Meet An Irishman, Patsy Gibbons And His Rescued Foxes

Photo by Clodagh Kilcoyne / Reuters

Patsy Gibbons takes his two rescue foxes, Grainne and Minnie, for a walk in Kilkenny, Ireland. Gibbons nursed the foxes back to health after they were found abandoned as injured cubs, and they have stayed with him since. Keeping foxes isn’t everyone’s idea of fun – particularly if you’ve also got a big bunch of hens.

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“The foxes, Gráinne, Minnie, who is five-years-old, and 11-month-old Henry, named after star hurler Henry Shefflin, do get a lot of attention from the children living around here, and now primary schools are asking me to bring them along so the students can see them at first-hand. It’s keeping me very busy.”, says Patsy Gibbons to Irish Examiner.


“I never set out to have pet foxes. It just happened. I ended up looking after Gráinne since she was only seven-weeks-old. My brother-in-law found her in a box looking for heat in a storeroom close to Columba’s Hospital in Thomastown. My brother-in-law said we should try to do something as she was so thin. I took her to the local vet and so I just continued on caring for her and haven’t stopped.”, he added.


“Minnie was brought to me as month-old pup after a woman found her in Kilmaganny as word began to spread that I was already looking after Grainne. And Henry, was brought to me by a man living in the nearby town of Graiguenamanagh after he was attacked by a dog.”


An animal lover, Patsy says three foxes, 28 hens, 12 ducks, two dogs and two cats are more than enough to look after and he isn’t planning on expanding his brood anytime soon.


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