Airbnb Launches Its First Underwater Bedroom Where Guests Are Surrounded By Sharks

Photo by Charles Platiau / Reuters

Forget monsters in the wardrobe, thrill-seeking tourists will soon be able to sleep with sharks surrounding their bedroom when visiting the French capital. Aquarium de Paris is opening up its doors to allow visitors to sleep in the world’s first underwater bedroom on Airbnb. The room is submerged in the aquarium’s shark tank, which is home to 35 of the deadly animals.

h/t: dailymail

Photo by Charles Platiau / Reuters

(Photo by Charles Platiau / Reuters

Photo by Charles Platiau / Reuters

Photo by Charles Platiau / Reuters

Photo by Charles Platiau / Reuters

Photo by Charles Platiau / Reuters

Photo by Airbnb

Photo by Airbnb

Photo by Airbnb

Photo by Airbnb

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