Abandoned Olympic Venues Around The Globe

The disused bobsled track from the Sarajevo 1984 Winter Olympics is seen on Mount Trebevic, near Sarajevo, September 19, 2013. Abandoned and left to crumble into oblivion, most of the 1984 Winter Olympic venues in Bosnia’s capital Sarajevo have been reduced to rubble by neglect as much as the 1990s conflict that tore apart the former Yugoslavia. (Photo by Dado Ruvic/Reuters)

A view of the disused Olympic softball stadium in Athens, June 11, 2012. After the games there in 2004, the village was used as a worker housing project. Eight years later, many of the venues remained abandoned or rarely used. (Photo by Angelos Tzortzinis/AFP Photo)

View of the Olympic Canoe/Kayak Slalom Center at the Helliniko Olympic complex in Athens, Greece, July 31, 2014. (Photo by Milos Bicanski/Getty Images)

Seats for reporters at the main swimming pool for the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens remain desolate, August 20, 2014. (Photo by Kyodo News/Newscom)

The remains of a fountain decorated with the Olympic rings and graffiti-defaced marble blocks dedicated to Greek Olympic medal winners are seen at the former Olympic village on the northern fringes of Athens, August 2, 2012. (Photo by Thanassis Stavrakis/AP Photo)

View of derelict stands at the Olympic Baseball Stadium at the Helliniko Olympic complex in Athens, Greece, July 31, 2014. Due to Greece’s economic frailties after the Olympic Games, there has been no further investment and the majority of the newly constructed stadiums now lie abandoned. (Photo by Milos Bicanski/Getty Images)

The Olympic Caldron can be seen in the foreground as explosive charges weaken the structure holding up at Fulton County Stadium Saturday, August 2, 1997, in Atlanta. The stadium, home of the Braves from1966-1996, was imploded to make room for a parking lot for the Braves new home shown in the background. (Photo by Alan Mothner/AP Photo)

The 1996 Olympic Games cauldron is seen, August 20, 2011 in Atlanta. The cauldron was moved from its original location. (Photo by Erik S. Lesser/AP Photo)

The tower at Lake Lanier Olympic Park, home of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games rowing events, stands after being renovated in Gainesville, Georgia, July 19, 2016. This man-made lake still has its rowing facilities, which have been used for major competitions over the last two decades. (Photo by David Goldman/AP Photo)

The derelict netting and scoreboard in the background on a tennis court stand at the Stone Mountain Tennis Center, home of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games tennis events, in Stone Mountain, Georgia, July 19, 2016. The permanent tennis facility built in a corner of Stone Mountain Park quickly became a money-loser and now sits idle, weeds growing through the outer courts and the scoreboard in disrepair. (Photo by David Goldman/AP Photo)

The 2008 Beijing Olympics venue for the beach volleyball competition lies deserted and unmaintained in central Beijing, April 2, 2012. (Photo by David Gray/Reuters)

The deserted and unmaintained former venue for the kayaking competition of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, can be seen on the outskirts of Beijing, March 27, 2012. The gigantic infrastructures built for the Beijing Olympics, namely the “Bird’s Nest”, and the National Aquatics Centre, also known as the “Water Cube”, are now used for cultural and sports events, reminding the world of the flare that blazed during the summer of 2008. (Photo by David Gray/Reuters)

Nini, left, and Yingying, two of the five mascots for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, are seen lying among trees behind an abandoned, never-completed mall in Beijing. The fallen mascots are a reminder of the high costs of hosting the event. Their derelict state reflects the challenges that China has faced in finding new uses for its Olympic investments, with many venues falling into disrepair and some construction projects left incomplete. (Photo by Greg Baker/AFP Photo)

A deserted pool used during the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. (Photo by Martin Sachse/Getty Images)

Deserted houses for the athletes in the former Olympic Village for the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. (Photo by Martin Sachse/Getty Images)

A view of the disused ski jump from the Sarajevo 1984 Winter Olympics on Mount Igman, near Sarajevo, September 19, 2013. Abandoned and left to crumble into oblivion, most of the 1984 Winter Olympic venues in Bosnia’s capital Sarajevo have been reduced to rubble by neglect. (Photo by Dado Ruvic/Reuters)

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