Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/Reuters)


Chemical toilets are lined up in downtown Rome April 22, 2014. (Photo by Tony Gentile/Reuters)


The entrance to a public toilet with escalator ramps is seen in Istanbul, Turkey, October 9, 2015. (Photo by Murad Sezer/Reuters)


The first light of dawn illuminates Mount Everest as the moon shines above and a toilet block is seen in the foreground in the Tibet Autonomous Region, China, April 29, 2008. (Photo by David Gray/Reuters)


The men’s public toilet is seen at Snaresbrook underground tube station in London October 7, 2015. (Photo by Russell Boyce/Reuters)


A public toilet is seen in London Fields in east London, Britain October 31, 2015. (Photo by Marika Kochiashvili/Reuters)


A toilet stands outside the Llamocca family home at Villa Lourdes in Villa Maria del Triunfo on the outskirts of Lima, Peru, October 7, 2015. There is no running water in Villa Lourdes and families buy it from water tankers once a week. (Photo by Mariana Bazo/Reuters)


A toilet stands in a field on private property in the town of Yuzhno-Kurilsk on Kunashir Island which is part of the Kuril Islands group in Russia, September 16, 2015. (Photo by Thomas Peter/Reuters)


Newspapers lie on a toilet seat in a house in Mandalay, Myanmar, October 5, 2015. (Photo by Jorge Silva/Reuters)


A cash register sits on a table in a ladies’ public toilet in downtown Algiers, Algeria October 17, 2015. (Photo by Zohra Bensemra/Reuters)


A toilet cubicle with glass walls stands in a fenced off garden at Itabu railway station in the Chiba prefecture east of Tokyo October 13, 2015. Dubbed “the world’s most spacious public toilet” by local media, the lady’s outhouse is a glass cubicle with a fully functioning toilet that stands in a garden. The high fence surrounding the toilet can be locked from the inside, giving the user the experience of both privacy and space. (Photo by Thomas Peter/Reuters)


An open toilet is seen in a field in Gorba in the eastern Indian state of Chhattisgarh, India, November 16, 2015. (Photo by Adnan Abidi/Reuters)

“Toilets Around the World” part 1 is here.

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