Polish Sports Stars Strip Off for Risqué Charity Calendar


After all their blood, sweat and tears in the gym, who could blame some of Poland’s hottest sports stars for wanting to strip off to show the fabulous results of all that hard work? Some of the country’s hottest stars have gone as nature intended to reveal their chiselled physiques for a new charity photo project. The stunning photos show the stars performing their sports, only this time in their birthday suits.

Rowing champ Ania Wierzbowska poses naked in a wooden rowing hut, surrounded by oars, glancing coyly over her shoulder

Photo © by Dominika Cuda

Dark haired 400m sprinter Edyta Litwiniuk let the wind through her hair, stripping off to run barefoot along a road beside a lake

Photo © by Dominika Cuda

Self-professed ‘yoga junkie’ Marta Witecka and Juri Kussmaul, both 29, practise Acroyoga, a combination of acrobatics and yoga

Photo © by Dominika Cuda

Acroyoga fanatics Marta Witecka and Juri Kussmaul pose together on a patch of grass for the One Year Fund diary

Photo © by Dominika Cuda

Kasia Bigos, who does pole dance and functional training, holds a gruelling pose for the calendar to raise money ing careers

Photo © by Dominika Cuda

“Sports and being an athlete forms the way our bodies look. What we look like and how our bodies appear says more about us than we know – it’s a road map of your experiences. It describes our lives, our passion and the journey we’re on.”, photographer Dominika Cuda told MailOnline.

Katarzyna Dziurska, who does bikini fitness, poses on the beach of a small creek. All the men and women featured in the diary are athletes, and many of them represent Poland in World Championships in a variety of sports

Photo © by Dominika Cuda

In the ‘One Year Fund‘ photo project, Poland’s finest athletes posed to raise money for the country’s sports stars of tomorrow.

Runner Katarzyna Wolska limbers up during the photo shoot. Photographer Dominika Cuda launched the project for young athletes to ‘focus on the sport and their love of it, not on whether they have enough money to make it work’

Photo © by Dominika Cuda

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Rower Ania Wierzbowska, 24, clutches an oar for a glamorous photo shoot against a backdrop of clear skies for this year’s diary

Photo © by Dominika Cuda

“Normally these basic costs are carried by parents, especially in the early years. But these young athletes should be able to focus on the sport and their love of it, not on worrying whether they have enough money to make it work. This is where the idea came from – to be able to help the athletic youth of Poland and reward their dedication to their respective sports – that’s how the Sports Calendar was born.”

Olga Chmielewska, who does Shotokan Karate, shows off her phenomenally toned muscles as she leaps off a digger

Photo © by Dominika Cuda

Marek Gunia takes part in the Japanese martial art Kobudo. Here he sits on a bar stool with a dark backdrop lit with luminous red

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Photo © by Dominika Cuda

Pilates expert Gosia Prochownik shows off her flexible limbs for the One Year Fund diary, a 300-page collection of Polish athletes

Photo © by Dominika Cuda

Tennis player Dominik Kruzel, 32, whose motto is ‘Go hard or go home’ gets ready to take a serve, but he’s forgotten his tennis whites

Photo © by Dominika Cuda

“All of the models shown in the calendar are athletes, and many of them represent Poland in World Championships in a variety of sports. They might not all be famous, but they’re all successful in their disciplines,” Dominika added.

h/t: dailymail

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