Life-Sized, 3D Hobby ‘Planes’ Resembling Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Take To The Sky

Photo by Mike Blake/Reuters

Model plane builder Otto Dieffenbach III makes his remote control plane resembling Donald Trump release fake money as it flies over the beach next to a similar plane resembling Hillary Clinton in Carlsbad, California.

More info: Flyguy Promotions (h/t: ibitimes)


“I’m really rich. Turns out I’m really rich. I’m richer than anybody knew. Oh did I get rich. I made billions and billions of dollars and billions of dollars. That’s what I do. I made a lot of Money. I made a tremendous amount of money. Money, money I want more money.” While Trunp flies around, money drops from the model plane.

Photo by Mike Blake/Reuters

What is the cost of these flying dolls? Dev’s website says ‘depending on complexity and materials, prices range from $1,000 USD to over $15,000 USD for the computer cut 3D IFOs.’

Photo by Mike Blake/Reuters

Photo by Mike Blake/Reuters

Photo by Mike Blake/Reuters

Photo by Mike Blake/Reuters

Photo by Mike Blake/Reuters

Photo by Mike Blake/Reuters

Photo by Mike Blake/Reuters

Photo by Mike Blake/Reuters

Photo by Mike Blake/Reuters

Photo by Mike Blake/Reuters

Otto Dieffenbach III, an engineer and a former U.S. Air Force test pilot is the founder of the Flyguy promotions company and the brains behind this video. Flyguy promotes, markets and advertises projects very uniquely, and they create ‘identifiable flying objects’ (IFOs) . These aerial objects include logos, mascots, celebrities, boxed/canned products and billboards.

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