Korean Woman Raises 200 Dogs Saved From Streets

Jung Myoung Sook holds her puppies she rescued at a shelter in Asan, South Korea. In the country, where dogs are considered a traditional delicacy and have only recently become popular as pets, Jung’s love for her canine friends is viewed by some as odd. But others see her as a champion of animal rights.

Rescuing and caring for dogs for 26 years, Jung has moved seven times because of neighbors’ complaints about noise. She often stops to pick up dogs roaming the streets, and has bought others in danger of being sold to dog meat farms or restaurants. Some question whether someone as poor as Jung, who ekes out a living cleaning a store and collecting recyclable boxes, can feed and care for so many dogs.

While Jung’s dogs looked healthy and well-fed during a recent visit by The Associated Press, their condition couldn’t be independently confirmed. Supporters of Jung see her as a heroine, saving stray or lost dogs from being killed for food or euthanized at public shelters if not adopted or found by their owners. About 81,000 stray or abandoned animals, mostly dogs and cats, were sent to public shelters in 2014, down from 100,000 in 2010, the government said. Jung said she spends about $1,600 a month on food and medicine, and otherwise relies on donations of soybean milk, pork, dog food and canned meat. Family, friends and sometimes strangers send her money. (Photo by Lee Jin-man/AP Photo)

Puppies sit at a shelter owned by Jung Myoung Sook, 61, who rescued and sheltered dogs for 26 years, in Asan, South Korea. (Photo by Lee Jin-man/AP Photo)

Jung Myoung Sook feeds soy milk to her dogs at a shelter in Asan, South Korea. (Photo by Lee Jin-man/AP Photo)

Jung Myoung Sook holds food donated from a local restaurant for her dogs in Asan, South Korea. (Photo by Lee Jin-man/AP Photo)

Jung Myoung Sook takes care of dogs at a shelter in Asan, South Korea. (Photo by Lee Jin-man/AP Photo)

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